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  • A lot of unconformities and stratigraphic gaps have been discovered in the Paleozoic and  Mesozoic  stratigraphy  of  Bac  Bo  region  (North  Viet  Nam),  but  their  role  in  the  regional  geology  was  not  accessed  yet  in  detail.  This  paper  is  the  first  attempt  to  describe  the  most  significant  unconformities  and  stratigraphic  gaps  and  discussing  their  role  in  regional  geology.

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  • Our planet’s atmosphere is thought to have changed gradually and over a very wide range of CO2 concentrations throughout history. From ancient atmospheric gases trapped in ice bubbles, we have strong evidence indicating that atmospheric CO2 values reached minimum concentrations of approximately 180 parts per million during the Last Glacial Maximum, which was only 15,000 years ago. At the other extreme, calculations suggest that some 500 million years ago the atmospheric CO2 concentrations may have been about 4000 to 5000 parts per million....

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  • Đầu Bể trầm tích bắc Ustyurt phân bố trên địa phân hai quốc gia là CH. Uzbekistan và Ch. Kazaxtan là một trong những bể trầm tích có quy mô lớn ở khu vực Trung Á. Bể được hình thành trong bối cảnh kiến tạo phức tạp xảy ra trong Paleozoic-Mesozoic và kéo dài sang tận Kainozoi.

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  • CHAPTER TWO Recent revisions to the early Paleozoic time scale have been used to recalibrate ages assigned to stratigraphically dated paleomagnetic poles of that era. In particular, a value of 545 Ma has been used for the base of the Cambrian. Selected poles have then been used to derive apparent polar.

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  • Chapter 32 - An introduction to animal diversity. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: List the characteristics that combine to define animals; summarize key events of the Paleozoic, Mesozoic, and Cenozoic eras; compare the developmental differences between protostomes and deuterostomes.

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