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  • A great deal of work has already been done to define curriculum-level outcomes/ competences for medical education. Some well-known examples are “Tomorrow’s Doctors” (UK General Medical Council, 2003); the “Scottish Doctor” document (Scottish Deans Medical Curriculum Group, 2002); the Global Minimum Essential Requirements (Institute for International Medical Education, 2005) ; guidance issued by the Association of American Medical Colleges (1998); and the CANMEDS Competency Framework, designed primarily for postgraduate medical training (Frank JR, 2005).

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  • The Tuning Project began in 000 as an initiative funded by the European Commission to develop common core learning outcomes/competences for degree programmes in Europe. It aimed to promote harmonisation in the Higher Education sector in support of the Bologna Declaration and subsequent developments. Beginning in 004, the Tuning (Medicine) Task Force has now generated and gained widespread consensus on a set of learning outcomes for primary medical degree qualifications in Europe.

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  • The dissertation proposes methods to assess students’ LO in Pedagogics subject of Pedagogic Universities with competencebased approach in order to fully assess the level of achieving competence goals of students in the subject. By improving the assessment methodology the dissertation then contributes to improve the Pedagogics teaching quality in particular and training quality of pedagogical universities in general.

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  • TLC at Work presents a practical approach for developing workplace competencies. It is designed as a resource for trainers, leaders, coaches, and human resources professionals, and for people who recognize a need to build their performance at work. You can use this book to define, describe, and clarify specific areas of performance key to workplace success. You will learn an effective process for assessing performance gaps and facilitating development in others or in yourself.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Critical Care giúp cho các bạn có thêm kiến thức về ngành y học đề tài: Survival methods, including those using competing risk analysis, are not appropriate for intensive care unit outcome studies...

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  • Individuals can benefit from enhanced peace of mind, less anxiety and less pain – and better health outcomes when waiting times are very long29 – when provided with speedier access to care, as afforded by private health insurance in duplicate PHI markets. There are nonetheless trade-offs with other policy goals, such as equity, which have led policymakers in the Netherlands to make different policy choices.

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  • Having auditors attest to the reliability of financial statements of public companies is intended to increase public and investor confidence in the fairness of the financial information. Moreover, investors and other users of financial statements expect auditors to bring integrity, independence, objectivity, and professional competence to the financial reporting process and to prevent the issuance of misleading financial statements.

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  • Making vocational degree qualifications comparable and easily readable is at the heart of the Bologna Process. Methods of achieving this based purely on duration of study are fallible and give little information as to how graduates will perform in the workplace. A more robust outcome-based approach was developed by the Tuning Project (http://tuning.unideusto.org/tuningeu), a sector-wide project to agree learning outcomes/competences for all disciplines in Higher Education in Europe.

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  • Educational programmes* such as those presented as examples in this report should equip health care providers* with standards that would enable them to plan, implement and evaluate high-quality therapeutic patient education* for chronic diseases*. Two sets of criteria are needed: for the expected outcome of care for patients, and for the quality of the educational process. Care providers and educational specialists would then perform periodic evaluation* against those cri- teria.

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  • In addition to clarifying educational outcomes as they relate to workforce needs and expectations, competencies are critical to linking course learning objectives to the SPH/PHP instructional objectives. The CEPH criteria require each SPH/PHP to state a mission that is supported by institutional goals for instruction, service and research. Goals are broad idealistic statements of how the institution’s efforts in research, service and instruction lead to the stated mission.

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  • CBE is an institutional process that moves education from focusing on what academics believe graduates need to know (teacher-focused) to what students need to know and be able to do in varying and complex situations (student and/or workplace focused). CBE is focused on outcomes (competencies) that are linked to workforce needs, as defined by employers and the profession. CBE’s outcomes are increasingly complex in nature, rather than deriving from the addition of multiple low-level objectives.

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  • Virtually all comprehensive sexuality education programs promote abstinence from sexual activity as part of the curriculum, and try to teach young people how to resist pressure for unwanted sex. One type of program known as the “abstinence-only-until-marriage” approach teaches young people the social, psychological, and health gains to be realized by abstaining from sexual activity. Such abstinence-only programs do not offer students other strategies, for example, quality information for youth who already are or may become sexually active.

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  • This report explores the wealth of evidence that mental health influences a very wide range of outcomes for individuals and communities. These include healthier lifestyles; better physical health; improved recovery from illness; fewer limitations in daily living; higher educational attainment; greater productivity, employment and earnings; better relationships with adults and with children; more social cohesion and engagement and improved quality of life.

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  • Competences are acquired by, and belong to, students or graduates, rather than teachers. For a graduate who has successfully completed the degree programme, their competences should be at least equivalent to the prescribed learning outcomes (although they are very likely to have developed further in particular areas of learning). In that sense, when referring to the point of graduation, specified learning outcomes can be viewed as equivalent to core graduate competences, and the same descriptors can be used. In the Tuning Project the terms are often used interchangeably....

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  • The NRC has adopted a risk-informed, performance- based approach to regulation. The result is that the procedural aspects of a licensee’s radiation protection program are not required to constitute “best practice” in the medical use of radionuclides, as long as perfor- mance outcomes are in compliance. The continued need for some of the suggested procedures in this book should be considered in light of the licensee’s own prior experience obtained during reviews of its radiation protection program.

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  • Mises’ contribution was very simple, yet at the same time extremely profound. He pointed out that the whole economy is the result of what individuals do. Individuals act, choose, cooperate, compete, and trade with one another. In this way Mises explained how complex market phenomena develop.

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  • Mises’ contribution was very simple, yet at the same time extremely profound. He pointed out that the whole economy is the result of what individuals do. Individuals act, choose, cooperate, compete, and trade with one another. In this way Mises explained how complex market phenomena develop.

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  • Every decision involves an analysis of possible future events (costs, outcomes, markets, etc.) and selection of a choice among competing alternatives. Making a decision is making a selection. Decision analysis is the process of dismantling a decision so as to determine the inputs and processes that went into arriving at a decision. Risk management is managing (preparing for) future uncertainties. Uncertainties are risks. They are the unknowns associated with future events. The decisions we make today create the risks that we must manage tomorrow.

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  • THE USE OF INTENAL AUDIT FINDINGS IN GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION : AN EXPERIMENTAL STUDY In modeling the effects of parental preferences on equilibrium outcomes under Tiebout choice, it is important to account for two key issues that do not arise under choice programs like vouchers. The first is that residential choice rations access to highlydemanded schools by willingness-to-pay for local housing.4 As a result, both schools and districts in high-choice markets (those with many competing school districts) are more stratified than in low-choice markets....

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  • The volume catalogues the impact of clinical trials on the practice of medicine and discusses the developments and practice of medical statistics. Cancer, cardiovascular disease, dermatological, dental, mental, ophthalmic health, gynaecology and respiratory diseases are all discussed in separate chapters, with discussions on outcome measures, competing risks and statistical models given for each therapy area.

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