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  • We consider a model with two competing private TV-channels producing each, at a fixed cost F, a separate program which consists of a mixof entertain- ment (sports, varieties, ...) and culture (classic music, theater, movies, a.s.o.). The two companies also sell advertising time to announcers to promote their products or the products of their customers. For each channel, the total broad- casting time, programs plus advertising, is equal to T. TV-viewers have varying tastes for the “program-mixes” offered by the channels.

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  • Interested parties are invited to submit written comments electronically or in paper form, by following the instructions in Section V below. The Working Group will share responsibility for review of comments among the member agencies, based on each agency’s expertise. All comments should be submitted to the FTC, which will coordinate the review by the Working Group agencies. Comments on issues relating to the proposed nutrition principles, including comments on the food categories identified in the principles, will be reviewed primarily by the CDC, FDA, and USDA.

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  • The Internet is a remarkable phenomenon. Essentially, it is just a large number of computers connected together in such a way that communication between them is both reliable and fast. Phrased in this way, it is wholly unremarkable. But the Internet is also the people who use it, to communicate and to share information, even to build relationships and communities. It's a culture that has grown within a virtual space, and that has permeated many aspects of our everyday lives.

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  • A charity must make available for public inspection its application for tax exemption, its determination letter, and its most recent annual infor­ mation returns (Forms 990). A charity also must provide copies of these documents upon request (unless it makes the documents widely available). A charity may not charge you for inspecting the documents, but it may charge a reasonable fee for copying and mailing the documents. Note: Certain charities, including churches, synagogues, and mosques, are not required to file exemption applications and annual information returns. ...

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  • Motivation and the resources for carrying out an attack make humans potentially dangerous threat-sources. Table 3-1 presents an overview of many of today’s common human threats, their possible motivations, and the methods or threat actions by which they might carry out an attack. This information will be useful to organizations studying their human threat environments and customizing their human threat statements.

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  • Nanocrystalline materials have been the subject of widespread research over the past couple of decades with significant advancement in their understanding especially in the last few years [3]. As the name suggests, they are single or multi-phase polycrystals with nano scale (1 · 109 –250 · 109 m) grain size. At the upper limit of this regime, the term ‘‘ultra- fine grain size’’ is often used (grain sizes of 250–1000 nm).

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  • The third stage characterizes the progression to professional expertise in writing. The writer must maintain and manipulate in working memory a representation of the text that might be constructed by an imagined reader as well as the author and text representations. Notice that this stage now involves modeling not just the reader's view of the writer's message but also the reader's interpretation of the text itself. In knowledge-crafting, the writer shapes what to say and how to say it with the potential reader fully in mind.

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  • Perhaps our most urgent task today is to persuade nations of the need to return to multilateralism. The challenge of reconstruction after the Second World War was the real motivating power behind the establishment of our post-war international economic system. The challenge of finding sustainable development paths ought to provide the impetus - indeed the imperative - for a renewed search for multilateral solutions and a restructured international economic system of co-operation.

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  • The crisis that now envelops health systems with such resounding impact on the poor must also be understood in historical context. Most countries in Asia and Africa found themselves at independence confronting the legacy of a colonial health system that had focused almost exclusively on urban, tertiary hospitals. Traditional providers of different kinds, unconnected to the state, were the major sources of health care outside the family.

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  • The FTC, together with the Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Secretary of Agriculture, who have expertise and experience in child nutrition, child health, psychology, education, marketing, and other fields relevant to food and beverage marketing and child nutrition standards shall establish the Interagency Working Group on Food Marketed to Children (Working Group).

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  • Think carefully before spending time and money on media campaigns. They can be a seductive waste of resources, unless they are very well focused. Be sure to choose media that are preferred by the group you are targeting. (For example, African Americans are more likely to say that they get their health information from television and radio shows than whites.) Here’s where a board member or advisor with significant public relations experience, working hand in glove with your community advisory board, can be very helpful.

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  • The analysis shows how, in the South African context, contradiction and incoherence characterise the interactions between institutions in each of these three institutional subsystems. The author argues that policy co-ordination and implementation need to be 'joined up' to achieve a more effective interlocking of institutions - such as, for example, the improved dovetailing within the youth labour market of processes of acquiring a Grade 12 education and acquiring a job.

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  • Raul’s investment in his son’s musical training went much further, though. Villa-Lobos recounted that his father adapted a small cello for him, placing a support on a viola, and obliged him to “discern the genre, style, nature and origin of the musical works to which he made [him] listen.” Since he had neither built up a wide circle of relations, nor invested in a career yielding higher financial returns, this precocious initiation in classical music was practically the only legacy that Raul left to Heitor; in 1899, when he was 37 years old, he died after contracting smallpox.

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  • The eye and face protection selected for employee use must clearly identify the manufacturer. Any new eye and face protective devices must comply with ANSI Z87.1-1989 or be at least as effective as this standard requires. Any equipment purchased before this requirement took effect on July 5, 1994, must comply with the earlier ANSI Standard (ANSI Z87.1-1968) or be shown to be equally effective. An employer may choose to provide one pair of protective eyewear for each position rather than individual eyewear for each employee.

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  • Confronted with medical bills and debt, many people are forced to make tradeoffs in their spending and saving priorities. Among all adults under age 65 who reported any problems with medical bills or accumulated debt, one-quarter (26%) said they had been unable to pay for basic necessities like food, heat, or rent because of medical bills; nearly two of five (39%) had used up all of their savings; one-quarter (26%) had taken on credit card debt; and one-tenth (11%) had taken out a mortgage against their home (Figure 6).

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  • Chapter 1 - The challenge of management. In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: Overview of management, what managers actually do, managerial qualities, management job roles, 21st century management.

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  • E-Human Resource Management 1. This book is presented in four sections — the first intended to be more general in nature, the following three devoted to specific aspects of the HRM field in the new information era. Section I, The Cutting-Edge in HRM, presents an overview of how ITCs are modifying general HRM processes and functions. This is the aim of the first three contributions.

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  • E-Human Resource Management 2. This book is presented in four sections — the first intended to be more general in nature, the following three devoted to specific aspects of the HRM field in the new information era. Section I, The Cutting-Edge in HRM, presents an overview of how ITCs are modifying general HRM processes and functions. This is the aim of the first three contributions.

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  • The Mekong delta (MD), the most downstream part of the Mekong river (See figure 1), is known as the biggest "rice bowl" of Vietnam. The Delta has a population of 17 million inhabitants living in 4 million hectares of land. All the people living in the Delta have to depend totally on the water resources, mainly the surface water, for domestic drinking, crop irrigating, fish-shrimp raising, goods transporating and industrial producing.

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  • SQL: The Complete Reference provides an in-depth discussion of SQL fundamentals, modern SQL products, and SQL's role in trends such as data warehousing, "thin-client" architectures, and Internet-based e-commerce. This book is your one-stop resource for all you need to know about SQL. It will help you: Learn the key concepts and latest developments in relational database technology. Master the industry-standard SQL language for managing database information. Understand the differences among all the leading brands of DBMS systems....

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