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  • THERE IS probably no single course in “laboratory safety or chemical safety” at your college or university. Why not? Chemistry curricula have developed over many decades with a focus on the main topics of chemistry: organic, inorganic, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, and (more recently) biochemistry. For decades, the topic of chemical safety was included at the margins of lab courses, mostly taught in a small way as a footnote to various lab experiments and procedures. Some chemists and chemistry teachers were aware of the importance of safety, while many were not.

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  • There are many methods to design digital circuits without hazard, such as the use of Boolean algebra, algebra hazard, karnaugh map, matrix method, VHDL, etc. However, these methods are not very suitable for the design of circuit system such as design of GALS circuits. In this case, synchronization is the most optimal method. 1. Introduction Hazard is the essence of digital circuits including synchronous circuit and asynchronous circuit. Hazard occurs as much as “autumn’s leaves” [1] and has adverse impact on the working of digital circuits. ...

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  • Under the name of ideal circuit network, it is easy to make us understand that digital circuits are independent of the inner status and their outputs just only depend on the inputs. They are time constants and therefore Boolean algebra is a special suitable means of describing. In fact propagation delay time of circuit system should be in thought firstly in designing circuit network. In that case Boolean algebra does not seems to be fully suitable for describing actual circuit systems.

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  • It is not easy to point out Hazards and Deadlock in a circuit with a complex structure. Determination methods for Hazard, Race, Deadlock in [1-3] cannot be applied to this case. With complex circuit structure, specific solution must be offered for each circuit type such as solution of synchonization for asynchronous circuits [4]. GALS circuit is a complex circuit system; thus, the above-mentioned solution is also applied to this circuit. 1. Introduction GALS (Global Asynchronous - Local Synchronous) is a combined system.

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  • Risk assessment is an inexact science. Successful risk assessment practitioners rely heavily on extensive and well-documented databases.

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  • This book covers multiple topics of Ergonomics following a systems approach, analysing the relationships between workers and their work environment from different but complementary standpoints. The chapters focused on Physical Ergonomics address the topics upper and lower limbs as well as low back musculoskeletal disorders and some methodologies and tools that can be used to tackle them.

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  • take steps to resume operations. • Establish a recovery team, if necessary. Establish priorities for resuming operations. • Continue to ensure the safety of personnel on the property. Assess remaining hazards. Maintain security at the incident scene. • Conduct an employee briefing. • Keep detailed records. Consider audio recording all decisions. Take photographs of or videotape the damage. • Account for all damage-related costs. Establish special job order numbers and charge codes for purchases and repair work. • Follow notification procedures.

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  • This book is intended for engineering students who are grounded in basic physics, chemistry, and biology, and who have already been introduced to fluid mechanics. The material presented can readily be covered in a one-semester course.

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  • Someone with a physical illness or disability often needs hands-on or stand-by assistance with activities of daily living (see page 19). People with cognitive impairments usually need supervision, protection or verbal reminders to do everyday activities. The way long-term care services are provided is changing. Skilled care and personal care are still the terms used most often to describe long-term care and the type or level of care you may need.

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  • We live in an era with unparalleled opportunities to practice disease prevention based on knowledge of the earth environment. Although globally distributed early warning systems can monitor physical hazards such as earthquakes and tsunamis, chemical hazards on the other hand—whether actual or potential and natural or anthropogenically induced—remain difficult to accurately identify in time and space. Such hazards often have lengthy asymptomatic latency periods before disability or disease becomes evident....

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  • There are two types of “combustion explosions”, i.e. deflagrations and detonations. There are other types of “explosions”, e.g. “physical explosions” of vessels by overpressure above the established limit due to overfill, as a result of runaway reaction, etc. The word “explosion” is rather a jargon and we will avoid applying it in this book where possible. Sometimes the use of term “explosion” could generate misunderstanding. For example, some standards do introduce wrongly from author’s point of view so-called “explosion limit”.

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  • Described as a structural/LID hybrid, the Modular Wetland System – Linear is a revolutionary stormwater treatment system. This treatment system utilizes an innovative combination of physically passive and natural biological treatment processes, including the use of a breakthrough filter media, BioMediaGREEN, which acts as a pre-treatment media filter for the enhanced 4th generation sub-surface flow wetland. These features combined with other various treatment and flow control technologies has lead to a system that maximizes pollutant removal and minimizes maintenance. ...

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  • Normally the frequency divider designed by Boole algebra and to design a frequency divider with any divide factor, we have to repeat all over again every design step as the same. So to avoid of wasting time and money, instead of using traditional Boole algebra in digital technical we replace it by mathematical models in high algebra. And because of that we can design frequency dividers use computer. 1. Modeling of function circuit

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  • Many psychiatric institutions, general hospitals and social care homes in countries continue to use caged beds routinely to restrain patients with mental disorders and mental retardation. Caged beds are beds with netting or, in some cases, metal bars, which serve to physically restrain the patients. Patients are often kept in caged beds for extended periods, sometimes even years. This type of restraint is often used when staff levels or training are inadequate, and sometimes as a form of punishment or threat of punishment.

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  • The growing awareness of organisations of the need to have information systems for management purposes is related to their own need to coexist in a permanently changing environment, not only physically but also technologically, socially and financially (Caplan, 1971). This situation became more accentuated over the 1980s and 1990s, owing to the processes of market internationalisation and globalisation (Roberts and Hunt, 1991).

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  • This review highlights the importance of play, particularly outdoor play, for increasing levels of physical activity, alongside other positive influences on a child’s well-being, such as opportunities to understand and respect the natural world. However, children seem to be getting fewer opportunities to play. A combination of poor play environments, busy school schedules and an increase in structured activities has meant that this beneficial and basic children’s right has become sidelined, often perceived as an ‘unaffordable luxury’ (Elkind 2008).

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  • Wheat and maize are important components of poultry feeds. The demand for wheat and maize, therefore, is expected to increase with the growth of poultry farms in the country. The demand for both livestock and poultry feeds appear to be currently met from only imports, and at seemingly relatively higher costs. In view of this, the domestic production of maize and wheat has an important role to play in the development of poultry vis-‡-vis agriculture sector in Bangladesh.

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  • A first critical step in developing a comprehensive safety and health program is to identify physical and health hazards in the workplace. This process is known as a "hazard assessment." Potential hazards may be physical or health-related and a compre- hensive hazard assessment should identify hazards in both categories. Examples of physical hazards include moving objects, fluctuating temperatures, high intensity lighting, rolling or pinching objects, electrical connections and sharp edges. Examples of health hazards include overexposure to harmful dusts, chemicals or radiation....

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  • In addition to improved data storage and retrieval capabilities, in 2001 the Board began to address the huge volume of paperwork and physical records storage generated by its activities. The agency started to scan documents into a database for easier retrieval and reduced storage needs. In response to an expansion of the types of documents being scanned, in 2004 the agency created a separate Document Imaging Unit. The Document Imaging Unit has a state-of-the-art client/server and browser based electronic imaging system.

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  • The substitution of processes can be applied on a fundamental basis, for example, substitution of airless spray for conventional spray equipment can reduce the exposure of a painter to solvent vapors. Substitution of a paint dipping operation for the paint spray operation can reduce the potential hazard even further. In any of these cases, the automation of the process can further reduce the potential hazard (Table 74.5). 74.7.

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