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  • Research objectives In order to clarify main contents of Confucianism“Three Obediences and Four Virtues” theory in China and Vietnam, analyze its impacts, this thesis proposes some view points and measures to promote its positive values and to limit negative impacts on Vietnamese women nowadays.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Social psychology" has contents: Prosocial behaviorand altruism, interpersonal aggression, interpersonal attraction and close relationships, group processes, conformity, compliance and obedience.

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  • The duty bell rang and obediently George clattered down the steps from his confinement cubicle over the garage. His mother's chartreuse-colored Cadillac convertible purred to a stop in the drive. "It's so sweet of you to

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  • WE CASUALLY ACCEPT ELECTRONICS in our everyday world. Those who don’t understand how it works are casually obedient. Those who take the time to learn electronics are viewed as geniuses. Do you want to learn how to control the power of electronics?

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  • There are very few, except some professional debauchees, who will not readily agree that "Marriage is honourable to all," being ordained by Heaven in Paradise; and without which no man or woman can capacity, honestly, to yield obedience to the first law of the creation, "Increase and Multiply.

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  • ALL ASPECTS of life are in flux; nothing stays put. There is progress in some sectors, accompanied by regress in others. For instance, there is economic progress, only to be followed by a decline of material wellbeing. And there is moral, social, political, scientific, technological, intellectual, as well as spiritual progress -and regress.ContentsTHE DEDICATION 1To Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850), who sought fortruth rather than outcome and never witnessedthe fruits his labor bore. Obedience to consciencewas his first rule; we witness the results.1. THE SOURCE OF PROGRESS 6Leadership is a ma...

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  • The Crito seems intended to exhibit the character of Socrates in one light only, not as the philosopher, fulfilling a divine mission and trusting in the will of heaven, but simply as the good citizen, who having been unjustly condemned is willing to give up his life in obedience to the laws of the state... The days of Socrates are drawing to a close; the fatal ship has been seen off Sunium, as he is informed by his aged friend and contemporary Crito, who visits him before the dawn has broken; he himself has been warned in a dream that on the third day he...

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  • 254 Part III: Taking Your Paths to Obedience School Part IV Practically Speaking: Type, Print, and Files O ne picture is worth a thousand words. But if you create those words in Illustrator, each word — no, each letter — is a work of art. Which means a sentence is worth about 17 billion words. (I’m estimating, seeing as how I don’t have a calculator handy.) In this part, you master creating type, and then you’ll become the expert you always knew you could be when it comes to the practicality of printing, taking your art to the Web, and working with other applications. If...

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  • The duty bell rang and obediently George clattered down the steps from his confinement cubicle over the garage. His mother's chartreuse-colored Cadillac convertible purred to a stop in the drive. "It's so sweet of you to come, Georgie," his mother said when George opened the door for her. "Whenever you need me, Mummy." It was no effort at all to keep the sneer out of his voice. Deception had become a part of his character. His mother squeezed his arm. "I can always count on my little boy to do the right thing....

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  • MY grandfather, George Keppel, sixth Earl of Albemarle, was born in 1799. I remember him quite well. He was always a delightful raconteur, and many is the yarn we heard from him at Quidenham, when in the winter evenings he gathered us round him before the old library fire. He would tell us how as a child he had been frightened into obedience by the cry of " Boney is coming!" and he recalled quite clearly the alarm produced in England by the avowed intention of Napoleon to invade our country. As a boy he often stayed in London with his maternal grandmother, the Dowager...

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  • Abraham the spiritual father of nations General forgetfulness of God when Abraham arose Civilization in his age Ancestors of Abram His settlement in Haran His moral courage The call of Abram His migrations The Canaanites Abram in Egypt Separation between Abram and Lot Melchizedek Abram covenants with God The mission of the Hebrews The faith of Abram Its peculiarities Trials of faith God's covenant with Abram The sacrifice of Isaac Paternal rights among Oriental nations Universality of sacrifice Had Abram a right to sacrifice Isaac? Supreme test of his faith His obedience to God His rig...

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  • As euery humane body _(deare Countrey men) how wholesome soeuer, be notwithstanding subiect, or at least naturally inclined to some sorts of diseases, or infirmities: so is there no Common-wealth, or Body-politicke, how well gouerned, or peaceable soeuer it bee, that lackes the owne popular errors, and naturally enclined corruptions: and therefore is it no wonder, although this our Countrey and Common-wealth, though peaceable, though wealthy, though long flourishing in both, be amongst the rest, subiect to the owne naturall infirmities.

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  • Human reason, in one sphere of its cognition, is called upon to consider questions, which it cannot decline, as they are presented by its own nature, but which it cannot answer, as they transcend every faculty of the mind. It falls into this difficulty without any fault of its own. It begins with principles, which cannot be dispensed with in the field of experience, and the truth and sufficiency of which are, at the same time, insured by experience. With these principles it rises, in obedience to the laws of its own nature, to ever higher and more remote conditions.

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  • . All of these sources, Sharp points out, depend on the obedience and cooperation of those subject to the power ... to nonviolent action; cf., “One and the wnie principle underlies a11 these various manifestations [forms of nonviolent coercion], and that is a strategic recognition of ...

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