Periodic breathing

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  • Read then the following passage carefully , then answer the questions below: (1m) For many families in Kenya, the prospect of better energy services would make their life different. An improved solar stove for cooking would reduce the arduous work of firewood collection, and women and children would not be breathing thick smoke while the cooking was going on. Small solar systems in the village would also mean that the clinic could operate at night and urgent operations could be carried out. Very small solar lighting systems would allow children to study in the evening and the school to...

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  • Newborn and infant mortality has been a plague of public health for centuries. However, during the 1900s, an extraordinary effort began to correct this disgraceful situation. Especially remarkable have been the accomplishments of the last 30 years or so. Although many challenges remain, very noticeable progress has been made relative to some specific causes of death in babies. In the United States, neonatal respiratory distress syndrome (NRDS) was one of the main causes of death in premature newborns.

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  • In modern usage, the term is used to describe devices capable of performing mechanical work, as in the original steam engine. In most cases the work is produced by exerting a torque or linear force, which is used to operate other machinery which can generate electricity, pump water, or compress gas. In the context of propulsion systems, an air-breathing engine is one that uses atmospheric air to oxidise the fuel carried rather than supplying an independent oxidizer, as in a rocket.

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  • “Jack says as how yo’ gived him permission t’ occupy his indisputatious period of levity in endeavorin’ t’ extract from th’ liquid element some specimens of swimmin’ creatures.” “If you mean I said he and Mark could go fishing in the brook, you’re right, Washington,” replied the professor with a smile. “But you waste a lot of time and breath trying to say it. Why, don’t you give up using big words?” .

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  • According to The Business Writer's Handbook, "An acronym is an abbreviation that is formed by combining the first letter or letters of several words. Acronyms are pronounced as words and are written without periods. EXAMPLES: radio detecting and ranging/radar Common BusinessOriented Language/ COBOL self-contained underwater breathing apparatus/ scuba An initialism is an abbreviation that is formed by combining the initial letter of each word in a multiword term. Initialisms are pronounced as separate letters. ...

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