Photographing clothing

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  • Here is a doll-making course that combines sculpted clay with cloth bodies. It presents each step in sculpting the head and body, curing and finishing the materials, and constructing the costume. This book, and its companion, Designing the Doll, are both fabulous. The text is clear and easy to read, the line drawings are excellent, and the wide array of figures in photographs is very impressive. The book is heavily illustrated, and Susanna not only knows what she's doing, but she also write a great book about it. I'm a professional sculptor, and so often times the books fall far short...

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  • The person in the photograph could be a musician; he is wearing headphones and there is a microphone attached to the headphones. However, the clothes are not the kind musicians might wear. Further, the context of the picture does not look like a recording studio.

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  • The person in the photograph could be an orchestra conductor or a train conductor even though the clothing is not appropriate to either profession. The person is raising something, but it is his hand, not a baton-Common Trap: Do not be confused by one word which is right (raise) and miss the whole context of the picture.

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  • The youngish-looking man who so vigorously swung off the train at Restview, wore a pair of intensely dark blue eyes which immediately photographed everything within their range of vision--flat green country, shaded farm-houses, encircling wooded hills and all--weighed it and sorted it and filed it away for future reference; and his clothes clung on him with almost that enviable fit found only in advertisements. Immediately he threw his luggage into the tonneau of the dingy automobile drawn up at the side of the lonely platform, and promptly climbed in after it.

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