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  • Organization of This Book This book is divided into nine chapter and includes a separate appendix with suggestions for further reading. Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Factors to Consider in Choosing a Solution to a Problem Chapter 3: Testing Chapter 4: Adding Debugging Support Chapter 5: Architecture Chapter 6: Transactions Chapter 7: Business Rules Chapter 8: Data Access Chapter 9: Error Handling and Concurrency Control

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  • This course prepares application development architects for the task of designing Microsoft® .NET e-business applications. It explains the architecture of e-business applications and how the Microsoft .NET Enterprise Servers and .NET technologies can be used in developing e-business applications.

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  • As a consultant, the process of designing and developing technology-based solutions is one that you get to know intimately, thanks to iteration. Having been involved in a dozen or more projects in the past few years, I came to realize that a common component exists at the center of every one of those solutions. That component is the data storage system.

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  • This unique book takes good ASP.NET application construction one step further by emphasizing loosely coupled and highly cohesive ASP.NET web application architectural design. Each chapter addresses a layer in an enterprise ASP.NET application and shows how proven patterns, principles, and best practices can be leveraged to solve problems and improve the design of your code. In addition, a professional-level, end-to-end case study is used to show how to use best practice design patterns and principles in a real website. Professional ASP.NET Design Patterns:...

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  • This fast-paced guide enables developers to design and build Enterprise applications for the cloud. You will find it easy to follow this book, as the authors use an actual online portal application for the case study. Throughout the development of the sample application there is discussion of important considerations for moving an application into the cloud. If you provide technological leadership to your enterprise - senior developers, architects, CIO/CTO - and you want or need to guide your enterprise's application design to Azure, this is the perfect book for you...

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  • CHAPTER 9 SERVICES The W3C defines a web service as “a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network”. This is a broad definition, and it encompass a large number of protocols not designed for machine-to-human communication, but for machine-to-machine communication such as XML, JSON, RSS, etc. web2py provides, out of the box, support for the many protocols, including XML, JSON, RSS, CSV, XMLRPC, JSONRPC, AMFRPC. web2py can also be extended to support additional protocols.

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  • ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 15 1.9 Acknowledgments web2py was originally developed by and copyrighted by Massimo Di Pierro. The first version (1.0) was released in October, 2007. Since then it has been adopted by many users, some of whom have also contributed bug reports, testing, debugging, patches, and proofreading of this book.

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  • EXECUTION ENVIRONMENT 125 models and controllers are designed to be executed in a prepared environment that has been prepopulated with web2py global objects (request, response, session, cache and T) and helper functions. This is necessary because Python is a statically (lexically) scoped language, whereas the web2py environment is created dynamically. web2py provides the exec environment function to allow you to access models and controllers directly.

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  • INDEX 325 selected, 139 session, 50, 104, 110 session.connect, 110 session.forget, 110, 110 Set, 162 DAL, 150 shell, 22 showid, 192 simplejson, 259 site, 81 SMS, 313 SMTP, 232 SPAN, 139 SQL designer, 158 SQL generate, 169 sql.log, 153 SQLFORM, 66 SQLite, 153 SQLRows, 168 SQLTABLE, 164 static files, 96 static, 104 Storage, 105 DAL, 150 str, 24 streaming virtual file, 311 STYLE, 140 submit button, 192 sum, 176 sys, 38 sys.

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  • Sams Teach Yourself SAP in 24 Hours, Second Edition is the perfect tool for learning one of the most sophisticated enterprise solutions available today. Designed to being with the basics, you will become acquainted with the entire SAP system, from navigation to creating your own reports. You'll also cover:

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  • Professional PHP6 was written for PHP developers who are interested in expanding and leveraging their development skills by taking advantage of the features of the sixth major release. This demographic is not set in stone, of course, because experienced .NET and Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) developers should catch on quickly, too. However, inexperienced PHP developers (or those with no software development experience) are highly encouraged to start with Beginning PHP6, Apache, MySQL 6 Web Development (Wiley, 2009)....

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  • Matt Reid is a Systems Architect and Engineer who has focused his career on helping corporations solve large scale computing challenges. He is experienced in a wide range of Internet architectures ranging from global application load balancing to database clusters designed for serving millions of concurrent users. His career has included work with geographically-distributed application and database environments, enterprise analytics and monitoring, database performance tuning, disaster recovery architectures, enterprise application programming, as well as systems infrastructure automation.

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  • Oracle Net Services provide a variety of options to help you design and manage networks that are both flexible and easy to use. With Oracle Net Services enhanced scalability and manageability features, you can develop a network to support a wide range of environments, whether they be simple workgroups or large mission critical enterprises. This chapter describes considerations for planning a network using Oracle Net Services. It explains the relationships of the network products, and options for expanding and better managing your future network. ...

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