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  • For diffeomorphisms of smooth compact finite-dimensional manifolds, we consider the problem of how fast the number of periodic points with period n grows as a function of n. In many familiar cases (e.g., Anosov systems) the growth is exponential, but arbitrarily fast growth is possible; in fact, the first author has shown that arbitrarily fast growth is topologically (Baire) generic for C 2 or smoother diffeomorphisms.

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  • Abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) is a very frequent symptom in women. The prevalence of AUB is estimated at 12% in the general population and increases with age, reaching 24% in those aged 36–40 years. When it is a single episode of irregular blood loss in non-pregnant women, it is most of the time harmless, but it can also be a first sign of serious pathology such as cancer of the cervix.

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  • This version includes amendments resulting from IFRSs issued up to 31 December 2008. IAS 8 Net Profit or Loss for the Period, Fundamental Errors and Changes in Accounting Policies was issued by the International Accounting Standards Committee in December 1993. It replaced IAS 8 Unusual and Prior Period Items and Changes in Accounting Policies (issued in February 1978).

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  • Brian Snow is a river guide on the Columbia River. Typically brian takes tourists around 30 to 80 miles upriver. Round trip takes anywhere from 2 to 8 hours before returning to dock. Brian has noted that overall fuel costs vary based on “miles upriver” and he is considering changing his guide fee to separately charge customers for estimated fuel costs. Below Brian’s log for 15 typical days showing “miles upriver” and “total fuel cost”.

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  • Texture, nutritive values and volatile compounds of Lentinula edodes, Pleurotus ostraetus and Pleroutus sajor-caju mushrooms were determined. The volatiles have been found out with an estimation approach by carrying out gas chromatography and mass spectrophotometer (GS–MS) Library Catalogue comparison. Neither regular increase nor decreases were observed for the values of texture, moisture, ash and protein values of L. eddoes.

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  • As with every hypothesis test, inference based on alpha estimates can lead to the detection of a lucky fund, namely a fund with a significant estimated alpha, while its true alpha is equal to zero. The difficulty raised by the standard approach is that it implies a multiple hypothesis test since the null hypothesis of no performance is not tested once, but M times. Accounting for the presence of luck in a multiple testing framework is much more complex, because luck cannot be measured by the significance level applied to each fund.

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  • My first contact with speech coding was in 1993 when I was a Field Application Engineer at Texas Instruments, Inc. Soon after joining the company I was assigned to design a demo prototype for the digital telephone answering device project. Initially I was in charge of hardware including circuit design and printed circuit board layout. The core of the board consisted of a microcontroller sending commands to a mixed signal processor, where all the signal processing tasks— including speech coding—were performed.

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  • Tuberculosis (TB) is one of the world’s most important infectious causes of morbidity and mortality among adults. An estimated one-third of the world’s population is infected with TB. In 2010, there were 8.8 million new, and 12.0 million prevalent cases of TB; 1.1 million deaths occurred among HIV-uninfected people and an additional 0.35 million deaths among HIV-infected people (WHO 2011a). Of the total new TB cases, an estimated 12% to 14% occurred among people living with HIV.

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  • The use of the internet as a method of purchasing counterfeit goods was most common for films, with 12 per cent of purchasers using this electronic shop front. However, respondents were more than twice as likely to purchase films from social environments (26 per cent) or on holiday (29 per cent). We do not wish to under- estimate the importance of the internet for the sale and distribution of counterfeit products, as this distribution channel is most likely to show greatest growth in the future. However, it is notable that less than a third as many people reported acquiring...

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  • PERIODIC SOLUTIONS OF A DISCRETE-TIME DIFFUSIVE SYSTEM GOVERNED BY BACKWARD DIFFERENCE EQUATIONS BINXIANG DAI AND JIEZHONG ZOU Received 22 November 2004 and in revised form 16 January 2005 A discrete-time delayed diffusion model governed by backward difference equations is investigated. By using the coincidence degree and the related continuation theorem as well as some priori estimates, easily verifiable sufficient criteria are established for the existence of positive periodic solutions. 1.

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  • During the last decades, remarkable progress in heat flow studies has been made and a rough picture of the global surface heat flow density distribution can now be drawn. Simultaneously, the question of over which time period the surface heat flow is constant arose.

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  • The demand of vehicle navigation and guidance has been urgent for many years. The idea of integrating multisensor navigation systems was implemented. The most efficient multisensor configuration is the system integrating an inertial navigation system (INS) consisting of MEMS based micro sensors and a global positioning system (GPS). In such system, the GPS is used for providing position and velocity whereas the INS for providing orientation. The estimation of the system errors is performed by a Kalman...

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  • Using the CalSIM model, we predict changes in coverage in California as a result of the ACA. Take up of available coverage options in the model is based on a wide range of factors, including the pre-policy starting point, health status, household income, change in cost to purchase coverage, and English proficiency. For Medi-Cal, we assume that 61 percent of uninsured newly eligible individuals, and 10 percent of those who were previously eligible but not enrolled, enroll under our base scenario. is assumption is based on current Medi-Cal take up in the state.

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  • Deposits - Policies may be “bound”, or formally agreed to, before all the details are worked out. This can result in a “binder” premium, or initial deposit. Policies can also be sold for which the pricing exposure is not initially known, also requiring an initial deposit premium until an estimate of the ultimate premium can be obtained. (Deposit premiums are sometimes used for reinsurance treaties where the final premium is a function of the subject business during the treaty effective period.

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  • To supervise investment portfolio risks effectively, management may wish to periodically estimate, and report to the board of directors, the value of the portfolio in different interest rate environments. The value in each interest rate scenario, compared with the current portfolio value, illustrates the amount of portfolio price sensitivity. Sensitivity reporting is a convenient means of assuring that management has complied with the board of directors’ limits on the portfolio’s volatility.

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  • The remainder of the paper is organized as follows. Section 2 provides an overview of the history of the Eritrea-Ethiopia conflict and sketches the spatial and temporal event data for the most recent war. Section 3 describes the survey data used in the analysis and explains the key variables. Section 4 describes the empirical identification strategy and Section 5 presents the main results as well as robustness tests. Section 6 concludes.

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  • In addition, we only provide data at maturities where we think the curve can be fitted so that it is stable and meaningful. Instability arises when small movements in bond prices lead to unrealistically large moves in the estimated yield curves, essentially because there is not enough information from observed prices at a given maturity to allow us to fit that segment of the curve. This is usually a problem at short maturities where we require more information because we expect the short end of the yield curve to exhibit the greatest amount of structure.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Income tax fundamentals" has contents: Accounting periods and methods and depreciation; capital gains and losses; withholding, estimated payments, and payroll taxes; partnership taxation; the corporate income tax; tax administration and tax planning.

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  • Survival rates vary with the biological characteristics of the tumour and the stage of development at which it is detected. About 50% of patients have early disease at the time of initial diagnosis (stage I, T1, N0 – tumour confined to breast)5 , for which the prognosis is excellent; fewer than 5% of patients have metastatic disease (stage IV) at this point, although the likelihood of an initial diagnosis of advanced breast cancer tends to increase with age.

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  • Fairly large proportion of patients attending for the first time the Chest Clinics in India have had anti-tuberculosis chemotherapy for some time though irregularly. The assessment of the prevalence of Initial Drug Resistance (IDR) among these patients will be of great value in their management and also in formulating general policies of treatment in the Chest Clinics under the National Tuberculosis Control Programme.

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