Parallel circuits

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Introductory circuit analysis" has contents: Introduction, current and voltage, resistance, parallel circuits, network theorems, magnetic circuits, sinusodial alternating waveforms, methods of analysis & selected topics,...and other contents.

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  • Lecture Electric circuit theory - Basic elements of electrical circuits presents the following content: Circuit element, circuit, series circuit & parallel circuit, voltage, current, charge, flux linkage, power, energy, independent sources.

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  • This detailed guide for programmers, developers, and computer enthusiasts shows how to get the most from parallel port in any application or project. The Visual-Basic code and circuit designs include examples that use the new enhanced (EPP) and expanded (EPC) modes.An excellent resource for Visual Basic programmers looking to interface hardware through standard ports. Anyone designing hardware to work with a parallel port is well advised to add this book to their library.

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  • It was discovered centuries ago that certain types of materials would mysteriously attract one another after being rubbed together. For example: after rubbing a piece of silk against a piece of glass, the silk and glass would tend to stick together. Indeed, there was an attractive force that could be demonstrated even when the two materials were separated: Glass and silk aren't the only materials known to behave like this. Anyone who has ever brushed up against a latex balloon only to nd that it tries to stick to them has experienced this same phenomenon.

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  • Mạch bao gồm một pin và một trong kháng tải là rất đơn giản để phân tích, nhưng họ không thường được tìm thấy trong các ứng dụng thực tế. Thông thường, chúng ta thấy mạch nơi có hơn hai các thành phần được kết nối với nhau. Có hai cách cơ bản để kết nối nhiều hơn hai thành phần mạch: loạt song song.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Introductory circuit analysis" has contents: The basic elements and phasors, series and parallel AC circuits, series parallel AC networks, methods of analysis and related topics, pulse waveforms and the RC response, nonsinusodial circuits, polyphase systems,...and other contents.

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  • Lecture "Radio Communication Circuits: Chapter 1 & 2" presents the following contents: Introduction to Communication Systems (Elements of Communication Systems, Radio Frequency Metrics, Parallel-Tuned Circuit,...), Radio Frequency (RF) Power Amplifiers (Class C Amplifier, Class D Amplifier). Invite you to consult.

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  • Lecture Electric circuit theory - Basic laws presents the following content: Ohm’s law; nodes, branches, and loops; Kirchhoff’s laws; series subcircuits; parallel subcircuits.

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  • The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: Transfer function, the decibel scale, bode plots, series resonance, parallel resonance, passive filters, active filters, scaling.

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  • This chapter discusses the application of MATLAB for analysis of two-port networks. The describing equations for the various two-port network representations are given. The use of MATLAB for solving problems involving parallel, series and cascaded two-port networks is shown. Example problems involving both passive and active circuits will be solved using MATLAB. 7.1 TWO-PORT NETWORK REPRESENTATIONS A general two-port network is shown in Figure 7.1. I1 + V1 Linear two-port network I2 + V2 - Figure 7.1 General Two-Port Network I 1 and V1 are input current and voltage, respectively.

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  • Mạch này không phải là hàng loạt đơn giản, cũng không có song song đơn giản. Thay vào đó, nó chứa các yếu tố của cả hai. các thoát khỏi hiện tại phía dưới của pin, chia tách đi du lịch thông qua R3 và R4, gia nhập lại, sau đó chia tách lên một lần nữa để đi du lịch thông qua R1 và R2, sau đó gia nhập lại một lần nữa để quay trở lại đầu của pin. có tồn tại nhiều hơn một con đường cho hiện tại để đi du lịch (series), nhưng vẫn có hơn hai bộ điện...

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  • Automatic Voltage Regulator adjusts the excitation so that at the system design power factor, the voltage is correct whatever the current. If however it adjusts the excitation to give the correct voltage at other power factors, then two machines will not run in parallel. One can supply a huge leading current and the other a huge lagging current. A “droop” is needed to give a lower voltage if the power factor lags by more than the system design. This is achieved by the compounding. Faulty Compounding causes unstable sharing of kVAr which can be quite violent....

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  • The system of units used in engineering and science is the Système International d’Unités (International system of units), usually abbreviated to SI units, and is based on the metric system. This was introduced in 1960 and is now adopted by the majority of countries as the offi cial system of measurement.

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  • Modern digital technology has made it possible to manipulate multi-dimensional signals with systems that range from simple digital circuits to advanced parallel computers. The goal of this manipulation can be divided into three categories...

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  • The progress of 'audio' towards the still-distant goal of a perfect imitation of reality has been, and remains, inextricably bound up with the development of electronic components and circuit technology, and with the parallel progress in the various transducers and interface devices used to generate and reproduce electrical signals.

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  • The miniaturization and performance improvement in semiconductor devices and integrated circuits (ICs) are expected to continue through leveraging of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials. This evolution should accelerate the System-on-a-Chip (SoC) trend, i.e., singlechip integration of multifunctional, mixed-signal electronic components, toward realizing embedded nanoelectronic systems.

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  • VOLTAGE REGULATION A voltage regulator circuit automatically maintains the output voltage of a power supply constant, regardless of - a change in the load - a change in the source voltage ZENER DIODES The simplest of all voltage regulators is the zener diode voltage regulator. A zener diode is a special diode that p is optimized for operation in the g breakdown region. ZENER DIODE CIRCUIT The zener diode is typically connected reverse biased, in parallel with the load. Resistor Rs limits current to zener.

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  • This book provides some recent advances in design nanometer VLSI chips. The selected topics try to present some open problems and challenges with important topics ranging from design tools, new post-silicon devices, GPU-based parallel computing, emerging 3D integration, and antenna design.

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  • DC-AC Conversion Basic DC-AC Converter Connections (Square-Wave Operation) • Control of the Output Voltage • Harmonics in the Output Voltage • Filtering of Output Voltage • Practical Realization of Basic Connections • Special Realizations (Application of Resonant Converter Techniques) István Nagy Budapest University of Technology and Economics Dariusz Czarkowski Polytechnic University, Brooklyn 5.3 Resonant Converters Survey of Second-Order Resonant Circuits • Load Resonant Converters • Resonant Switch Converters • Resonant DC-Link Converters with ZVS Michael E.

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  • The advent of novel materials for electronics, optoelectronics and nanoelectronics holds the promise for new microelectronic device designs and applications across all fields of science and technology. Furthermore, the increasing sophistication of fabrication processes and techniques used in the semiconductor industry has resulted in the ability to produce circuits of greater complexity at remarkably reduced costs, a trend which has been continuing over the past half-century.

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