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  • My friend Paul Newman (yes, that’s really his name, and no, not that Paul Newman) called me a year ago to ask if I’d like to help write a book about Apollo, which was the codename for Adobe AIR at that time. I was already overworked, but I hesitantly agreed. Although I’d known of Apollo in a general way prior to that, it was only at that point that I started to seriously take a look at the technology. Paul later had to bow out of the project due to other demands on his time, but I continued to look at Apollo and prepare to write...

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  • Microsoft Access is a large, intimidating program. Unlike Word or Excel, where you can perform basic tasks without much in the way of training, Access presents challenges from the outset. Most users never progress beyond creating simple tables and using wizards to create basic forms and reports. At the same time, all users—from managers to researchers to administrative assistants—need information and know that what they seek is embedded somewhere in their Access tables.

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  • This question has been foremost in my mind since the onset of this project, as my goal is to compile and offer the right information for the right audience. While architecting and deploying OpenSSH implementations for Fortune 100 enterprises and home networks alike, I have referred to SSH resources both online and in print, and I came to the conclusion that most information on the topic is scattered, disorganized, or pretty dated. This presents a problem to most overworked system administrators.

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  • Overworked managers know that management is about doing the best you can with what you’ve got, in the real world of organisations that are demanding more and more, for less and less.This book is for every manager who knows that if doing that was as easy as most books and trainers make out, they’d be doing it already.The books you’ve read all seem to have been written by people who don’t know what it’s like in the real world of work, and mistake you for a superhero instead of a real manager. You know you could work out a better...

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  • Có một vài yếu tố làm tăng mức độ stress mà chúng ta có thể nhìn thấy được như: khối lượng công việc tăng, thời hạn quá gấp của deadline hoặc một ông chủ luôn luôn đưa “yêu sách”. Tuy nhiên cũng có những nguyên nhân khác không rõ lắm mà chính chúng lại gây nên những cảm nhận tiêu cực về công việc và thậm chí là dẫn đến quá tải.

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  • Psychologist Margaret Hagen, a professor and medical industry insider, details the very real danger of this booming business. In every state, a child can be taken away from a parent on the strength of five minutes of "neutral" testimony from a social worker. A criminal suspect’s freedom or incarceration can depend on a superficial psychological examination performed by an incompetent, overworked, or, at worst, paid-off psychologist.

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  • Drum Up Business Many years ago, a large American shoe company sent two sales representatives out to different  parts of the Australian outback to see if they could drum up some business among the  Aborigines. 

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  • The clients’ decision to choose the cascade system was driven by their desire to maintain the façade of this sleek iconic building, and with modern apartments increasingly using internal service risers the cascade system provides the perfect solution. The inbuilt microprocessor within the boiler enables adjustment of fan speeds to suit flue conditions and provide a balanced boiler and flue system.

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  • This is a book for dedicated academics who consider spending years masochistically overworked and underappreciated as a laudable goal. They lead the lives of the impoverished, grade the exams of whiny undergrads, and spend lonely nights…

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  • For more info - http://www.tyndale.com/The-Resignation-of-Eve/9781414337302In talking with women around the country, Jim Henderson has come to believe that there is an epidemic of quiet, even sad resignation among dedicated Christian women who are feeling overworked…

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  • Follow-up action on the gender audit’s recommendations is crucial and this is where the ownership of the audit by the Work Unit/Offi ce is important in advocating, intervening and scaling up action. Often a gender audit works as an entry point for discussing wider substantive and operational concerns.

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  • Experience a Perfect Teacher.=--Do you know what it is to suffer pain? Have you had your body racked and torn with intense suffering? Have you ever experienced that indescribable agony which comes from overworked nerves? Have you ever felt the sharp, stinging pain, the dull, heavy pain, the throbbing, jumping pain, the cramping, tearing pain, the sickening, nauseating pain? Then you know all about them. Nobody can tell you anything more. Experience is a perfect teacher. =Book-Learning Alone Not Sufficient.

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