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  • Following the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the Iranian threat to U.S. interests has taken on seemingly unprecedented qualities of aggressiveness and urgency. Added to its provocative positions on the nuclear program, support for non-state militants, and development of threatening military capabilities is the sense that

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  • Most, if not all, Computational Grid resource allocation and scheduling research espouses one of two paradigms: centralized omnipotent resource control [1–4] or localized application control [5–8]. The first is not a scalable solution either in terms of execution efficiency (the resource broker or scheduler becomes a bottleneck) or fault resilience (the allocation mechanism is a single point of failure). On the other hand, the second approach can lead to unstable resource assignments as ‘Grid-aware’ applications adapt to compete for resources....

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  • The military is formulating new visions, strategies, and concepts that capitalize on emerging information-age technologies to provide its warfighters with significantly improved capabilities to meet the national security challenges of the 21st century. These programs are described in such documents as the Quadrennial Defense Review, Joint Vision 2020, a variety of publications describing networkcentric warfare (NCW),

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