Pervasive networking security

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  • This book provides a comprehensive guide to selected topics, both ongoing and emerging, in pervasive computing and networking. It contains contributions from high profile researchers and is edited by leading experts in this field. The main topics covered in the book include pervasive computing and systems, pervasive networking security, and pervasive networking and communication.

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  • Growth naturally stimulates change, and CCTV technology has been no exception. A system that once merely required cameras, cabling, and video monitors has now become a complex electronic confi guration of equipment intertwined with both computer and telecommunications technologies. This dramatic change is directly related to the introduction of digital technology. Why do we need to understand how digital technology works, and what does it have to do with the future of security? It’s simple—the newest revolution in technology is pervasive computing.

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  • In 2007 the number of attacks in Afghanistan’s Taliban- dominated insurgency exceeded that of the previous year, in part because NATO and Afghan forces undertook many more offensive operations. Efforts to improve governance and extend development were hampered by a lack of security in some areas and a general lack of government capacity and competency. The ability of the Karzai government, NATO, and the United States to defeat the Taliban will determine the continued support of the Afghan people for the government and the international community.

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