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  • Available  paleomagnetic  data  of  Cretaceous  redbed  formations  from  Indochina  and  South China blocks are compiled and their tectonic significance is reviewed in a common reference  frame of the Eurasian coeval paleopoles. The important factors that play a vital role in determining  the tectonic significance of a paleomagnetic result have been taken into consideration and discussed.   Review of the Cretaceous paleomagnetic data from the South China block further confirms the ...

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  • CHAPTER TWO Recent revisions to the early Paleozoic time scale have been used to recalibrate ages assigned to stratigraphically dated paleomagnetic poles of that era. In particular, a value of 545 Ma has been used for the base of the Cambrian. Selected poles have then been used to derive apparent polar.

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  • This extensively illustrated volume brings together for the first time the results of research on Arabian continental vertebrates discovered in the United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman, and the Republic of Yemen. Eminent scientists from Arabia, Europe, and the United States provide up-to-date information on Arabian paleontology as well as on Arabian stratigraphical, geological, isotopic, and paleomagnetic topics. The book presents new fossil records· from Arabia and Pakistan and discusses the closing of the ancient Middle East Tethy s seaway....

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