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  • This guide explains the different methods of getting paid and the different levels of risks involved. You should note that none of the methods outlined below will completely eliminate the payment risks associated with international trade, so you should consider your preferred payment option with care and hedge the risks along with appropriate credit insurance and credit checks on your customers.

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  • Bài giảng Thanh toán điện tử E-Payment do GV. Nguyễn Huy Hoàng thực hiện. Nội dung bài giảng trình bày về thẻ thanh toán (Payment Card), tiền điện tử (Electronic Cash), ví tiền điện tử (Electronic Wallet), thẻ lưu giá trị (Stored-value Card).

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  • Bài giảng Chuyên đề thương mại điện tử: Thanh toán điện tử E-Payment trình bày và giới thiệu về thẻ thanh toán, tiền điện tử, ví tiền điện tử, thẻ lưu giá trị. Đây là tài liệu tham khảo dành cho sinh viên ngành Kinh doanh marketing.

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  • The main focus of this report is designed in three parts: literature review of Export and Impport LC and Overview of Eximbank - Hanoi Branch; the current situation of L/C payment at Eximbank - Hanoi Branch; development orientation and proposal and improve the international settlement sevices of Eximbank - Hanoi Branch.

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  • This study looks at whether Vietnam could adopt the Payment for Environmental Services (PES) approach as part of its national conservation strategy. Using a pilot study in the country’s uplands, it investigates how such a scheme might run and assesses its impact on the environment and on the local people’s livelihoods. Through a review of current Vietnamese conservation practice, it assesses the barriers to the adoption of such schemes and the factors that might encourage their implementation....

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  • Agricultural development is widely recognized as crucial for poverty reduction. At the same time, agricultural expansion and ever more intensive practices are widely recognized for their contribution to ecosystem degradation. Less well recognized is that, in many cases, agriculture offers the potential to generate both poverty reduction and better environmental outcomes. The studies presented in this volume look at one policy tool that may address this gap: payments for environmental services (PES).

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  • "International Business - Chapter 7: The international monetary system and the balance of payments" discuss the role of the international monetary system in promoting international trade and investment, explain the evolution and functioning of the gold standard, explain the evolution of the flexible exchange rate system

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  • Balance of Payments Accounting, Balance of Payments AccountsLecture, The Balance of Payments Identity, Balance of Payments Trends in Major Countries As the main contents of the lecture International financial management chapter 3 "The Balance of Payments".

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  • Upon completion of this chapter you should understand: Applying return on investment analysis to decision problems, management goals, efficiency and productivity; time value of money and the application application of single‐payment interest calculations to single-and multiple-payment problems; time value of money or cash flow diagrams; application of compound, effective, nominal and continuous interest calculations; inflation and the time value of money.

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  • In this chapter you will learn: What determines the supply of and demand for a nation’s currency, about a nation’s balance of payments, what a flexible exchange rates system is and its effects on the domestic economy, what a fixed exchange rates system is and its effects on the domestic economy, about the history of the world’s international exchange-rate systems.

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  • One website’s visitor is another website’s customer, and bringing customers and retailers together is now a billion dollar international industry. Whilst Internet traffic crosses international borders with ease, payment for supplying that traffic does not. Members of the online publishing industry have come up with a novel solution – they have set up their own member-only international payments system.

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  • Đường BP là tập hợp của các tổ hợp khác nhau giữa lãi suất và sản lượng mà ở đó đảm bảo sự cân bằng của cán cân thanh toán. ª Đường BP phản ánh các tổ hợp khác nhau giữa lãi suất và sản lượng mà ở đó đảm bảo sự cân bằng của cán cân thanh toán. Nói cách khác, mọi điểm trên đường BP đều thoả mãn phương trình: Ka + X = M - Các điểm nằm phía trên đường BP (điểm K) thì cán cân thanh toán thặng dư. - Các điểm nằm phía dưới đường BP (điểm H)...

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  • Nối tiếp nội dung của phần 1 cuốn giáo trình "Tiếng Anh chuyên ngành xuất nhập khẩu - English for export import (dùng trong các trường trung học chuyên nghiệp)", phần 2 giới thiệu tới người đọc các nội dung: Export orders customs procedures, payment in intertional trade. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo nội dung chi tiết.

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  • 1 “We Didn’t Know” Is No Excuse. By “payment,” we mean generally the process by which a debtor discharges indebtedness to a creditor. Of course, a payment can be used for family, charitable, or other strictly consumer purposes, but this book is about business uses.

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  • 8 Management of Corporate Payment Systems Risks. This chapter discusses risk management for corporate payment systems risks. Suggestions for treasury operations and internal controls, a review of how risks are allocated in the company’s agreement with its banks

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  • Exploiting a unique data set containing information about the estimated bribe payments of Ugandan firms, the authors study the relationship between bribe payments, taxes, and firm growth in Uganda for the period 1995-97. Using industry-location averages to circumvent the potential problem of endogeneity, and to deal with issues of measurement error, they find that both the rate of taxation, and the rate of bribery are negatively correlated with firm growth.

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