Periodic gratings

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  • In this book, a wide range of different topics related to analytical as well as numerical solutions of problems related to scattering, propagation, radiation, and emission in different medium are discussed. Design of several devices and their measurements aspects are introduced. Topics related to microwave region as well as Terahertz and quasi-optical region are considered. Bi-isotropic metamaterial in optical region is investigated.

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  • This is the third FinCEN study of SARs filed on transactions involving insurance companies and insurance products. A report issued in May 2007 provided a sum- mary of SARs filed in the 10-year period prior to May 2006 by all types of financial institutions regarding suspicious transactions involving insurance companies, insur- ance agents, and insurance brokers. 6 A report issued in February 2003 provided a summary of SARs filed between 1996 and 2002 by all types of financial institutions regarding transactions specifically involving life insurance products.

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  • The first block is responsible for receiving and amplifying the brain signal, allocating electrodes into specific places on the scalp in the case of the use of electrodes on the surface, or inside brain in the intracortical use cases, in the second block signal is sampled, the quantity and periodic system of time to digitize it, to simplify the following digitized phase signal can be filtered, for example to reduce the noise level is Better SNR or signal identification and processing artifacts....

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  • The dataset constitutes an unbalanced panel of 174 countries over the period 1791-2009. 5 In constructing the dataset, we relied on various sources for series on debt, GDP, and debt-to- GDP ratios. These included statistical handbooks—for example, of the League of Nations and the United Nations—official government publications, and databases complied by researchers and international organizations. The HPDD aims to cover public debt at the general government level.

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  • The papers collected in this book have been selected from those presented at a conference in memory of Joan Robinson, held in the tenth year after her death (5 August 1983). The conference took place in Turin in December 1993 and was jointly organized by Societı Italiana degli Economisti (SIE), Fondazione Einaudi, and a Research Group on `Distribuzione del reddito, progresso tecnico e sviluppo economico' of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR).

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  • After the design of the Gamma software was completed in the fall of 1984, work began on the first prototype which was operational by the fall of 1985. This version of Gamma was implemented on top of an existing multi- computer consisting of 20 VAX 11/750 processors [DEWI84b]. In the period of 1986-1988, the prototype was enhanced through the addition of a number of new operators (e.g. aggregate and update operators), new parallel join methods (Hybrid, Grace, and Sort-Merge [SCHN89a]), and a complete concurrency control mechanism.

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  • The first edition of The Electronics Handbook was published in 1996. Between then and now, tremendous changes have occurred in electronics engineering. During this same period, the value of The Electronics Handbook has been recognized by thousands of readers all over the world, for which the editor and authors are very grateful. The numerous changes in technology over the past few years have led to the publication of a second edition of The Electronics Handbook. This new edition builds upon the solid foundation of fundamental theory and practical applications of the original work.

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  • My overwhelming debt is to all the contributing authors of this book, for their devotion to the completion of their chapters in a relatively short time period and their participation in the reviewing process of the included chapters. I owe a special intellectual debt to all of them, for providing me with a stimulating and challenging environment, not only throughout the period of editing this book, but also throughout my years in academia.

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  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The International Institute for the Sociology of Law in Oñati has enabled this group of scholars who share an interest in family law and family poli- cy, but come from a variety of academic disciplines and countries, to meet, to argue and to develop their ideas over almost a decade. We are grateful for this opportunity and proud to present our third volume of essays.

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  • You have no idea how grateful I am that finally someone had the will and power to visualize and act on what it has been a long, stressful and difficult career (for us salesmen). I have purchased your book around a month ago, after a long period of deep thought hoping it wasn't another scam that promises heaven and earth in one day. Every single word that you said was true! I STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOUR BOOK TO EVERYONE INVOLVED IN ANY KIND OF SALES. I still listen every single week in our "sales quota follow up meeting" that we...

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  • Wang et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:367 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Freestanding HfO2 grating fabricated by fast atom beam etching Yongjin Wang1,2*, Tong Wu2, Yoshiaki Kanamori2 and Kazuhiro Hane2 Abstract We report here the fabrication of freestanding HfO2 grating by combining fast atom beam etching (FAB) of HfO2 film with dry etching of silicon substrate. HfO2 film is deposited onto silicon substrate by electron beam evaporator.

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