Organisational transformation

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  • Chapter 14 - Leadership. In this chapter, you will learn to: list seven competencies of effective leaders, describe the people-oriented and task-oriented leadership styles, outline the path-goal theory of leadership, discuss the importance of fiedler’s contingency model of leadership, contrast transactional and transformational leadership, describe the four elements of transformational leadership,...

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  • The problem of subjectivity is a profound one. Jackall’s very powerful book, out of print, gives at least some guidance. Looking at ‘the occupational ethics of corporate managers’ (1998, 4) he asserts that career minded managers do not have to work hard but well: that a bureaucracy, which he considers the main structure of organisations, ‘transforms all moral issues into immediately practical concerns.

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  • By now, it is widely recognized that gender inequality is both a serious brake on development and a denial of the rights of women and girls. The United Nations System Task Team Report on a Post 2015 Development Agenda therefore recommended that a future global development agenda should not only seek to address and monitor the elimination of specific gender gaps. It should also transform the structural factors that underpin the widespread persistence of gender based violence, discrimination and unequal development progress between women and men and girls and boys.

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  • The best way to learn about a subject, I now realise, is to write a book about it. Another good way is to teach it. In 1999, University College London (UCL) started a postgraduate programme in Health Informatics. As the programme director it was largely my responsibility to define the curriculum, a somewhat daunting task in a new and ill-defined subject.

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  • The key issue of audit involvement in live applications is to determine who will undertake the review. In many organisations, computer auditors will perform a live review of IT applications, whilst in others, live applications may be viewed as a business area and therefore the responsibility of a business auditor. Increasingly, a joint approach is being adopted by many organisations where the IT application forms part of a wider scope audit of the business area and enables a more integrated and complete review to be undertaken. The frequency of the periodic review is also important.

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  • Holding a PhD in criminal law with a focus on Cybercrime he has been teaching law related to Cybercrime and European Criminal Law at the University of Cologne for several years and is visiting lecturer for International Criminal Law at the University of Macau. The focus of his research is on international aspects of law related to Cybercrime. In this respect he is working as an expert for several international organisations among them the Council of Europe, the European Union, the United Nations and the International Telecommunication Union.

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  • This lecture introduces you to leadership. The following will be discussed in this chapter: How leaders influence others, searching for leadership traits, identifying leadership behaviour, developing situational theory, transformational leadership, are leaders necessary?

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  • ‘In my experience a major shortcoming of most “how to” books on leadership and management is that they purport to offer “Silver Bullets” – magical solutions that, once revealed, will enrich and transform the reader and his or her organisation. Regrettably, business life is not that simple. Rather, it is characterised by uncertainty and lack of precedent and complicated by the different wants, needs and motivations of people.

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  • In the 1990s, leading experts, politicians, public officials, business leaders and journalists predicted that the internet would transform the world. 1 The internet would revolutionise, we were told, the organisation of business, and lead to a surge of prosperity (Gates 1995). 2 It would inaugurate a new era of cultural democracy in which sovereign users–later dubbed ‘prosumers’–would call the shots, and old media leviathans would decay and die (Negroponte 1996).

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  • ADC KRONE Services, the services organisation within ADC KRONE, delivers strategic benefits to our customers. Our expertise, relationships and experience are helping network providers transform their businesses to become more profitable and more competitive, and more rapidly adapt to changes in market conditions. ADC KRONE Services’ unique experience as a true multivendor, multiservice, multitechnology services partner sets us apart. We have completed more than 300,000 network projects while deploying equipment from more than 60 network equipment manufacturers....

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  • The following paragraphs present a synthesis of the development of the management control concept in the literature. We have pointed out the existence of different trends of thought, which have gradually evolved as organisations and markets have transformed, introducing new variables for building efficient control systems adapted to social changes, to the process of internationalisation and to increased market competition (Jaeger and Balinga, 1985; Neimark and Tinker, 1986).

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  • Multiprotein assemblies play major roles in most pathways involved in cell regulation and signaling. Weak binary interactions are transformed co-operatively into very specifi c systems, which achieve sensitivity, specifi city and temporal control. Due to the complexity and transience of these regulatory and signaling systems, a combination of in vivo, cell, biochemical, biophysical, and structural approaches is needed to investigate their structures and dynamics.

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