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  • A full-color guide to the iPhone, including the new iPhone 3G S With its new 3G S model, the iPhone is definitely the must-have mobile device. This fully updated guide covers all the cool features of the fastest iPhone ever, including the Spotlight search feature, voice control, and video camera capability."iPhone For Dummies, 3rd Edition" also covers the basics of using the multitouch interface, setting up iTunes, browsing the Internet, sending and receiving e-mail, and more.

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  • Công nghệ multitouch hiện nay chiếm ưu thế trong thị trường điện thoại thông minh, và với sự ra mắt của iPadtrong năm 2010, công nghệ này đang khởi động để tiếp tục tấn công vào thị trường máy tính bảng. Công nghệ này hiện cũng đang xâm nhập vào nhiều dòng thiết bị khác từ màn hình máy tính để bàn lớn đến các hệ thống giải trí trên máy bay được tìm thấy trong các máy bay chở khách thương mại seatbacks - và xa hơn nữa.

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  • You are going to love this book! I know I do, and I had to read every word of it and check every line of code, twice!! If you’re like me, you’ve registered as an iPhone developer with Apple, read some documentation, and sought help in taking the next bold step. Perhaps you’ve picked up “Beginning iPhone Development,” dutifully working through all of the projects, and you understood most of it. If not, I heartily recommend it. The book is great because it gently guides you through many of the technologies that make up an iPhone application.

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  • Learn the Coding Secrets of Master iPhone Designers and Developers iPhone Cool Projects Gary Bennett | Wolfgang Ante Neil Mix | Steven Peterson | Mike Ash | Benjamin Jackson | Matthew “Canis” Rosenfeld ..iPhone Cool Projects DAVE MARK, SERIES EDITOR GARY BENNETT WOLFGANG ANTE MIKE ASH BENJAMIN JACKSON NEIL MIX STEVEN PETERSON MATTHEW “CANIS” ROSENFELD .iPhone Cool Projects Copyright © 2009 by Gary Bennett, Wolfgang Ante, Mike Ash, Benjamin Jackson, Neil Mix, Steven Peterson, Matthew “Canis” Rosenfeld All rights reserved.

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  • Ideal for developers familiar with Java, Android basics, and the Java SE API, this book features recipes contributed by more than three dozen developers from the Android community. Each recipe provides a clear solution and sample code you can use in your project right away. Among numerous topics, this cookbook helps you:

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