Musical approach

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  • First and second endings indicate different music to be played the first and second times. “2x only” (not shown below) means play that music the second time only. Third and higher endings are also possible.

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  • Guidelines for clefs and staves: 1. Lines and spaces are numbered from bottom to top. Lines: 1 to 5; Spaces: 1 to 4. 2. The plural of staff is staves. One line of music in a score is a system, which may have many staves for the individual musicians. 3. The treble clef always circles around the "G" line (2nd line). 4. The two dots in the bass clef always surround the "F" line (4th line). 5. The center of any C clef always indicates middle C (C4).

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  • A beat is a repeating musical pulse. Listeners sense the beat when they tap their feet or clap their hands in time with the music. Musicians group beats into units called measures or bars. Every measure ends with a barline. A special final barline indicates the end of the movement or piece.

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  • Octave An octave is the distance from a note up or down to the next note with the same name. For example, from the pitch A up to the next A is one octave. Octaves span eight letter names: A-B-C-D-E-F-G-A = 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

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  • The lower tetrachord and the upper tetrachord each follow the major tetrachord pattern: W-W-h, with a whole step between them. To visualize the whole step/half step pattern shown above, review 1.2 The Chromatic Scale and the Piano. Remember that E to F and B to C are natural half steps (no accidentals needed).

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  • Duration Rhythmic value Rhythm Rhythmic values Duration is how long a note lasts. A rhythmic value is a symbol indicating relative duration (see table below). A rhythm is a series of rhythmic values. Rhythmic values indicate relative duration, not absolute duration. Each rhythmic value is half the duration of the next longer value. Shorter note values (64th notes, etc.) are also possible. breve

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  • Tuplets Grouplets The standard rhythmic values divide into 2 parts, then 4 parts, then 8 parts, and so on (see 1.4 Rhythmic Values). Tuplets (also called grouplets) fill in the gaps between these ratios. The word tuplets may be pronounced “tuplets” or “tooplets.”

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  • Articulations specify how notes should be performed, either in terms of duration or stress. Staccatissimo means extremely shortened duration. Staccato means shortened duration. Tenuto has two functions: it can mean full duration OR a slight stress or emphasis. Accent means stressed or emphasized (more than tenuto). Marcato means extremely stressed. An articulation of duration (staccatissimo, staccato, or

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  • Beats in compound time signatures divide into three division notes, not two. The top number indicates the number of division notes per measure. The bottom number indicates the division rhythmic value (not the beat unit). It takes three division notes (not two) to make one beat.

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  • In the present series of studies, we analyzed the lyrics in popular songs in an attempt to identify the existence of embedded reproductive/evolutionary messages. Being the first of their kind, these were largely descriptive studies. The adaptive value of music eluded scientists for a long time. While Pinker (1997) has been quick to dismiss music as “auditory cheesecake,” Darwin (1871) suggested that music may have evolved as a form of courtship display by means of sexual selection. Following Darwin’s lead, there is now growing interest in the origins of music (e.g.

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  • Even if this approach provides insights about potential target country markets, no information is provided on the within-country consumers‘ heterogeneity and their response to marketing efforts. In this context it has to be stated that the globalization of consumer markets and the global acceptance of products and brands lead to a globalization of consumers‘ behaviors and attitudes.

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  • Finally, a few words of caution. Vision is given a prominent position in aesthetics, often dominating the other senses. The present approach is similar in this, but it should be stressed that hearing, touch, smell, and even taste all are implicated in perceptual processing. The vision system in the brain is linked to the other sensory systems, which permits interaction at an early processing stage. At a later stage, visual information is integrated with other kinds of sensory information to produce multimodal perceptual experiences and mental imagery....

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  • In Africa music is a powerful mode of communication, transcending national borders, cul - tures, and languages. Men’s attention can be attracted by using an entertainment format— the “enter-educate” approach—which has proved effective in many countries. The term Enter-Educate is a contraction of the words entertainment and education and describes any communication presentation that delivers a pro-social educational message in an entertain- ment format.

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  • Creativity is defined in this report as the production of new ideas that are fit for a particular business purpose. This sees creativity as the first stage in innovation. Creativity has a role in enhancing all aspects of business performance – from the design of new products and services to their production, marketing and distribution. It is not unusual to link creativity to certain industries such as film, music or design. But the challenge, as noted by the Chancellor, is ‘not just to encourage creative industries, our priority is to encourage all industries to be creative’.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article A Model-Based Approach to Constructing Music Similarity Functions

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  • Several views on aesthetic preference have been developed during the last century, including Psychoanalysis, Gestalt theory and Empirical Aesthetics. Within the last of these, aesthetic preference has been related with arousal (Berlyne, 1970, 1971), prototypicality (Martindale, 1988; Martindale et al., 1988), and appraisals (Silvia, 2005), among other factors. Potentially, any of these perspectives could serve to ground our interpretation of neuroimaging results.

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  • On the day after his nomination as director of the Institute, Miguéz abolished the Chair of Singing “due to a lack of teachers,” despite the large number of teachers in Italian bel canto working there. Qualified piano teachers who belonged to the same aesthetic were replaced or downgraded to lower posts, such as that of accompanist.

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  • In this third in a series of books, we continue our journey to understanding approaches to elevating our creative voice using Photoshop CS3. The goal is to go beyond the technical application to allow our vision to shine forth with no obstruction of biases from the software. You are learning another language, and unfortunately this takes time; however, the more you use it, the more you will become fluent with its dialect. This is no different from learning any other creative medium, whether it is music, painting, drawing, or sculpture....

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  • According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, intellectual property refers to “creations of the mind: inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs used in commerce” (2008). The organization makes a distinction between two separate types of intellectual property, “industrial” and “copyright.” Typically, the former category of property is the kind owned by businesses (inventions, industrial designs, etc.), while the latter refers to artistic creations such as original writing or music.

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  • In February of 2011, the Melman boys were at it again opening Paris Club and Studio Paris in Chicago’s River North neighborhood solidifying the already known truth that they too had a knack for opening and operating hot new restaurants. The menu, created by Chef Jean Joho is approachable French dining in a casual urban setting. Upstairs is Studio Paris, one of Chicago’s hottest nightlife destinations.

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