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  • It is beneficial to decide on a target journal during the very early stages of writing an article, rather than first preparing an article and then considering where to send it. Analyse potential journals and choose one. Write your article with your target journal in mind. This is useful because different journals have different perceptions of science as well as differing opinions on how articles ought to be written. By writing directly for your target journal, you will ensure the right type of approach and speed up your writing process. If you wish to be even wiser, you may also...

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  • The literature review and web-searches provided basic information on different types of financing mechanisms globally, in the EU and other European countries. These consisted mainly of scientific and professional publications. The purpose was to analyse the marketing difficulties of non-market forest goods and services, to develop a typology of financing mechanisms, to give a theoretical characterisation of different types of financing mechanisms, and to provide an overview of the current use of financing mechanisms in the EU MS.

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  • Diane Ravitch, the noted education historian points out “At every level of formal education, from nursery school to graduate school, equal opportu- nity became the overriding goal of postwar7 educational reformers. Some- times those who led the battles seemed to forget why it was important to keep students in school longer; to forget that the fight for higher enroll- ments was part of a crusade against ignorance, and that institutions would be judged by what their students had learned as well as by how many were enrolled.

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  • The projectors currently on sale in the market switch to default mode if the temperature in the projector exceeds around 37°C. This switching to a degraded mode may be indicated in a number of ways, from a simple warning message to a complete stop of the projection in case of excessively high temperatures. The manufacturers recommend a temperature in the booth not exceeding 30°C during operation. This digital projection system consisting of numerous electronic cards ...

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  • The extent of pollution and toxicity depends upon the raw material used, pulping method, and pulp bleaching process adapted by the pulp and paper mills. For example, the pollution load from hardwood is lower than softwood. On the other hand, the spent liquor generated from pulping of nonwood fiber has a high silica content. Volumes of wastewater discharged may vary from near zero to 400 m3 per ton of pulp depending on the raw material used, manufacturing process, and size of the mill [6].

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  • Legal and ethical questions of control, supervision and consent in connection with such smart-home technology have in this connection played an important role for us. According to "Eldres IT-forum" (an IT-forum for the elderly) “elderly people” are those above 55 years, and they represent one fourth of the Norwegian population. The elderly are a heterogeneous group with very different needs and qualifications. Their economic capability, degree of education, their health and degree of functional ability greatly vary.

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  • Concentrating ownership allows firms to limit their information disclosure to the public. Opacity is a good strategy because it prevents leakage of proprietary information to competitors and allows firms to avoid unwanted political or social scrutiny. Firms with proprietary knowledge and specific human capital tend to concentrate their ownership and decision rights in the individuals who possess the specific knowledge (Jensen and Meckling, 1992; Christie, Joye, and Watts, 1993).

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  • These are usually cost reimbursement contracts as (d) above, but with an esti- mated target cost set for the works cost, and a fixed or percentage fee for the contractor’s head office overheads and profit. If the contractor’s expenditure exceeds the target he has to bear a proportion of the excess; if his expenditure is less than target he receives a proportion of the difference as a bonus. Thus there is a financial incentive to the contractor to be efficient and save costs.

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  • Over the past decade there have been numerous printed editions of graphic design history. Indeed, the industry is becoming saturated with new printed editions each year. Preparing content to teach history of graphic design courses at the University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS, and Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, resulted in an extensive list of different texts as resources, including the texts by Meggs, Hollis, and Eskilson.

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  • The Government of Myanmar has formed an Emergency Committee and announced that the priorities of its relief operations are to provide adequate food, safe drinking-water and shelter to the affected people. Health issues are of major concern in districts affected by the cyclone. The WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia and the WHO Country Office in Myanmar are actively involved in the response. A crisis room has been activated in the WHO Country Office in Yangon.

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  • More recent congressional action has focused increasingly on improving the eff iciency of the payments system by encouraging increased use of technology. In 1987, Congress enacted the Expedited Funds Availability Act (EFAA), which gave the Board, for the f irst time, the authority to regulate the payments system in general, not just those payments made through the Reserve Banks.

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  • Every day, millions of tons of inadequately treated sewage and industrial and agricultural wastes are poured into the world’s waters. Every year, lakes, rivers, and deltas take in the equivalent of the weight of the entire human population– nearly seven billion people – in the form of pollution. Every year, more people die from the consequences of unsafe water than from all forms of violence, including war.

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  • Accordingly, for the purpose of impact assessment, it was decided not to use response functions from daily mortality time-series studies to estimate the excess annual mortality but the change in the long-term mortality rates associated with ambient air pollution. 5 Contrary to the exposure function which is assumed to be the same for all countries, the health outcome frequency (frequency with which a health outcome appears in the population for a defined time span) may differ across countries. These differences may result from a different age structure or from other factors (i.e.

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  • The Westminster Kennel Club and its Superintendent caution all persons entering the show site and show grounds against all hazards which may exist, including, but not limited to: Condition of the site/grounds, parking/ loading/unloading areas, entrances, floors and stairways, elevators and escalators, floor coverings, walkways, tenting/ canopies, electrical appliances, cords and fittings, exercise pens, and the presence of animals. All persons should take into consideration this is a sporting event and dress, act and exercise caution appropriate for the activity involved.

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  • Smaller markets are faring better for a couple reasons. They were spared the fierce price wars which undercut big markets over the last two decades, as big radio groups battled for market share in major metro areas. In addition, small market stations often have closer relationships with local advertisers that tend to be more conservative in their media strategies. Aside from small markets, online is one of the few bright spots for radio, although its contribution to total revenue remains relatively small.

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  • Having your car involved in an accident or stolen is an unpleasant and worrying experience. But when you insure your car with Just Car, we look after you. We will pay for any accidental loss, damage and liability for property damage covered by your Just Car insurance policy occurring during the period of cover . When your car has been damaged, we will decide to repair it, pay the cost of repairing it, declare it a write-off and pay the agreed value, or replace it. See pages 12-17 for details. If parts for the repair of your car are not available,...

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  • This paper presents a detailed case study of the Clickbot.A botnet. The botnet consisted of over 100,000 machines and ex- hibited some novel characteristics while also taking advantage of some characteristics of existing, well-known botnets. One of the most novel characteristics of the clickbot is that it was built to conduct a low-noise click fraud attack against syndicated search engines. This paper focuses on describing the novel aspects of the Clickbot.A botnet, and describes parts of our experience in in- vestigating it.

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  • As with all software installations on Windows operating systems, you must be an administrator on the computer to install SQL Server Express, ArcGIS Desktop, and the tutorial data. If you do not have administrative rights to the computer you are going to use for this tutorial, have your systems administrator install the software. Be sure the system administrator adds your login to the database server as an ArcSDE database server administrator when he or she enables the SQL Server Express instance to store geodatabases.

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  • A similarly complex picture emerges from Liu’s (2008) phenomenological study of the interaction experiences of five students enrolled in distance education courses. Liu found that the level of interaction between students was affected by five interrelated factors: students’ learning styles and preferences; the instructor’s teaching style and course design; students’ perception of the nature of distance education courses; the course subject matter and level of difficulty; and the way students managed their time and...

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  • In deciding the course for reform, however, the innovations and experiences of markets in the region are also important. Developing markets often mimic more advanced European and North American markets. But complex structures designed for diverse developed markets are sometimes ill-suited to less-developed economies. Instead, looking to neighboring, emerging markets at similar stages of development can be more useful.

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