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  • As one of the fastest growing technologies in our culture today, data communications and networking presents a unique challenge for instructors. As both the number and types of students are increasing, it is essential to have a textbook that provides coverage of the latest advances, while presenting the material in a way that is accessible to students with little or no background in the field. Using a bottom-up approach,

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  • Chapter 7: Neural Networks present about Neural Networks Representation, Appropriate problems for Neural Network Learning, Perceptrons, Multilayer Networks and the Backpropagation algorithm, Remarks on the Backpropagation algorithm, Neural network application development.

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  • Collaborative Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks presents about Characterizing collaborative/coordinated attacks, Types of collaborative attacks, Open issues, Proposed solutions, Conclusions and outlook and something else.

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  • Lecture Electric circuit theory - Two-port networks presents the following content: Parameters, relationships between parameters, two-port network analysis, interconnection of networks, equivalent two-port networks of magnetically coupled circuits,...

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  • Chương 6 giới thiệu về mạng không dây và mạng di động (Wireless and Mobile networks). Thông qua chương này người học có thể biết về kết nối không dây, IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi), truy cập cellular; hiểu được các nguyên lý: định địa chỉ, định tuyến tới người dùng di động; biết được các tác động lên các giao thức tầng cao hơn di động.

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  •  outline of lecture 1  introduction  about the course “mobile & wireless networking”  history  current wireless technologies  important trends  wireless transmission (1 2)  frequencies  signals  antennas  signal propagation  multiplexing

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  • Ad hoc networks: Concept, Routing, Problem, DSDV (Destination Sequenced Distance Vector), Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV), DSR (Dynamic Source Routing), Further alternatives. Mobile transport layer: Motivation, Approaches for improvement, Indirect TCP, Snooping TCP, Mobile TCP, Selective retransmission; Comparison; Recommended TCP improvements for 2.5G/3G wireless.


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  • Bài giảng Computer Networks 1 (Mạng Máy Tính 1): Lecture 9 - Socket Programming with Java bao gồm những nội dung về Using InetAddress, Using Socket, Using ServerSocket, Client-Server Application with UDP, UDP Client, Client-Server Application with TCP.

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  • outline of lecture 1,introduction,about the course “mobile & wireless networking", history, current wireless technologies, important trends, wireless transmission (1/2), frequencies, signals, antennas, signal propagation, multiplexing.


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  • Chương 8 đề cập đến vấn đề bảo mật trong computer networking. Sau khi học xong chương này người học có thể hiểu về các nguyên tắc an ninh mạng và an toàn mạng trong thực tế. Nội dung chính trong chương này gồm có: Các nguyên lý mật mã; toàn vẹn thông điệp (Message integrity), chứng thực (authentication); an toàn thư điện tử; an toàn kết nối TCP: SSL;...

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  • Chương 9 giới thiệu về quản lý mạng. Chương này giúp người học nắm bắt được các cơ cấu quản lý mạng Internet (Internet network management framework), có những hiểu biết về ASN.1. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo để nắm bắt các nội dung chi tiết.

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  • ECE/CS 372 Introduction to Computer Networks Lecture 1: Chapter 1 Introduction with goal: earn basic network terminologies, more depth detail later in course, approach.

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  • ECE/CS 372 Introduction to Computer Networks Lecture 1: Chapter 2 Application Layer Principles of network applications, Web and HTTP, FTP, Electronic Mail, DNS, P2P file sharing, Socket programming with TCP, Socket programming with UDP, Building a Web server.

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  • ECE/CS 372 Introduction to Computer Networks Lecture 1: Chapter 3 Transport Layer with goals understand principles behind transport layer services, learn about transport layer protocols in the Internet.

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  • "Network Layer and Mobile IP" presents of: Network Layer in Internet, Network Layer functions,ID datagram format, ID addressing, subnets, herarchical addressing, network service model, virtual circuits, Datagram networks, Routing Algorithm classification,...

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  • Outline of Lecture 3: Medium Access Control, Motivation, Basic Access Methods, Dynamic TDM / Random Access, CDMA, Comparison, Hybrid ARQ. Can we apply media access methods from fixed networks?


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  • Bài giảng Mạng Local Area Network trình bày những nội dung: Các kiến trúc mạng LAN, khái niệm về các kiến trúc mạng LAN, các kiểu kiến trúc mạng, các công nghệ mạng LAN. Mời các bạn tham khảo nội dung chi tiết.

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  • Cryptography & Network Security: Exercise 1 - Nguyen Cao Dat includes Self study, Symmetric Cipher Model, Classical Substitution Ciphers (Caesar Cipher, Monoalphabetic Cipher, Playfair Cipher, Polyalphabetic Ciphers, Vigenère Cipher), Cryptanalysis using letter frequencies.

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  • Bài giảng Computer Networks 1 (Mạng Máy Tính 1): Lecture 5 - Link Layer and LANs được biên soạn nhằm cung cấp cho các bạn những kiến thức về MAC Addresses and ARP, LAN Addresses and ARP, LAN Address, ARP protocol, Link Layer, Switch Table, Interconnecting switches.

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  • Network Security: Chapter 1 - Introduction provides about Background, Definitions, Aim of Course, Security Trends, OSI Security Architecture, Aspects of Security, Security Attack, Classify Security Attacks, Types of Attacks, Passive Attacks, Security Services.

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