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  • From the emergence of clinical sleep medicine marked by the establishment of the harbinger Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic in the mid 1970s, offspring sleep disorders clinics and centers have grown exponentially with the recognition of the unmet diagnostic and treatment needs of the reservoir of patients suffering from symptoms of what are now recognized and classified as the nosology of human sleep disorders.

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  • Brain morphology is in constant change from the very beginning of the neurodevelopment in human beings. The characterization of the brain morphology and its biological implications on a specific subject is a complex task which requires efficient computational approaches. Radiology has traditionally assessed the main brain changes in different alterations from a macroscopic point of view, thus, not considering subtle changes as a results of neuronal plasticity.

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  • Excessive daytime sleepiness is often result of self-imposed sleep deprivation espetially in young people. More often it is effect of disturbed nocturnal sleep or misaligned circadian rhytms. It may be side effect of many often-used drugs, for example hypnotics or alcohol. Nocturnal sleep disturbances, which lead to EDS, should be carefully assessed and treated. In several conditions EDS is not an outcome of night-sleep loss and should be considered as primary hypersomnia of central origin.

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  • Source: Modified from TA Roth, L Merlotti in SA Burton et al (eds), Narcolepsy 3rd International Symposium: Selected Symposium Proceedings, Chicago, Matrix Communications, 1989. Narcolepsy affects about 1 in 4000 people in the United States and appears to have a genetic basis.

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  • Các triệu chứng Các triệu chứng đầu tiên của hội chứng ngủ lịm (narcolepsy) thường là buồn ngủ (có thể khủng khiếp) vào ban ngày. Triệu chứng này thường dễ bị lầm lẫn với các nguyên nhân thường gặp hơn gây ra ngủ ngày, và đôi khi phải một thời gian dài, khi các triệu chứng điển hình khác của narcolepsy xuất hiện, bệnh nhân mới được gởi đi làm xét nghiệm và có chẩn đoán chính xác. Hội chứng ngủ lịm thường bao gồm bốn triệu chứng chính. ...

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