Perceptual consistency

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  • For users of image management systems, and especially for the user who doesn't know what he wants until he sees it, these systems should be organized in such a way as to support intelligent browsing so that the user will be satisjed in the shortest amount of time. It is our belief that intelligent browsing should be mediated by the standard paradigms of image similarity as well as by an appropriate organization of metadata, including annotations and self-describing image regions.

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  • The anthropology of aesthetics as I see it, then, consists in the comparative study of valued perceptual experience in different societies. While our common human physiology no doubt results in our having universal, generalized responses to certain stimuli, perception is an active and cognitive process in which cultural factors play a dominant role. Perceptions are cultural phenomena.

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  • Learning a semantic lexicon is often an important first step in building a system that learns to interpret the meaning of natural language. It is especially important in language grounding where the training data usually consist of language paired with an ambiguous perceptual context. Recent work by Chen and Mooney (2011) introduced a lexicon learning method that deals with ambiguous relational data by taking intersections of graphs.

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  • The language of scene descriptions 2 must allow a hearer to build structures of schemas similar (to some level of detail) to those the speaker has built via perceptual processes. The understanding process in general requires a hearer to create and run "event ~ " to check the consistency and plausibility of a "picture" constructed from a speaker's description.

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