Observational cosmology

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  • This textbook offers a succinct and self-contained introduction into general relativity and its main areas of application: compact objects, gravitational waves and cosmology. It has evolved from lecture courses I have taught at the University of Utrecht since 1990. The book is intended for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in physics and astrophysics. The past decades have seen spectacular new developments in our knowledge of cosmology, the physics of compact objects and in high precision gravity experiments.

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  • The last decade has seen an explosive increase in both the volume and the accuracy of data obtained from cosmological observations. The number of techniques available to probe and cross-check these data has similarly proliferated in recent years.

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  • The twentieth century elevated our understanding of the Universe from its early stages to what it is today and what is to become of it. Cosmology is the weapon that utilizes all the scientific tools that we have created to feel less lost in the immensity of our Universe. The standard model is the theory that explains the best what we observe. Even with all the successes that this theory had, two main questions are still to be answered: What is the nature of dark matter and dark energy? This book attempts to understand these questions while giving some of...

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  • The Systems of the World in 1651 According to Father Riccioli (Reduced facsimile of the frontispiece in Riccioli: Almagestum Novum. Bologna, 1651.) [Enlarge] Explanation "Astrea, goddess of the heaven, wearing angel's wings and gleaming everywhere with stars, stands at the right; on the left is Argus of the hundred eyes, not tense, but indicating by the position of the telescope at his knee rather than at the eyes in his head, that while observing the work of God's hand, he appears at the same time to be worshipping as in genuflexion." (Riccioli: Alm. Nov., Præfatio, xvii). ...

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  • How galaxies � and yet larger structures � are formed remains one of the most interesting, topical and important questions facing astrophysicists and cosmologists today. This fully updated and revised edition of The Road to Galaxy Formation draws on the most recent observation of galaxies in the early universe obtained by the very latest ground- and space-based telescopes.

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  • This book provides readers with a clear progress to theoretical and observational astrophysics. It is not surprising that astrophysics is continually growing because very sophisticated telescopes are being developed and they bring the universe closer and make it accessible. Astrophysics Book presents a unique opportunity for readers to demonstrate processes do occur in Nature.

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  • Since their discovery was first announced in 1973, gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) have been among the most fascination objects in the universe. While the initial mystery has gone, the fascination continues, sustained by the close connection linking GRBs with some of the most fundamental topics in modern astrophysics and cosmology. Both authors have been active in GRB observations for over two decades and have produced an outstanding account on both the history and the perspectives of GRB research.

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