Numerical characterization

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  • The goal of this work is to give a precise numerical description of the K¨hler cone of a compact K¨hler manifold. Our main result states that the a a K¨hler cone depends only on the intersection form of the cohomology ring, the a Hodge structure and the homology classes of analytic cycles: if X is a compact K¨hler manifold, the K¨hler cone K of X is one of the connected components of a a the set P of real (1, 1)-cohomology classes {α} which are numerically positive on analytic cycles, i.e. Y αp 0 for every irreducible analytic...

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  • Due to the enormous progress in computer technology and numerical methods that have been achieved in recent years, the use of numerical simulation methods in industry gains more and more importance. In particular, this applies to all engineering disciplines. Numerical computations in many cases offer a cost effective and, therefore, very attractive possibility for the investigation and optimization of products and processes.

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  • As a premise to this textbook on Numerical ecology, the authors wish to state their opinion concerning the role of data analysis in ecology. In the above quotation, Goethe cautioned readers against the use of mathematics in the natural sciences. In his opinion, mathematics may obscure, under an often esoteric language, the natural phenomena that scientists are trying to elucidate. Unfortunately, there are many examples in the ecological literature where the use of mathematics unintentionally lent support to Goethe’s thesis.

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  • Floods in urban areas due to levee overtopping and/or breaking may cause a lot of severe damage of property and lost of human lives. In case of river dike and/or dam break, the problem is characterized by the overland propagation of discontinuity fronts or hydraulic jumps. !t is of immense importance that urban planners and personnel have tools to assist in predicting and evaluating beforehand the flood process in such incidents.

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  • Gingivitis and periodontitis are the two main periodontal diseases and may be present concurrently. Gingivitis is a form of periodontal disease in which gingival tissues are inflamed but their destruction is mild and reversible while periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory response to the subgingival bacteria with irreversible changes (Armitage, 1999). Periodontium destruction is characterized by loss of connective tissue attachment and bone around the teeth in conjunction with the formation of periodontal pockets due to apical migration of the junctional epithelium (Champagne et al.

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  • Numerous authors proposed chapters on their work, and those presented here are the fruit of those proposals. As editor of this book, it has been my pleasure to collaborate with these many, fine contributing scientists. This text brings forth a great amount of fresh information on the biogeography and ecology of poorly known taxa and landscapes, and explores biogeographic processes not previously studied. The assembled work is an anthology of issues in modern biogeography, with topics ranging across regional to global spatial scales, and ecological to evolutionary temporal scales.

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  • Shape memory alloys have become in the past decades a well established research subject. However, the complex relations between properties and structure have created a continuously growing interest for a deeper insight all this time. The complexity of relationships between structure and properties is mostly related to the fact that strong ?multidimensional? interactions are taking place: from the early studies focusing on the thermal and/or mechanical induced phase transformations to the more recent findings on the magnetically induced structural changes.

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  • Given the spatial relationships extracted as described above, our goal is to integrate this information into an optimization framework with a properly defined cost function quantifying the quality of the furniture arrangement. Given an arbitrary room layout populated by furniture objects, the synthesized arrangement should be useful for virtual environment modeling in games and movies, interior design software, and other applications. The search space of our problem is highly complex as objects are interdependent in the optimization process.

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  • They were searching for the “ideal” case study which would justify their particular viewpoints and interpretation of what federalism really meant. This led to numerous cases where the federal experience of different countries was presented in a skewed manner, with only selected successes or failures receiving attention.

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  • In addition to the aforementioned direct benefits of using alternative fuels for cement manufacturing, there are numerous life-cycle benefits and avoided costs that are realized. Alternative fuels are essentially the waste products of other industrial or agricultural processes, and due to their sheer volume and potentially their toxicity, they pose a major solid waste management challenge in many countries.

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  • Microbubble-based contrast agents for ultrasound were introduced some time ago, although their clinical application has become widespread only in recent years. Since color and power Doppler reveal overt artifacts after microbubble injection due to the peculiar features of harmonic signals produced by insonation of microbubbles, dedicated contrast-specifi c modes of US were introduced to optimize the registration of such signals.

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  • Electrokinetics is a subject that has been at the core of numerous fundamental advancements in the field of colloid science for over a century. Electrokinetics is a self-contained body of science that has led to spectacular applications in separations, characterization of surface properties, manipulation of colloidal materials, and facilitation of fluid transport in microchannels. For instance, electrophoresis is one of the common techniques for separation of biological macromolecules (such as proteins).

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  • The United States has been in the process of destroying its chemical munitions for over a decade. The U.S. Army, with expertise from numerous bodies including the National Research Council (NRC), originally decided to use incineration as the method of destruction at all storage sites. However, citizens in states with storage sites have opposed incineration on the grounds that it is impossible to determine the exact nature of the effluents, in particular, effluents from the stacks. Nevertheless, the Army has continued to pursue incineration at most sites.

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  • Over the past few decades, numerous small molecules have been designed to specifically and selectively target the unusual secondary structure in DNA called the G-quadruplex. Because these ligands have been shown to selectively inhibit the growth of cancer cells, they have become a central focus for the development of novel anticancer agents.

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  • Numerous gel-free proteomics techniques have been reported over the past few years, introducing a move from proteins to peptides as bits of informa-tion in qualitative and quantitative proteome studies. Many shotgun pro-teomics techniques randomly sample thousands of peptides in a qualitative and quantitative manner but overlook the vast majority of protein modifi-cations that are often crucial for proper protein structure and function.

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  • Although ubiquitously expressed, the transcriptional factor CP2 also exhib-its some tissue- or stage-specific activation toward certain genes such as globin in red blood cells and interleukin-4 in T helper cells. Because this specificity may be achieved by interaction with other proteins, we screened a peptide display library and identified four consensus motifs in numerous CP2-binding peptides: HXPR, PHL, ASR and PXHXH. Protein-database searching revealed that RE-1 silencing factor (REST), Yin-Yang1 (YY1) and five other proteins have one or two of these CP2-binding motifs....

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  • All living organisms contain redox systems involving thior-edoxins (Trx), proteins featuringanextremelyconservedand reactive active site that perform thiol-disul®de interchanges with disul®de bridges of target proteins. In photosynthetic organisms, numerous isoforms of Trx coexist, as revealedby sequencing ofArabidopsisgenome. The speci®c functions of many of them are still unknown.

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  • Originally, it was planned that there would be equal numbers of males and females and an equal number of students from the four faculties with the highest percentage of NESB students. However, as noted above, the opportunity to sit a free IELTS Test proved to be much more attractive to some students from some faculties than to others. There was no interest from students enrolled in the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building, and a great deal of interest from students enrolled in the Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery and Health.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'supply chain  management ‐ new perspectives  ', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, cơ khí - chế tạo máy phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Sodium concentration in irrigation water replaces calcium by the process of Base Exchange, therefore reduces soil permeability. Furthermore, excess salinity in groundwater used for irrigation decreased plants osmotic activity and interfere water absorption and nutrients from the soil. Nearly 5% of groundwater from the study site exceeds the desirable limit (1000 mg L-1) of chloride. The natural source of chloride is due to the weathering of phosphate mineral apatite present in granites.

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