Organizing for surprise

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  • The chapters that follow offer fi rst-person accounts of the career journeys of 13 distinguished social psychologists. The authors describe their personal career journeys, the signifi cant people and events that infl uenced their paths, the major turning points, the main decisions, the challenges, the opportunities and setbacks they experienced, and how the lessons they learned along the way may shine a beacon for future social psychologists. Taken together, these chapters chronicle the history of modern social psychology.

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  • If you were to analyze your team's performance on a typical project, you'd be surprised how much time is wasted on non-productive tasks. This hands-on guide shows you how to work more efficiently by organizing and managing projects with SharePoint 2010. You'll learn how to build a Project Management Information System (PMIS), customized to your project, that can effectively coordinate communication and collaboration among team members.

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  • Given these findings, it is not surprising that for many companies the most pressing challenges with social media are in understanding the potential to make a difference in their business, measuring its effectiveness, and aligning social media activities to an impact on company financials. (Figure 2) Yet without good metrics and tangible evidence of impact, the majority of the executives in the survey said their organizations cannot take social media efforts seriously.

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  • Epilepsy is one of the most common serious primary brain disorders, affecting 40 million people worldwide. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), epilepsy accounts for 1% of the Global Burden of Disease, equivalent to lung cancer in men and to breast cancer in women. It is not surprising, therefore, that 10 to 20 textbooks on epilepsy are published annually.

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  • Ian and Jane Campbell of Barambah Organics near Murgon in Queensland produce, process and market certified organic milk. Their movement into organic production was born from a long family interest in sustainable agriculture and the need to create a point of difference for their products. “Customers are often surprised by the unique taste of our milk. It comes from a balanced and healthy diet for the cows on our chemical-free broadacre pastures,” said Ian. Soil health and weed control are important considerations and are carefully managed with compost manures and lime.

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  • In addition to the risk mitigation efforts discussed above, there is also the need for some sort of „rating agency‟ or standard setter to „approve‟ green projects (such as green bonds or green funds) to ensure that funds are used for green investments (and there is a common definition of „green‟) and that insurance and guarantees can therefore be reliably offered.

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  • Poverty can be thought of as a vicious circle. Low-income households have less education and are probably less healthy than wealthier ones,making it very difficult for themto leave that poverty state through their own work and effort. It has been previously established that investments in children’s health and education could help break this circle by enhancing individual’s future income through their future productivity. For instance, Currie and Hyson (1999), Case et al.

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  • Replication of DNA is essential for the propagation of life. It is somewhat surprising then that, despite the vital nature of this process, cellular organ-isms show a great deal of variety in the mechanisms that they employ to ensure appropriate genome duplication. This diversity is manifested along classical evolutionary lines, with distinct combinations of replicon architec-ture and replication proteins being found in the three domains of life: the Bacteria, the Eukarya and the Archaea.

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  • But new technologies are not limited purely to mobile devices. Since the introduction of the Internet to mainstream culture during the 1990’s, seekers of information have searched the World Wide Web for answers to infinitely varied questions. The Internet has evolved as a scholarly source of research, as major libraries, museums, organizations and institutions open their collections and archives to digital formats, spreading an unlimited wealth of data and information not previously accessible to the general public.

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  • Organic techniques have been researched up one side and down the other without results. The reason is that the name of the game is feeding microorganisms. It should surprise no one (but surprises everyone) to find that the best food for growing microorganisms consists of those things readily available all over the earth.

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  • Globalization is taking hold of all sectors of society. Not surprisingly, many residency applicants are interested in global health training opportunities during their graduate medical education. Meanwhile, residency programs grapple with the challenges of establishing and expanding global health programming. The past decade has witnessed a rise in number of non-profit organizations dedicated to global health exposure for future physicians. Child and Family Health International, Doctors for Global Health, and Community for Children are a few examples.

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  • The commitment to lean must start at the very top of the organization, and all staff should be involved in helping to redesign processes to improve flow and reduce waste. Although health care differs in many ways from manufacturing, there are also surprising similarities: Whether building a car or providing health care for a patient, workers must rely on multiple, complex processes to accomplish their tasks and provide value to the customer or patient. Waste — of money, time, supplies, or good will — decreases value.

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  • Another architect who worked almost exclusively with forms that required nonstandard construction was Frederick Kiesler. Indeed he has become a poster child of sorts for protoblob architecture. In the context of digital fabrication, his relevance has less to do with the shapes of his buildings and more to do with his efforts to develop a method for building his "endless" forms. It is not surprising that Kiesler's endeavors in this regard have correlations with digital construction.

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