Nanoparticle suspension

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  • Products of nanotechnology are expected to revolutionize modern medicine, as evidenced by recent scientific advances and global initiatives to support nanotechnology and nanomedicine research. The field of drug delivery is a direct beneficiary of these advancements. Due to their versatility in targeting tissues, accessing deep molecular targets, and controlling drug release, nanoparticles are helping address challenges to face the delivery of modern, as well as conventional drugs.

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  • Thomas and Balakrishna Panicker Sobhan Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:377 NANO REVIEW Open Access A review of experimental investigations on thermal phenomena in nanofluids Shijo Thomas and Choondal Balakrishna Panicker Sobhan* Abstract Nanoparticle suspensions (nanofluids) have been recommended as a promising option for various engineering applications, due to the observed enhancement of thermophysical properties and improvement in the effectiveness of thermal phenomena.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Nanofluid bioconvection in water-based suspensions containing nanoparticles and oxytactic microorganisms: oscillatory instability

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  • Witharana et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:231 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Stability of nanofluids in quiescent and shear flow fields Sanjeeva Witharana1*, Haisheng Chen2*, Yulong Ding1 Abstract An experimental study was conducted to investigate the structural stability of ethylene glycol-based titanium dioxide nanoparticle suspensions (nanofluids) prepared by two-step method. The effects of particle concentration, fluid temperature, shear rate and shear duration were examined.

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  • Kang et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:363 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Design process of the nanofluid injection mechanism in nuclear power plants Myoung-suk Kang1, Changhyun Jee1, Sangjun Park1, In Choel Bang2 and Gyunyoung Heo1* Abstract Nanofluids, which are engineered suspensions of nanoparticles in a solvent such as water, have been found to show enhanced coolant properties such as higher critical heat flux and surface wettability at modest concentrations, which is a useful characteristic in nuclear power plants (NPPs).

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  • Taylor et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:225 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Nanofluid optical property characterization: towards efficient direct absorption solar collectors Robert A Taylor1*, Patrick E Phelan1, Todd P Otanicar2, Ronald Adrian1, Ravi Prasher1 Abstract Suspensions of nanoparticles (i.e., particles with diameters

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  • Kleinstreuer and Feng Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:229 NANO REVIEW Open Access Experimental and theoretical studies of nanofluid thermal conductivity enhancement: a review Clement Kleinstreuer*, Yu Feng Abstract Nanofluids, i.e., well-dispersed (metallic) nanoparticles at low- volume fractions in liquids, may enhance the mixture’s thermal conductivity, knf, over the base-fluid values. Thus, they are potentially useful for advanced cooling of micro-systems.

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  • Chiavazzo and Asinari Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:249 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Enhancing surface heat transfer by carbon nanofins: towards an alternative to nanofluids? Eliodoro Chiavazzo and Pietro Asinari* Abstract Background: Nanofluids are suspensions of nanoparticles and fibers which have recently attracted much attention because of their superior thermal properties. Nevertheless, it was proven that, due to modest dispersion of nanoparticles, such high expectations often remain unmet.

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  • Yin and Zhao Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:256 NANO REVIEW Open Access Electrorheology of nanofiber suspensions Jianbo Yin* and Xiaopeng Zhao* Abstract Electrorheological (ER) fluid, which can be transformed rapidly from a fluid-like state to a solid-like state under an external electric field, is considered to be one of the most important smart fluids. However, conventional ER fluids based on microparticles are subjected to challenges in practical applications due to the lack of versatile performances.

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  • Oil absorbent nanocomposites were prepared by suspension copolymerization of laurylmethacrylate (LMA) and styrene (St) with and whithout Fe3O4 nanoparticles and divinylbenzene (DVB) crosslinker. The magnetic composite resin can be recovered after conveniently and rapidly absorbing oil by magnetic separation techniques without excluding other mechanical techniques.

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