Multiway trees

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  • A tree is any set of points and any set of pairs distinct vertices such that there is a sequence of edges from any vertex to any other, and there are no circuits, that is, no paths starting from a vertex and returning to the same vertex.

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  • With the availability of large treebanks, retrieval techniques for highly structured data now become essential. In this contribution, we investigate the efficient retrieval of MT structures at the cost of a complex index--the Treegram Index. We illustrate our approach with the VENONA retrieval system, which handles the BH t (Biblia Hebraica transeripta) treebank comprising 508,650 phrase structure trees with maximum degree eight and maximum height 17, containing altogether 3.3 million Old-Hebrew words.

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  • Lexicographic Search Trees: Tries Multiway Trees B-Tree, B*-Tree, B+-Tree Red-Black Trees (BST and B-Tree) 2-d Tree, k-d Tree 1 .Basic Concepts 2 .Basic Concepts 3 .Trees

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