Operator overloading

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  • Given previous example: Note: overloaded "+" NOT member function Definition is "more involved" than simple "add", Requires issues of money type addition. Must handle negative/positive values Operator overload definitions generally very simple

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  • Describe Operator Overloading Unary operators Binary operators Binary arithmetic operators Compound assignment operators Comparison operators Describe overloading of the Assignment Operator Describe Copy Constructors

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  • Operator Overloading's Objectives is discuss operator overloading (definition, use, advantages, limitations); present type conversion operators. It presents about arithmetic operations; operator overloading; using overloaded operator; advantages of operator overloading.

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  • Bài giảng Lập trình hướng đối tượng: Định nghĩa phép toán Operator Overloading nêu lên các toán tử của C++; các toán tử overload được; cú pháp của Operator Overloading; hàm thành phần và toàn cục; chuyển kiểu bằng phương thức thiết lập; phép toán lấy phần tử mảng; phép toán gọi hàm.

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  • One of C++’s great features is its extensibility. As we’ve seen in the section on classes, you can define objects and have them manage their own data structures. Now we learn how to define how the various C++ operators that work on these data structures. For this chapter we present a fixed point class. This class was chosen because it's simple and it demonstrates all of the simple operator overloading functions.

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  • Lecture Programming C# - Chapter 21 discuss operator overloading and present type conversion operators. This chapter include contents: C# allows many operators to be overloaded, can overload type conversion operators.

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  • Overloading unary operators Non-static member function, no arguments. Non-member function, one argument Argument must be class object or reference to class object Remember, static functions only access static data

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  • Lecture CIS 190: C++ programming - Chapter 9 introduction to vectors, enumeration, overloading, and more. This chapter presents the following content: access restriction, vectors, enumeration, operator overloading, new/delete, destructors.

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  • Sử dụng các toán tử với các đối tượng (operator overloading) – đối với một số lớp, sử dụng toán tử trong sáng hơn sử dụng các lời gọi hàm object2 = object1.add(object2); object2 = object2 + object1;

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  • This module continues the discussion of the class begun in Module 8. It examines a number of class-related topics, including overloading constructors, passing objects to functions, and returning objects. It also describes a special type of constructor, called the copy constructor, which is used when a copy of an object is needed. Next, friend functions are described, followed by structures and unions, and the ‘this’ keyword. The module concludes with a discussion of operator overloading, one of C++’s most exciting features....

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  • (BQ)  C++ programming for Game (Module I) has 9 chapter: Chapter 1 - Introducing C++, Chapter 2 - Logic, conditionals, loops and arrays, Chapter 3 - Functions, Chapter 4 - References and pointers, Chapter 5 - Classes and object oriented programming, Chapter 6 - Strings and other topics, Chapter 7 - Operator overloading, Chapter 8 - File input and output, Chapter 9 - Inheritance and polymorphism.

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  • Understand the concept of functions with default arguments Define and use Friend functions advantages disadvantage friend classes Describe function overloading various data types different number of arguments

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  • This lecture presents language technicalities, mostly related to user defined types; that is, classes and enumerations. The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: Classes, enumerations, operator overloading. Inviting you refer.

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  • Bài giảng Lập trình hướng đối tượng C - Chương 5: Overload toán tử và hàm. Chương này gồm có những nội dung chính sau: Các toán tử của C++, các toán tử overload được, cú pháp operator overloading, chuyển kiểu, sự nhập nhằng, phép toán >, phép toán lấy phần tử mảng: [ ], phép toán gọi hàm (), phép toán tăng và giảm: ++ và --. Mời tham khảo.

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  • Module II is the second course in the C++ Programming for Game Developers series. Recall that in Module I we started off by studying fundamental programming concepts like variables, console input and output, arrays, conditional statements, strings, loops, and file input and output. We then pursued higher level programming methodologies such as classes, object oriented programming design, operator overloading, inheritance, and polymorphism. By now you should feel competent with the fundamentals and at least comfortable with the higher level subject matter...

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  • Use the scope resolution operator Use dynamic memory allocation with New Delete Use pointers to objects Define and use Constructors Define and use Destructors Define the "Const" keyword Define and use the "this" pointer Describe how objects and functions are arranged in memory Static Data Members Static member Functions Describe type conversions using Converting by assignment Type casting

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  • Java không có con trỏ. Java không có huỷ tử (destructor), nó chỉ có phương thức finalize() được gọi bởi Garbage Collector. Java không hỗ trợ đối số mặc định. Java chỉ hỗ trợ kế thừa đơn, tất cả mọi lớp đều mặc định kế thừa từ lớp Object. Java không có template. Java không có từ khoá virtual. Tất cả mọi phương thức non-static đều luôn dùng dynamic binding. Java không có quá tải toán tử (operator overloading).

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  • Đa năng hoá hàm. Đa năng hoá toán tử. Giới hạn của đa năng hoá toán tử Chuyển đổi kiểu. Đa năng hoá toán tử xuất () Đa năng hoá toán tử [], toán tử () Khởi tạo ngầm định - Gán ngầm định.

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  • Các toán tử cho phép ta sử dụng cú pháp toán học đối với các kiểu dữ liệu của C++ thay vì gọi hàm (tuy bản chất vẫn là gọi hàm). Ví dụ thay a.set(b.cong(c)); bằng a = b + c; Gần với kiểu trình bày mà con người quen dùng; Đơn giản hóa mã chương trình.

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  • Polymorphism is the ability that helps in executing different operations in response to the same message. In OOP, you can implement polymorphism by creating more than one function within a class that have the same name. The difference in the functions lies in the number and the types of parameters passed to each function. This chapter introduces the concept of polymorphism. It explains how to implement function overloading and operator overloading.

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