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  • Twenty years had left no trace inside Sam Kee's little shop on Mott Street. There were the same dusty jars of ginseng root and tigers' whiskers, the same little bronze Buddahs, the same gim-cracks mixed with fine jade. Edith Williams gave a little murmur of pleasure. This etext was produced from Amazing Stories March 1954. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về hóa học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học quốc tế đề tài : Pre-operative echocardiogram in hip fracture patients with cardiac murmur- an audit

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  • I came to herbal medicine as many of us do: I became ill, and modern medicine could not help me. I felt betrayed. I was shocked, then angry. Then I began to think about a great many things in new ways. Because I was raised in a family of powerful political physicians, I was raised with the belief that after millennia, man (and modern medical science) had defeated disease. I was taught to believe that we were all on the threshold of everlasting, disease-free life. It was a tremendous shock, then, when reality took me aside and whispered in my ear. That murmured secret was...

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  • Âm thổi tâm thu giữa tâm thu ( Mid systolic murmurs ): Bắt đầu sau T1 khoảng, dạng quả trám, chấm dứt ngay trước T2, không che - lấp T2. - Có TS cao, nghe bằng màng. Nguyên nhân: - Bên trái: o Hẹp van ĐM chủ, hẹp tại dưới hoặc trên van. Tăng lưu lượng máu qua van ĐM chủ (sốt, cường giáp, thiếu máu …) o o Hở van ĐM chủ gây tăng lưu lượng máu qua van ( hẹp cơ năng ).

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  • Hàng ngàn cánh chim lượn trên bầu trời Rome cùng nhau tìm chỗ trú đêm khi mặt trời vừa lặn tạo nên một cảnh trong không trung đẹp đến sững sờ, mặc dù tiếng ồn và phân chim cũng làm cho người ta bực mình chẳng kém. .Một đàn sáo đá như thế này được gọi bằng từ “lao xao” (murmuration) trong tiếng Anh, một từ diễn tả rất đúng tiếng cọ quẹt cùng lúc của hàng ngàn đôi cánh.

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  • " So he took the child and washed him, and combed his yellow hair; and the little one seemed to bloom like the Lily itself. And Ivan gazed on him in amazement, murmuring, "I never saw it thus before!" From that hour a change came over Ivan. He cared tenderly for the little Vasily. He washed himself and combed his own hair. He cleaned

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  • Some medical schools have a dedicated ambulatory internal medicine rotation, others combine this experience with the inpatient rotation, and some hybridize it with other primary care fields. Often thought of as a less essential and less exciting rotation, let it be said that the outpatient encounter is where a lot of action happens. Keeping people well, establishing long-term relationships, and having the privilege of bearing witness to improving health or even declining health are, at least to me, the essence of what it means to not just be a doctor but someone’s doctor.

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  • The basic human right of self-determination is meaningless for women who do not have the ability to control reproduction. Devoting an issue of this journal to contraception makes sense at this time when the unintended pregnancy rate in the United States continues to hover at 50%. Every woman knows whether it is the right time for her to bear a child and for her and her family to commit the considerable personal and financial resources necessary for raising that child. But the impact of contraception transcends the importance of individual choice.

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  • Surgical education is changing. Mandates that foster this change include increasing demands from the public for perfection without practice, decreasing trainee work hours, increasing minimally invasive therapies, and fewer surgical educators. In addition, rising health care costs have caused many experienced surgeons to focus on patient care rather than the mentoring of surgical trainees. A paradigm shift in surgical education is being forced by all these issues.

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  • Develop an essential understanding of the principles of equine disease with this one-of-a-kind, problem-based resource! Extensively revised and updated with contributions from an international team of experts, Equine Internal Medicine, 3rd Edition reflects the latest clinical research in equine medicine and focuses on the basic pathophysiologic mechanisms that underlie the development of various equine diseases to help you confidently diagnose, treat, and manage patient conditions.

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  • You put your hand in your pocket, murmuring, “Hmmm, 12th card from the top is the 8♦, I seem to remember.” And you pull out the 8♦. Just as you said, you’ve matched their suit with a diamond. “Of course,” you continue, “there was a one in four chance of getting a Diamond at random, so I will pull out another card to add to this card to make the value of your chosen card, the 10♦.” Without much effort you remember out loud, “There was a 2♥ five cards from the bottom.” You pull it out to complete your...

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  • The map of Canada offers to the eye and to the imagination a vast country more than three thousand miles in width. Its eastern face presents a broken outline to the wild surges of the Atlantic. Its western coast commands from majestic heights the broad bosom of the Pacific. Along its southern boundary is a fertile country of lake and plain and woodland, loud already with the murmur of a rising industry, and in summer waving with the golden wealth of the harvest. But on its northern side Canada is set fast against the frozen seas of the Pole and the desolate region of barren rock...

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  • Physical Examination The general physical examination in a delirious patient should include a careful screening for signs of infection such as fever, tachypnea, pulmonary consolidation, heart murmur, or stiff neck. The patient's fluid status should be assessed; both dehydration and fluid overload with resultant hypoxia have been associated with delirium, and each is usually easily rectified. The appearance of the skin can be helpful, showing jaundice in hepatic encephalopathy, cyanosis in hypoxia, or needle tracks in patients using intravenous drugs.

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  • The National Institute of General Medical Sciences is committed to encouraging and supporting basic biomedical and behavioral research in which scientists explore the unknown. Important medical advances have grown from the pursuit of curiosity about fundamental questions in biology, physics, and chemistry.1 For example: n A scientist studying marine snails found a powerful new drug for chronic pain. n Studying how electricity affects microbes led to a widely used cancer medicine.

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  • Lanikai is a district, a beach, a Post Office, and a grocery store. It lies on the windward shore of the Island of Oahu. It is a long way from Mars. Its waters are blue and beautiful and calm inside its coral reef, and the trade wind sighing through the fronds of its coconut palms at night might be the murmuring voices of the ghosts of the kings and chieftains who fished in its still waters long before the sea captains brought strange diseases or the missionaries brought mother-hubbards.

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  • Clarice, with another courtesy and a murmur of thanks, took her seat in the recess of the window, where her mother was already sitting. For these two were mother and daughter; a middle-aged, comfortable-looking mother, with a mixture of firmness and good-nature in her face; and a daughter of some sixteen years, rather pale and slender, but active and intelligent in her appearance. Clarice's dark hair was smoothly brushed and turned up in a curl all round her head, being cut sufficiently short for that purpose.

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  • Asurging, seething, murmuring crowd of beings that are human only in name, for to the eye and ear they seem naught but savage creatures, animated by vile passions and by the lust of vengeance and of hate. The hour, some little time before sunset, and the place, the West Barricade, at the very spot where, a decade later, a proud tyrant raised an undying monument to the nation’s glory and his own vanity. During the greater part of the day the guillotine had been kept busy at its ghastly work: all that France had boasted of in the past...

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  • Cardiac Manifestations Although heart murmurs are usually indicative of the predisposing cardiac pathology rather than of endocarditis, valvular damage and ruptured chordae may result in new regurgitant murmurs. In acute endocarditis involving a normal valve, murmurs are heard on presentation in only 30–45% of patients but ultimately are detected in 85%. Congestive heart failure develops in 30–40% of patients; it is usually a consequence of valvular dysfunction but occasionally is due to endocarditis-associated myocarditis or an intracardiac fistula.

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