Physiological instrumentation

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  • This book is intended as an introductory text for Engineering and Applied Science Students to the Medical Applications of Electronics. A course has been offered for many years in Cardiff in this arena both in this College and its predecessor institution. A new group, the Medical Systems Engineering Research Unit, was established following the reorganisation of the College. Restructuring and review of our course material and placing the responsibility for teaching this course within the new group led to a search for new material.

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  • PET-CT: A Case-Based Approach provides practical clinical examples of studies performed with FDG on a state-of-the-art dedicated PET-CT device. Detailed histories and correlative imaging findings are given in each case to demonstrate the level of detail required for image interpretation and the capabilities of this instrumentation.

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  • Assessment: Several differences in lung anatomy and physiology place infants at theoretically greater risk than older children for respiratory failure. Despite this, respiratory failure is rare in infancy. Close monitoring, using a combination of the parameters other than PEF (Chapter 4, Component 4: Figure 4.4-1), will permit a fairly accurate assessment. Breathlessness sufficiently severe to prevent feeding is an important symptom of impending respiratory failure. Oxygen saturation, which should be measured in infants by pulse oximetry, is normally greater than 95 percent.

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  • Otologic procedures that endure are based on a detailed knowledge of the anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the temporal bone. Several excellent texts on surgery of the temporal bone are available, which comprehensibly describe surgical techniques and instrumentation in otologic surgery. Pictorials used in these renditions live up to the adage that a “picture is worth a thousand words.” Building on that principle, videos of otologic surgery and pathology can complete the presentation of temporal bone surgery.

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