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  • Leading experts review the research on resilience and represent the diverse perspectives and opinions found among both scientists and practitioners in the field. Although the chapters are written to the standards expected by researchers, they are equally useful for program developers and others in applied fields seeking science-based information on the topic. This book is a unique resource in keeping with the growing interest in resilience both in research and interventions.

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  • Identifying domain-dependent opinion words is a key problem in opinion mining and has been studied by several researchers. However, existing work has been focused on adjectives and to some extent verbs. Limited work has been done on nouns and noun phrases. In our work, we used the feature-based opinion mining model, and we found that in some domains nouns and noun phrases that indicate product features may also imply opinions.

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  • In 1989, Hodge et al. published two papers in the Journal of Urology (Hodge et al., 1989a and 1989b). The first paper described directed transrectal prostate biopsies of palpable abnormalities, 90% of which had corresponding hypoechoic lesions on ultrasound (Hodge 1989a). Additional biopsies were also taken of isoechoic areas of the peripheral and central zones. These biopsies were not systematic and they were found to be positive in 66% of cases. The second article was a landmark paper which marked the start of the modern era of prostate needle biopsy (Hodge et al., 1989b).

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  • In most tropical countries, there are local duck breeds that have been selected to suit local conditions. They may not perform as well as improved breeds, but they do have the ability to survive and produce well under local extensive and semi-intensive systems. Setioko (1997) described three Indonesian ducks: Tegal, Alabio and Bali. Improved genotypes have been introduced and have either been crossed with local ducks or remained reasonably pure. There was some concern about the ability of the improved genotypes to survive under traditional farming systems.

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  • Opinion Progress towards mapping the universe of protein folds Alastair Grant, David Lee and Christine Orengo Address: Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University College, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, UK. Correspondence: Alastair Grant. E-mail: grant@biochem.ucl.ac.uk comment Published: 29 April 2004 reviews Genome Biology 2004, 5:107 The electronic version of this article is the complete one and can be found online at http://genomebiology.

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  • It is hard to find adrenal carcinomas early and they are often quite large when diagnosed. Adrenal carcinomas are often found earlier in children than in adults because adrenal cancers in children more commonly secrete hormones. Children will show outward signs of excess hormone production early. For example they may develop very early signs of puberty due to the sex hormones that sometimes are produced by adrenal cancer. In adults, these tumors may be found early by accident, when a CT scan is done for some other health concern.

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  • In early 2001 I began using Microsoft’s .NET Framework for a project I was working on with a small startup company. Unfortunately, the winds changed and I found myself with more free time than I would normally hope for. So when Manning Publications asked me if I would contribute to a book on programming with the .NET Framework, I welcomed the idea. As events unfolded, I found myself with some fairly strong opinions about how such a book should be organized, and offered up a proposal to write a solo book on programming Windows Forms applications.

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  • Communities in crisis suffer a loss of access to services, which UNFPA works to restore or to provide in temporary locations. While access is most obviously a problem for refugees and the internally displaced, people in surrounding communities and other family members may also be affected by the crisis. Access continues to be a priority once a crisis concludes, during the process of recovery and rehabilitation.

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  • The gender gap in each dimension is then quantified using two types of recent available data: a) published national statistics and data from international organizations, and b) survey data of a qualitative nature from the annual Executive Opinion Survey of the World Economic Forum. Following, is a brief description of each of the five categories and the rationale behind them. Details of the specific variables examined and their sources may be found in the Appendix.

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  • While the basic elements of audit task plans are likely to be similar, the actual contents will differ widely depending on the type of audit (regularity or performance), the audit objective(s) and the auditee. Substantial differences will be found even with similar types of audit. For example, in an audit to give an opinion on the financial statements of an entity that is believed to have reasonably good accounting systems, the methodology is likely to emphasise testing the systems and examining the adequacy of the management controls.

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  • I ENTERED upon an examination of the "Inquiry" of President Edwards, not with a view to find any fallacy therein, but simply with a desire to ascertain the truth for myself. If I have come to the conclusion, that the whole scheme of moral necessity which Edwards has laboured to establish, is founded in error and delusion; this has not been because I came to the examination of his work with any preconceived opinion. In coming to this conclusion I have disputed every inch of the ground with myself, as firmly and as resolutely as I could have done with an adversary. The result has...

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  • Opinion Predicting and validating microRNA targets Eric C Lai Address: 545 Life Sciences Addition, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology and Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720-3200, USA. E-mail: lai@fruitfly.org comment Published: 31 August 2004 Genome Biology 2004, 5:115 The electronic version of this article is the complete one and can be found online at http://genomebiology.

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  • There are many ways to find a doctor for a second opinion. You can ask your doctor, a local or state medical society, a nearby hospital, or a medical school for names of specialists. Other sources can be found in the NCI fact sheet How To Find a Doctor or Treatment Facility If You Have Cancer. Nonprofit groups with an interest in lymphoma may be of help. Many such groups are listed in the NCI fact sheet National Organizations That Offer Services to People With Cancer and Their Families. Page 46 tells how to get NCI fact sheets....

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