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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về bệnh học thý y được đăng trên tạp chí Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về bệnh thú y đề tài: A possible systemic rheumatic disorder in the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever...

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  • This book has arisen out of a decade-long collaborative initiative between the Commission on Marine Cartography of the International Cartographic Association and the Commission on Coastal Systems of the International Geographical Union, and manifested in the series of conferences known as the CoastGIS Symposia. The first CoastGIS meeting was held in Cork, Ireland, in February 1995. Since then, successive events have taken place in Aberdeen, Scotland (1997), Brest, France (1999) and Halifax, Nova Scotia (2001).

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  • Những kỳ quan của thiên nhiên Tổ chức UNESCO đã công nhận 8 kỳ quan dưới đây là di sản thế giới, trong đó có vườn quốc gia Sanqingshan ở Trung Quốc và vùng đầm phá ở New Caledonia. Hình ảnh trên Forbes. Muôn nghìn những chú bướm chúa trong công viên trong khu bảo tồn ở Mexico. Công viên quốc gia Sanqingshan ở Trung Quốc với những cột đá granite sừng sững cạnh nhau. Vùng đầm phá ở New Caledonia.

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  • Những điểm hút khách ở Canada (1) Đất nước xinh đẹp với nhiều danh lam thắng cảnh nổi tiếng là điểm đến không thể bỏ qua cho khách du lịch say mê khám phá, thưởng thức. Cùng điểm qua một vài chốn dừng chân thú vị nhất của nơi này. Hình ảnh trên Forbes. Quảng trường Yonge-Dundas. Công viên gần biển Saguenay St. Lawrence, điểm đến hoàn hảo để chiêm ngưỡng cảnh đẹp và thư giãn với những thú vui như đi bộ hoặc du hí bằng xe đạp. Vịnh Fundy, Nova Scotia.

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  • Độ phân giải Độ cao cao và hình ảnh dữ liệu Trong thời hạn Vịnh Fundy dải ven biển, Nova Scotia, Canada Nghiên cứu Ứng dụng Geomatics Group (AGRG) là một thành phần của Trung tâm Địa lý Khoa học (COGS) nằm trong thung lũng Annapolis, Nova Scotia. Nhiệm vụ của nó là ứng dụng của địa toán, công nghệ cho nghiên cứu môi trường trong phạm vi Hàng hải Canada.

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  • Đánh giá sức khỏe hệ sinh thái biển - Các khái niệm và các chỉ số, với tham khảo Vịnh Fundy và Vịnh Maine, Tây Bắc Đại Tây Dương Vịnh Maine và Vịnh Fundy nằm ở Đại Tây Dương phía tây bắc, bao quanh bởi các tiểu bang Massachusetts, New Hampshire và Maine, các tỉnh New Brunswick và Nova Scotia, và trong vùng nước ven biển của các đại dương phụ biển các ngân hàng như Stellwagen, Georges, và Brown.

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  • In the year 1770, a bright little girl ten years of age, Anna Green Winslow, was sent from her far away home in Nova Scotia to Boston, the birthplace of her parents, to be "finished" at Boston schools by Boston teachers. She wrote, with evident eagerness and loving care, for the edification of her parents and her own practice in penmanship, this interesting and quaint diary, which forms a most sprightly record, not only of the life of a young girl at that time, but of the prim and narrow round of daily occurrences in provincial Boston. It thus assumes a positive value as...

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  • It has become a cliché that environmental problems are substantial, and that economic growth contributes to them. A common response is stricter environmental regulation, which often inhibits growth. The result can be a trade-off between a healthy environment on the one hand and healthy growth on the other. As a consequence, opportunities for business may be constrained. However, there are some forms of development that are both environmentally and socially sustainable.

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  • 31 tháng 12 2010 Canada Equity Fund RBC Ngân hàng Hoàng gia Canada ở Toronto-Dominion Suncor Energy Inc. Ngân hàng Nova Scotia của Barrick Gold Corp RBC Hoa Kỳ Equity Fund Inc Apple. Wells Fargo & Company Citigroup Inc Tiền và các khoản tương đương tiền trái phiếu công ty General Electric RBC Quỹ Tiền

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  • They were immigrants, immigrating. She’d seen them departing from Mexico City after a bus from Morelia, or air transfers from Quito or Guatemala City. She’d seen them in Managua and Port-au-Prince, Caracas and Bogotá. Everywhere in the world she’d gone, she’d seen them. Now she is one of them. Now this is her, curbside at the airport in Frankfurtam-Main. Behind her is a pile of eight oversized mismatched suitcases. She’d seen such gigantic suitcases before in her life, and had thought, Who in their right mind would ever buy such unmanageable... The Expats by Chris...

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  • Moving to Rome, Italy, was a dream come true for me. My family roots are based in the north of Italy, but being anywhere in this beautiful country was an exciting prospect. My husband is a Foreign Service Officer and works at the embassy in Rome, where I first met the Global Employment Advisor, Loretta Dusini. I was excited to know that there was going to be someone who could help me find meaningful work, as I had lived abroad before (Moscow, Buenos Aires, and Prague) and being gainfully employed was not possible at that time since there...

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  • In the year 1775 armed vessels were fitted out in several of the ports of New England to prey on the commerce of Nova Scotia. Many of these carried no proper commissions and were manned by hands of brutal marauders whose conduct was so outrageous that even so warm a partizan as Col. John Allan sent a remonstrance to congress regarding their behaviour: “Their horrid crimes,” he says, “are too notorious to pass unnoticed,” and after particularizing some of their enormities he declares “such proceedings will occasion more Torys than a hundred such expeditions will make good.

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  • Our knowledge of affairs on the River Saint John down to the period of English occupation is largely derived from the correspondence of the Jesuit missionaries, the last of whom was Charles Germain. After his retirement the Acadians and Indians remained for several years without any spiritual guide, a circumstance that did not please them and was also a matter of concern to the Governor of Nova Scotia, who in December, 1764, informed the Secretary of State that a promise had been made the Indians of the River St. John to send them a priest, which the Lords of...

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  • This report explores the wealth of evidence that mental health influences a very wide range of outcomes for individuals and communities. These include healthier lifestyles; better physical health; improved recovery from illness; fewer limitations in daily living; higher educational attainment; greater productivity, employment and earnings; better relationships with adults and with children; more social cohesion and engagement and improved quality of life.

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