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  • Every year an estimated three million newborn babies die during the first week of life due to problems such as sepsis, tetanus, or asphyxia, or problems associated with trauma, low birth weight, or preterm birth. This guide is written for the doctors, nurses, senior midwives, and other health care workers at the first referral level in low resource settings who are responsible for the care of newborn babies with problems during the first week(s) of life.

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  • Operating theatres are frightening places, a foreign environment where highly specialized techniques that involve opening and invading a human body take place. As such, they present unique challenges for both those who use them, and those who work there. For children who require surgery and their families, the surgical environment is potentially one in which consideration must be given to the whole psychosocial aspect of care, even more so than in any other hospital environment.

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  • Nurses constantly complain that they have insufficient time for proper documentation. In many ways this is understandable. Nursing is essentially about caring, and many aged-care facilities today are understaffed and under-resourced. In these circumstances it is hardly surprising that many nurses feel that caring comes first and documentation comes second—that they have time to care or time to write, but do not have time for both.

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