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  • This excellent collection of myths and legends in the "oral history" style - either from the mouths of storytellers, or from documents where their words were first captured - presents a wonderful insight into the American Indian spiritual philosophy. The book is neatly organized into chapters from the genesis of the planet and people, through myths and legends emphasizing the social structure, to love stories, warrior myths and on to the final death and afterlife stories.

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  • ON DECEMBER 7, 1940, DURING THE SEASON FINALE AT SOUTHERN California, Notre Dame coach Elmer Layden charged onto the field to protest what he felt was a rotten call. But Layden didn’t stop there. After blistering the refs, he screamed at USC coach Howard Jones. A normally genial man, Layden had finally submitted to the abnormal pressure of coaching Notre Dame football. This pressure had increased for nine straight years—ever since March 31, 1931, the stunning day Knute Rockne died in an airplane crash....

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  • Diabetes mellitus affects 1-2% of many national populations. Its successful management requires close collaboration between the patient and the doctor.

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  • It is difficult to overstress the importance of a good history and thorough clinical examination for every patient. On this the diagnosis is made and the treatment plan based. A full, clearly written record of the original consultation is essential to assess progress following treatment. Particularly is this true if a colleague should be called to see the patient in the practitioner's tioner's absenceT. he medicolegali mportanceo f accurater ecords cannot be overemphasised.

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  • Esthetics (also spelled aesthetics) is a subdiscipline of value theory or axiology, which is a branch of philosophy that studies sensory values, sometimes called judgments of sentiment or taste. Esthetics is closely associated with the philosophy of High Art. Esthetics includes art as well as the very purpose behind it. Esthetics as a branch of philosophy studies art, the methods of evaluating art, and judgments of art. Art has existed through all recorded human history. Art is unique to human beings because of our innate ability to abstract.

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  • Given the virtual absence of formal channels for care and support of the older population, older Cambodians are dependent largely on their families, and particularly their adult children, for any assistance needed. Table 7 indicates the number of living children of the current generation of elderly Cambodians. Although many elderly Cambodians lost children during the tumultuous history of the last several decades, sustained high fertility has resulted in substantial numbers of children who still survive.

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  • The Master of Business Administration will enhance student analytical skills related to management, people, markets, finance, and technical knowledge. Graduates will be able to solve complex organisational problems and be able to manage change through the mastery of particular skills related to creativity, information literacy, and self-reflection. The program focuses on how to demonstrate leadership in global sustainability and how to understand the nature of ethical decisions across contemporary business practice.

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  • It is proposed by the author to publish the result of his observation on the mythology, distinctive opinions, and intellectual character of the aborigines. Materials exist for separate observations on their oral tales, fictitious and historical; their hieroglyphics, music, and poetry; and the grammatical structure of the languages, their principles of combination, and the actual state of their vocabulary. The former topic has been selected as the commencement of the series.

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  • Children also need to know that Parkinson’s is not contagious. They can’t catch it like they can get a cold or the chicken pox. Older children also may be worried that, since they’re related to you, they will contract the disease themselves eventually. But with today’s research leading in the direction of predisposition combined with environmental factors, you can com- fortably reassure them that is not likely to happen. As unlikely as it sounds to an adult, young children may need to be told that it’s not their fault a parent has Parkinson’s.

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  • Prevention studies: For women who have a family history of ovarian cancer, the risk of developing the disease may be reduced by removing the ovaries before cancer is detected. This surgery is called prophylactic oophorectomy. Women who are at high risk of ovarian cancer are taking part in trials to study the benefits and harms of this surgery. Other doctors are studying whether certain drugs can help prevent ovarian cancer in women at high risk.

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  • Thesauri and ontologies provide important value in facilitating access to digital archives by representing underlying principles of organization. Translation of such resources into multiple languages is an important component for providing multilingual access. However, the specificity of vocabulary terms in most ontologies precludes fully-automated machine translation using general-domain lexical resources. In this paper, we present an efficient process for leveraging human translations when constructing domain-specific lexical resources.

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  • Led by the Pediatric Residency Director, Susan Guralnick, MD, Stony Brook first began implementing PPHE by enlisting the assistance of faculty members from both the departments of pediatrics and family medicine. Dr. Guralnick and Dr. Jaffe of Family Medicine arranged for both pediatric and family medicine meeting and conference days to take place at the same time. The faculty introduced the program to residents during these coordinated times.

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  • The pre-service teachers in the writing methods course learned about the history of writing instruction and writing theories, writers’ workshops and the use of various types of journals. They were also introduced to the role of literature and methods for integrating oral skills into literacy instruction. In addition to these materials, I reviewed sample ESL student essays to illustrate techniques for providing feedback on student writing.

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  • When a consumer applies for employment, or for a service that reviews credit histories, (such as insurance, an apartment rental, utilities, cell phone accounts) these data users may also request and receive a credit report and/or scores from one or more repositories, to be used to evaluate the consumer’ s application.

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  • Because the hair shaft is the chromophore, it is essential that the hair shaft is present in the hair follicle at the time of treatment. Patients are therefore not allowed to pluck, wax, or have elec- trolysis for at least six weeks before the laser treatment. Shaving and depilatory creams are al- lowed because they leave the hair shaft in the follicle. It is important to take a history, including an endocrine history. Female patients with hirsutism can be treated regardless of the cause. Patients with a history of herpes simplex 1 or 2 should be put on oral antiviral drugs (Zovirax® or...

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  • Acute Sinusitis: Treatment Most patients with a diagnosis of acute rhinosinusitis based on clinical grounds improve without antibiotic therapy. The preferred initial approach in patients with mild to moderate symptoms of short duration is therapy aimed at facilitating sinus drainage, such as oral and topical decongestants, nasal saline lavage, and—in patients with a history of chronic sinusitis or allergies—nasal glucocorticoids.

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  • Type 1 Type 2 Rx - Insulin - Incretin - Oral Hypoglycemic - Diet Diabetes duration Attending MD Height BP Weight Date: Age: History of: HbA1C Foot Ulcer Infection Amputation Revascularization Renal Disease CAD Stroke Tobacco Alcohol Numbess Burning Paresthesia/Tingling Sharp Pain Night Pain Muscle Weakness Gait Difficulties Claudication toes plantar feet to above ankle ...

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  • This study focuses on how teachers are being prepared through the Postgraduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) at three different universities. Documentary and oral sources, a small survey, focus groups and interviews, provide the basis for an analysis of the context and history of each institution: the profile of staff and students in teacher-education courses; and the ways in which issues of diversity are addressed. A well-grounded set of recommendations provides direction for the road ahead.

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  • Oral lesions were found in 61 (78.2%) cases. Sites involved were inner aspect of the lips, gums, buccal mucosa, tongue and the hard palate. Small aphthous like lesions measuring 1 to 3 mm were the usual mucosal presentation. Most common systemic symptoms (Table II) were fever and anorexia. History of mild fever either preceding to or simultaneously with the eruption was present in 58 (74.3%) cases. Fever appeared on the same day in 70% cases and 1 day before onset of rash in 30% cases. Fever persisted for 1 to 2 days following onset. Sore throat was a symptom during...

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  • Tobacco smoke is highly addictive and has been linked to 20 percent of all deaths in the United States. It contains many cancer- causing chemicals, and almost one third of all cancer deaths are related to tobacco use. Tobacco smoking has generally been considered to have little or no association with breast cancer risk. Newer studies have challenged this conclusion and suggested a connection between smoking and an increased risk of breast cancer, but more investigation is needed to resolve this issue.

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