Neonatal transition

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  • Various supply and demand effects may emerge due to the existence of transition- specific market imperfections which feature the economies undergoing transition from plan to market. In particular, corporate financial flows are seriously affected by the existence of “soft budget constraints”. Initially the term soft budget constraints was used by Kornai (1980) to denote paternalistic behavior on the part of the state in the ex-post bailing out of loss-making state-owned enterprises (SOEs) that found themselves in financial distress.

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  • This book is an attempt to bring together experts in their respective fields to place in one volume, for the first time, a comprehensive examination of normal birth practice. A glance through the Contents pages will reveal the variety of perspectives included here. Soo and I wanted to capture, as far as we could, a holistic overview of the current state of knowledge and skills in the wonderful complexity of labour and birthing.

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  • The first edition of this book (Watson, 1995) was a landmark in the sense that it was the first textbook to deal exclusively with the issue of accountability in nursing. The present edition has similarities to and differences from the first edition. The similarities are necessary in order to provide continuity and are represented by some of the original authors being involved. The differences are essential and are represented by some additional authors and also by developments in some of the original chapters....

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