Naming method configuration

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  • Naming Methods: Overview Oracle Net provides five naming methods: Host naming: Enables users in a TCP/IP environment to resolve names through their existing name resolution service Local naming: Locates network addresses by using information configured and stored on each individual client's tnsnames.

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  • Module 7: Configuring TCP/IP addressing and name resolution. The following topics are covered in this module: Configuring IP addresses, configuring windows firewall, troubleshooting IP addresses, determining TCP/IP name resolution methods, configuring a DNS client and a WINS client, connecting to a remote host.

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  • This command will only set the NIS domain name temporarily. When the system is rebooted, this information will be erased unless the system is configured to run this command every time the system boots up. There are many methods that can be used to force a Linux system to run commands upon startup. Many of these commands have already been learned or will be learned in this course. One easy method is to edit the /etc/init.d/network file by using the following steps

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  • Using List Controls SelectCommand=”SELECT Id, Title FROM Movies” ConnectionString=”” Runat=”server” / When you enable the AutoPostBack property, a JavaScript onchange() event handler is added to the List control. The onchange event is supported by all recent browsers including Firefox 1.0 and Opera 8.0. The DropDownList control has a SelectedIndexChanged event handler named ddlMovies_SelectedIndexChanged(). The SelectedIndexChanged event is raised whenever you make a new selection in the List control (independent of the AutoPostBack property).

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  • Localizing Applications for Multiple Languages The Culture attribute in the directive is set to the value id-ID (Indonesian). When the calendar is rendered, Indonesian month names display in the calendar. Using the CultureInfo Class The CultureInfo class contains information about more than 150 different cultures. You can use the methods of this class in your code to retrieve information about a specific culture and use the information when formatting values such as dates, numbers, and currency amounts.

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  • Trong hộp thoại Save File As vừa hiển thị, nhập tên My_orange.max trong vùng file name của hộp thoại này. Nhấp Save để lưu nó. THÊM ÁNH SÁNG Theo mặc định 3D Studio tự đặt hai nguồn sáng trong scene của bạn. Đây là các nguồn sáng đang chiếu sáng cho đối tượng trong vùng nhìn. Bạn có thể đặt các nguồn sáng ở bất cứ nơi nào bạn muốn. Cách đặt nguồn sáng mặc định. Trên thanh trình đơn, nhấp chuột chọn Customize Viewport Configuration.

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