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  • Speed memory is a comprehensive memory training course based on recent research. As you work through methods to highly advanced systems - incresing your memory power all the time. These techniques to improve your memory form the basis of the new BBC television programme Use Your Head, devised and presnted by the author

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  • Tony Buzan, author of the best-selling Use Your Head and inventor of the revolutionary Mind-Mapping technique, has acquired fame by improving the memory and learning capability of thousands of people. In this book, based on the latest research into the workings of the human brain, he presents an ingenious system for training the memory to achieve extraordinary feats. The book provides surprising, yet simple, techniques for remembering names, dates, phone numbers and appointments.

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  • The concept of data or information processing arises in a variety of fields. Understanding the principles behind this concept is fundamental to computer design, communications, manufacturing process control, biomedical engineering, and an increasingly large number of other areas of technology and science. It is impossible to imagine modern life without computers for generating, analyzing, and retrieving large amounts of information, as well as communicating information to end users regardless of their location....

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  • In the last decades, the Shape Memory Alloys, with their peculiar thermo-mechanical properties, high corrosion and extraordinary fatigue resistance, have become more popular in research and engineering applications. This book contains a number of relevant international contributions related to their properties, constitutive models and numerical simulation, medical and civil engineering applications, as well as aspects related to their processing.

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  • Travelling south from New Orleans to the Islands, you pass through a strange land into a strange sea, by various winding waterways.

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  • This paper describes an efficient parallel system for processing Typed Feature Structures (TFSs) on shared-memory parallel machines. We call the system Parallel Substrate for TFS (PSTFS}. PSTFS is designed for parallel computing environments where a large number of agents are working and communicating with each other. Such agents use PSTFS as their low-level module for solving constraints on TFSs and sending/receiving TFSs to/from other agents in an efficient manner.

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  • The paper begins by defining a class of distributed memory machines which have useful properties as retrieval and filtering devices. These memory mechanisms store large numbers of associations on a single composite vector. They provide a natural format for encoding the syntactic and semantic constraints associated with linguistic elements. A computational architecture for parsing natural language is proposed which utillses the retrieval and associative features of these devices.

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  • This paper analyses the relation between the use of similarity in Memory-Based Learning and the notion of backed-off smoothing in statistical language modeling. We show that the two approaches are closely related, and we argue that feature weighting methods in the Memory-Based paradigm can offer the advantage of automatically specifying a suitable domainspecific hierarchy between most specific and most general conditioning information without the need for a large number of parameters. We report two applications of this approach: PP-attachment and POStagging. ...

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  • This paper proposes a hybrid of handcrafted rules and a machine learning method for chunking Korean. In the partially free word-order languages such as Korean and Japanese, a small number of rules dominate the performance due to their well-developed postpositions and endings. Thus, the proposed method is primarily based on the rules, and then the residual errors are corrected by adopting a memory-based machine learning method.

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  • Speed Memory will enable you to remember lists of objects not only in order, but also in reverse and random order; to remember names and faces, as well as facts associated with them; to remember speeches, scripts, articles, jokes and narratives; to remember dates, prices, numbers (including telephone numbers!) and anniversaries; and to remember far more readily languages and information relevant to examinations. You will also be able to perform 'memory feats' with * number games and cards....

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  • Là không gian làm việc (workspace) của máy tính (về vật lý, bộ nhớ là một tập hợp các chip nhớ). Nó là một tài nguyên quan trọng của máy tính vì nó quyết định kích thước (size), số lượng các chương trình (number of program) có thể "chạy" đồng thời trong máy tính và số lượng dữ liệu có thể truy cập tức thời. Tất cả các tiến trình xử lý dữ liệu và thực thi chương trình đều diễn ra trong bộ nhớ....

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  • Solving PDEs generally means you must take the time to set up the underlying equations, material properties, and boundary conditions for a given problem. COMSOL Multiphysics, however, relieves you of much of this work. The package provides a number of application modes that consist of predefined templates and user interfaces already set up with equations and variables for specific areas of physics. Special properties allow the selection of, for instance, analysis type and model formulations.

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  • This book is not a buyer’s guide. In it, you won’t find endless, boring lists of prices and products and useless part numbers. Instead, this book assumes that you need a computer for some reason. You’ll discover that reason and then read about how to find software to carry out that task. From there, you’ll match hardware to your software and end up with the computer that’s perfect for you.

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  • Many American history books begin with the year 1492 and the discovery of the Caribbean Islands by Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus (1451–1506). For the great civilizations of Mesoamerica and South America, though, 1492 proved to be the beginning of the end of their civilization. The products of thousands of years of history—the cities, the architecture, markets, governments, economic systems, legal systems, schools, books, holy shrines—even the daily prayers of the people—were about to be willfully eliminated by the conquering European nations.

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  • Language in PPA The language impairment in PPA varies from patient to patient. Some patients cannot find the right words to express thoughts; others cannot understand the meaning of heard or seen words; still others cannot name objects in the environment. The language impairment can be fluent (that is, with normal articulation, flow, and number of words per utterance) or nonfluent. The single most common sign of primary progressive aphasia is anomia, manifested by an inability to come up with the right word during conversation and/or an inability to name objects shown by the examiner.

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  • Similarly, looking at the database of human health, total outpatient (OPD) visits, and the percentage shared by the respiratory disease (ARI) for two years, it quite clearly reflects the increasing trend of respiratory disease. From 1996 till 1998, number of ARI patient is increasing at the rate of 22.89 percent per year. Similarly, share of ARI patient out of total OPD visit has been increased from 9.99 to 10.11 percent within the same span of time.

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  • The Greenplum Database parallel query optimizer (Figure 6) is responsible for converting SQL or MapReduce into a physical execution plan. It does this by using a cost-based optimization algorithm to evaluate a vast number of potential plans and select the one that it believes will lead to the most efficient query execution. Unlike a traditional query optimizer, Greenplum’s optimizer takes a global view of execution across the cluster, and factors in the cost of moving data between nodes in any candidate plan.

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  • Event-driven programming is a popular model for writing programs for tiny embedded systems and sensor network nodes. While event-driven programming can keep the memory overhead down, it enforces a state machine programming style which makes many programs difcult to write, maintain, and debug. We present a novel programming abstraction called protothreads that makes it possible to write eventdriven programs in a thread-like style, with a memory overhead of only two bytes per protothread.

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  • When installing a manually configured adapter, what information must you know to avoid resource conflicts? A. IRQ B. Number of bits C. Base I/O port address D. Base Memory address E. Operating System 2) Which IRQ is usually assigned for the primary IDE hard disk controller? A. 5 B. 7 C. 9 D. 14 E. 15 3) Which IRQ is assigned to the first serial port?

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  • To compare sputum cellularity between HIV-positive and -negative individuals with pulmonary tuberculosis. A cross-sectional study was conducted in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. Sputum samples were collected and processed within two hours after collection. The absolute number of squamous cells of a total of 400 cells was counted, as well as the absolute number (× 106 cells/ml) and percentage of eosinophils, lymphocytes, macrophages and neutrophils and total cellularity and viability were determined.

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