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  • Multiple regression is the extension of simple regression, to take account of more than one independent variable X. In multiple regression, we study the relationship between Y and a number of explanatory variable (X1, X2, …, Xk). The model we assume is as follows: Yi = β0 + β1X1 + β2X2 + … + βkXk + ei

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 8.11 Using a Single Stored Procedure to Update Multiple Changes to a SQL Server Database Problem You need to update a SQL Server 2000 database with changes to multiple rows in a DataSet by executing a single stored procedure.

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  • This book focuses on issues related to multiple access for cellular mobile communications, with a specific interest in access arbitration through multiple access protocols situated at the lower sub-layer of the second OSI layer, namely the medium access control (MAC) layer. In this chapter, first an introduction to cellular mobile communication systems is provided.

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  • Chụp Multiple Exposure với Canon 5D Mark III .Do sự đa dạng của thiết bị, bài viết chỉ đề cập đến cách tạo hiệu ứng đặc biệt nhờ tính năng Multiple Exposure (chụp nhiều lần trên một tấm hình) trên máy Canon 5D Mark III. Cơ bản, Double Exposure hay Multiple Exposure là một kỹ thuật nhiếp ảnh chỉ sự xếp chồng hai hoặc nhiều hình khác nhau tạo thành một ảnh duy nhất, nhằm tạo ra những hiệu ứng huyền ảo đặc biệt. ...

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 6.8 Creating Constraints, PrimaryKeys, Relationships Based on Multiple Columns Problem You need to create a constraint, primary key, or a relationship between two tables in a DataSet using more than one column. Solution Use the System.Data.

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  • This project explores the development of a multiple input multiple output (MIMO) simulator using ray tracing techniques. This project gives an overview of ray tracing techniques, beamforming, MIMO channel models and MIMO systems. It explains the ability of MIMO systems to offer significant capacity increases over traditional wireless systems, by exploiting the phenomenon of multipath. By modelling high frequency radio waves as travelling along localized linear trajectory paths, they can be approximated as rays, just as in optics....

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  • Executing Multiple SQL Statements Typically, your C# program and the database will run on different computers and communicate over a network. Each time you execute a command in your program

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  • Using Multiple Profiles Using Outlook 2003, you can create as many profiles as you need. You'll most often create more profiles when more than one person shares a computer. Because Outlook 2003 supports multiple email accounts

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  • A multiple scenario analysis into the potential for bio-ethanol production form maize in South Africa By Maria Smith.

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  • Nursing is a critical element in meeting the needs of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and their families. Over the years, the role of MS nurses have developed from strictly providing care and education, to also providing case management services, counseling, and rehabilitation. As well-educated professionals they have become knowledgeable of the disease process and available treatments.

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  • Describe Multiple Inheritance Constructors under Multiple Inheritance Ambiguity in Multiple Inheritance Multiple Inheritance with a Common Base Describe Virtual Base Classes Constructors and Destructors Use Pointers to Objects to access Member Functions

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  • In this paper, a new language model, the Multi-Class Composite N-gram, is proposed to avoid a data sparseness problem for spoken language in that it is difficult to collect training data. The Multi-Class Composite N-gram maintains an accurate word prediction capability and reliability for sparse data with a compact model size based on multiple word clusters, called MultiClasses. In the Multi-Class, the statistical connectivity at each position of the N-grams is regarded as word attributes, and one word cluster each is created to represent the positional attributes. ...

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  • This paper describes methods for relating (threading) multiple newspaper articles, and for visualizing various characteristics of them by using a directed graph. A set of articles is represented by a set of word vectors, and the similarity between the vectors is then calculated. The graph is constructed from the similarity matrix. By applying some constraints on the chronological ordering of articles, an efficient threading algorithm that runs in O(n) time (where n is the number of articles) is obtained. ...

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  • We extend the original entity-based coherence model (Barzilay and Lapata, 2008) by learning from more fine-grained coherence preferences in training data. We associate multiple ranks with the set of permutations originating from the same source document, as opposed to the original pairwise rankings. We also study the effect of the permutations used in training, and the effect of the coreference component used in entity extraction.

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  • Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a common disease of the central nervous system, affecting young women in particular. This disease can devastate the professional and social life of those affected. There has been a recent explosion in knowledge about how to diagnose MS and understand its pathophysiological mechanisms as well as provide efficacious treatment. The third edition of the Handbook of Multiple Sclerosis has documented the impressive and dramatic advances that have occurred. In particular, the immunopathology of the disease is now well established.

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  • This report presents the results of a theoretical analysis of a frequency-hopping, multiple-frequency-shift-keyed, spread-spectrum communication system using a nonprocessing communication satellite transponder. A large number of users are assumed to be hopping pseudo-randomly about the transponder passband in time synchronization and approximate frequency synchronization. The users are assumed to ......

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  • We present a simple and effective framework for exploiting multiple monolingual treebanks with different annotation guidelines for parsing. Several types of transformation patterns (TP) are designed to capture the systematic annotation inconsistencies among different treebanks. Based on such TPs, we design quasisynchronous grammar features to augment the baseline parsing models.

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  • We describe a sentiment classification method that is applicable when we do not have any labeled data for a target domain but have some labeled data for multiple other domains, designated as the source domains. We automatically create a sentiment sensitive thesaurus using both labeled and unlabeled data from multiple source domains to find the association between words that express similar sentiments in different domains.

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  • Contrary to popular belief, we show that the optimal parameters for IBM Model 1 are not unique. We demonstrate that, for a large class of words, IBM Model 1 is indifferent among a continuum of ways to allocate probability mass to their translations. We study the magnitude of the variance in optimal model parameters using a linear programming approach as well as multiple random trials, and demonstrate that it results in variance in test set log-likelihood and alignment error rate.

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  • In this paper, we present a new word alignment combination approach on language pairs where one language has no explicit word boundaries. Instead of combining word alignments of different models (Xiang et al., 2010), we try to combine word alignments over multiple monolingually motivated word segmentation. Our approach is based on link confidence score defined over multiple segmentations, thus the combined alignment is more robust to inappropriate word segmentation.

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