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  • Ending the Affair examines the state of short form1 television current affairs in Australia today, questioning its future while drawing lessons from the past. The research project from which this book emerged was a history of television current affairs formats in Australia. Funded by the Australian Research Council, its original motivation was to understand the significance of the changes that had occurred in these television formats and their function, particularly since the network upheavals of the late 1980s....

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  • Electronic media, particularly television, have long been criticized for their potential impact on children. One area for concern is how early media exposure influences cognitive development and academic achievement. Heather Kirkorian, Ellen Wartella, and Daniel Anderson summa- rize the relevant research and provide suggestions for maximizing the positive effects of media and minimizing the negative effects. One focus of the authors is the seemingly unique effect of television on children under age two.

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  • “However, the Rockefeller Foundation argues that these traditional approaches to communication are generally insufficient in addressing the reality of the development problems that exist, as they do not always reflect the complex changes in the communications environments taking place in many developing country societies: “Communication can play a much greater role in enabling people to take control over their own lives, in enabling people and societies to set their own agendas in relation to political, economic and social development; and in enabling, in particular, the voices of the ...

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  • The idea of the role of various ICTs to communicate information was further developed in the follow-up research (R8347), in which respondents were asked to rank the importance of types of information pertinent to rural livelihoods. It can be seen from Table 7 and Table 8 that there is a great deal of similarity in the types of information regarded as most important in both countries. Note that priority information needs tend to relate to social matters.

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  • Note that figures presented in Table 6 are higher than those in Table 7 and Table 8 because they are compiled from multiple responses (people could tick as many boxes as appropriate), whereas figures from Tanzania and Mozambique represent the most commonly used channel (people could only tick one box). Nevertheless, these figures confirm that TV currently plays a significant role in information communication to rural areas, particularly weather and news.

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  • Accordingly, the Government has been considering the feasibility of getting local TV services on to the non-DTT platforms and has held discussions with these providers. The costs associated with broadcasting on the satellite platform in particular are likely to be prohibitive to most local TV service providers, primarily due to the high cost of transponder capacity that would be required in each location. In addition, the degree of localness that can be provided largely mirrors the current regional television structure rather than a specifically local one.

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  • Idiom - A group of words (or a single word) which have a meaning that is not understood by combining the standard definitions of the individual words (though that meaning may sometimes be inferred). Idioms are a style or form of (often artistic) expression, characteristic of a particular language, group, subculture, school of thought, generation, or medium (for example, movies and television). Idioms can convey that the current situation being described has a resemblance with past history, and in that sense they may be similar to analogies or metaphors.

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  • Above-the-line campaign: a marketing campaign using only advertising. Account: the term used to describe a client or job. In consultancies, “an account team” refers to the group of PR consultants servicing a particular client. Below-the-line campaign: a marketing communications campaign that does not use advertising. Instead it uses promotional tools such as public relations, direct marketing and sales promotion. Brief: the instructions from a client to a consultancy, or directions communicated within a PR agency.

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  • The basis of all business is buying and selling goods or services or a combination of the two. The word product is these days used for both goods and services. A television is a product and a particular type of insurance scheme may be described by the provider as a product. For the purposes of this Report the word product will be used in the former sense. Products are designed and produced and sold to customers as end items in themselves.

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  • With youth, marketers have tapped into an audience that is particularly vulnerable to the messages and tactics of the food and beverage industry. For many low-income youth, there is little time or money for structured, healthy meals in the presence of an adult. Marketers have capitalized on this situation by using a number of marketing channels to reach children and adolescents. These span television advertising, in-school marketing, product placements in movies and television programs, kids’ clubs, the Internet, toys...

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  • Football is by far the world’s most popular game. Millions play the game and hundreds of millions are entertained by it, either at football grounds or through television. Despite this the scientific aspects of the game have hardly been recog- nised, let alone discussed and analysed. This is in contrast to some other games which have received much more attention, particularly so in the case of golf.

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  • In January 1954, Billboard, the leading US music and entertainment journal, reported on an exclusive contract between the American record company Tempo Records and the government-owned radio station in Afghanistan, Radio Kabul. The contract guaranteed exclusive recording rights in Afghanistan. During a five-month trip around India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Irving Fogel, President of Tempo Records at the time, collected original indigenous music.

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  • Anytime user-supplied data is collected and redistributed for mass consumption online or via mainstream media, there is a risk that the content could be malicious or abusive. Spam, derogatory comments, pornography, or various forms of malware are all common examples. Moderators are typically present in online message boards, chatrooms, mailing list, etc. to remove any offensive material. On T.V. the familiar sound bleeps and blackout blocks provide roughly the equivalent function.

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  • With respect to children over two, the authors emphasize the importance of content in mediat- ing the effect of television on cognitive skills and academic achievement. Early exposure to age- appropriate programs designed around an educational curriculum is associated with cognitive and academic enhancement, whereas exposure to pure entertainment, and violent content in particular, is associated with poorer cognitive development and lower academic achievement.

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  • Firms operating in the television industry lie at the interface between two markets. In the first one, they sell their audience and part of their broad- casting time to advertising companies (the advertising market). In the second they compete for increasing the size of their audiences by proposing attrac- tive program-mixes to TV-viewers (the audience market). Two major links make these markets tightly interrelated.

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  • The workshops were attended by a wide range of stakeholders.

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  • One of the challenges for this study is the breadth of application of the subject matter. Given the DFID focus on poverty, and the countries included in the study, the general benchmark here is rural Africa. If some particular form or shape of community television could be found to be relevant to rural Africa, and it was an affordable and realistic option, it is likely that community television could be applied to other locations of the poor such as rural Asia and South America, and impoverished urban areas.

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  • The behaviour, values and beliefs of parents, families/whānau and other members of their community have a powerful influence on young people’s developing attitudes to drugs. Young people are also influenced by the messages they receive from the media and marketing campaigns. Pop culture, music and music videos, online media and electronic messaging services, television and advertisements can all portray powerful, positive, glamorous images of drug use.

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