Neurological management

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  • .Treatment of Pediatric Neurologic Disorders .NEUROLOGICAL DISEASE AND THERAPY Advisory Board Louis R. Caplan, M.D. Professor of Neurology Harvard University School of Medicine Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Boston, Massachusetts William C. Koller, M.D. Mount Sinai School of Medicine New York, New York John C. Morris, M.D. Friedman Professor of Neurology Co-Director, Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center Washington University School of Medicine St. Louis, Missouri Bruce Ransom, M.D., Ph.D.

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  • Second, it should not be forgot that several neuroprotectant have failed not because they lacked efficacy, but because they revealed unexpected side effects. Many NMDAreceptor antagonists were discarded because in clinical trials they showed psychedelic unwanted effects. Tirilazad, an antioxidant belonging to the “lazaroid” class of antioxidants, unexpectedly worsened outcome of ischemic stroke, a fact very likely explained by some unexpected toxic action(s) that offset its neuroprotective ability.

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  • This is the first in a series of guides to help nonprofit organizations that wish to introduce or improve their efforts to focus on the results of their services. The nonprofit sector is being increasingly pressured to provide evidence that its resources have improved the lives of clients, regardless of the size of the organization. Even without such pressure, nonprofit organizations should operate and manage those resources in a way that maximizes effectiveness in helping clients. This is not a new philosophy for nonprofit organizations.

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  • In recent years, an increasing number of Internet-based groupware systems have been created for the support of distributed workgroups. The support of cooperative work processes with information technology has been studied by researchers in the area of computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) [cf. Kies et al. 1998, Kamel/Davison 1998]. The most widely used information systems for CSCW are groupware [cf. Lewe/Krcmar 1991] and workflow management systems [Ellis et al. 1991].

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  • Neuro-oncology has evolved substantially as a clinical and research discipline over the past few decades. Initially the province of isolated devotees, it has become a well-recognized subspecialty of neurology, oncology, and neurosurgery. The Society for Neuro-Oncology, founded just five years ago, now has almost 1000 members. Most tertiary care hospitals have staff physicians who consider themselves neuro-oncologists. These physicians typically are involved in the evaluation and management of neurologic complications of systemic cancer and its treatment, as well as of primary brain tumors.

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  • About four out of five people in low- and middle-income countries who need services for mental, neurological and substance use conditions do not receive them. Even when available, the interventions often are neither evidence-based nor of high quality. WHO recently launched the mental health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) for low- and middle-income countries with the objective of scaling up care for mental, neurological and substance use disorders.

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  • Care in specialized intensive care units (ICUs) is generally of higher quality than in general care units. Neurocritical care focuses on the care of critically ill patients with primary or secondary neurosurgical and neurological problems and was initially developed to manage postoperative neurosurgical patients.

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  • This reluctance on the part of mainstream lenders creates an opportunity for microfinance but also underlines the paramount importance of credit risk management in an industry that, in Western Europe at least, continues to be driven by socially motivated investors and entities supporting microfinance as part of their social responsibility initiatives. This realisation has a significant impact on the pricing of financing instruments to such types of entities and has arguably served to undermine the development of viable microfinance models in terms of self-sustainability.

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  • The Group puts forward these recommendations recognising that the project on economic evaluation has still to produce its final report, and that the Group’s recommendation will be assessed in the light of the economic evaluation by the Steering Committee. Also, the question of geogenic dust, which plays an important role in some member states, has not been taken into full account and needs further consideration by the Commission. Whatever decisions the Commission takes finally on the above values, the Group recommends that they be reviewed within 5 years after entry into force.

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  • Research on creativity tends to stress the importance of context-free thought, the content of which is independent of what is present to the senses of the agent. Indeed, the capacity to disregard what is real and turn towards the imaginary is essential for creativity. Yet, this does not entail that creativity in general, as an activity, is independent of the context in which it occurs (Brinck 1999).

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  • My Name is Trevor. I am an Internet marketer, niche business fanatic. I graduated college in December 2011 and much to my parent’s dismay, did not get a job. I decided to move to Hawaii and try and start up some businesses! I soon found myself engulfed in the online world, trying to figure it all out and make some money (Hawaii is not cheap!). I started a niche business and website for my neurological enhancing study pills - Cerebral Success and a blog about starting niche businesses to document my journey. Soon after starting these sites, I realized I...

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  • This book is written for physical therapists, physical therapy students, and related health professionals. It is a clinical guide for the assessment of patients with neuromuscular disorders. Please use the tables in the INTRO tab to quickly find information on specific diseases/disorders or test and measures. In addition to the content you’ll find here, we have also provided bonus content on the DavisPlus Web site for this book.

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  • Develop an essential understanding of the principles of equine disease with this one-of-a-kind, problem-based resource! Extensively revised and updated with contributions from an international team of experts, Equine Internal Medicine, 3rd Edition reflects the latest clinical research in equine medicine and focuses on the basic pathophysiologic mechanisms that underlie the development of various equine diseases to help you confidently diagnose, treat, and manage patient conditions.

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  • This Report and Order establishes protections for broadband service to preserve and reinforce Internet freedom and openness. The Commission adopts three basic protections that are grounded in broadly accepted Internet norms, as well as our own prior decisions. First, transparency: fixed and mobile broadband providers must disclose the network management practices, performance characteristics, and commercial terms of their broadband services.

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  • The results of the IS audit are reported to the management of the organisation, the person responsible for IS audits, and the IT Security Officer (see section 4.9) and integrated into the ISMS process. A clearly defined procedure should be available for this purpose that is stated in a guideline for examining and improving the security process (see [BSI2]). Requirements for eliminating deficiencies and improving quality are the result of the evaluation of the IS audit report. The IT Security Officer derives the corresponding follow-up activities from these requirements.

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  • We’re just a few days away from the third PMI India National Conference on Project Management and the excitement in the community is palpable. The huge success of the conference in the past two years has set delegate expectations high. A lot of effort has gone in this time to ensure we raise the bar even further in terms of the content and overall delegate experience during the conference. I’m delighted to see that our efforts have paid off. Bangalore, the host for this year’s conference, is truly the home for project management in India.

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  • A number of positive factors underpin this forecast. Investment is forecast to provide the largest proportionate increase in the components of demand. In 2006, investment growth of 4 per cent is expected, substantially higher than the 2.1 per cent figure for 2005. Much of the improvement can be traced to Germany where business sentiment appears to be strong, thereby prompting an expectation of increased investment. The strong investment performance is expected to persist into 2007 with a growth rate of 3.5 per cent forecast. ...

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  • Author(s): Martin A Samuels MD, FACP, FAAN Edition: Seventh ISBN: 0-7817-4646-9 Pub Date: March 2004 Pages: 592 By quack008 Copyright ©2004 Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Samuels, Martin A. Manual of Neurologic Therapeutics, 7th Edition Edited by Martin A. Samuels M.D., M.A.C.P., F.A.A.N. Neurologist-in-Chief and Chairman Department of Neurology, Brigham and Women ’ s Hospital, Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts Secondary Editors James D. Ryan Acquisitions Editor Grace R. Caputo Developmental Editor Frank Aversa Production Editor Colin J.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: The preventing recurrent vascular events and neurological worsening through intensive organized case-management (PREVENTION) trial protoco

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: The preventing recurrent vascular events and neurological worsening through intensive organized case-management (PREVENTION) trial protocol [ identifier: NCT00931788]

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