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  • Wireless communication slowly is becoming reality. In a wireless world, a printer is installed automatically after it is turned on; keyboard and mouse cables no longer become hopelessly tangled; Palm Pilots and mobile telephones automatically synchronize and communicate. Providing this sort of seamless, wireless communication--at a low cost--is the goal of Bluetooth technology. Devices that support Bluetooth automatically communicate with one another when they come within a 30-foot range of each other.

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  • Nhiều PDA thời kỳ đầu, chẳng hạn Palm Pilot, có màn hình cảm ứng để tương tác với người dùng, với chỉ một vài phím dành cho các phím tắt gọi các chương trình thường dùng. Các PDA dùng màn hình cảm ứng, trong đó có các thiết bị Windows Pocket PC

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  • Helpful Reminders: • Post-It Notes come in an assortment of colors and sizes, which makes them perfect for writing out short To Do lists and notes. Stick them on your computer monitor, TV screen, bedroom door, or in other easily visible places to remind yourself of daily tasks. • Palm Pilots (electronic pocket organizers) work like minicomputers and help keep you organized and on schedule no matter where you are. • Day planners also keep you organized and don’t require batteries. Keep one in your backpack and remember to write down important dates and assignments throughout the day.

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