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  • Despite my many years of research and teaching in platelet physiology and pharmacology at the University of Minnesota, I am often confronted with conflicting opinions as to the relevance of nonnucleated platelets in human health and disease. It is fascinating to think that how cells with no apparent nucleus, have such a towering impact on concepts, dealing with often overlapping physiological (i.e. hemostasis, wound healing, etc.) and pathophysiological (i.e. thrombosis, stroke, atherosclerosis, wound healing, diabetes, inflammation and cancer) components.

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  • The major 2S albumin allergen from Brazil nuts, Ber e 1, was subjected to gastrointestinal digestion using a physiologically relevantin vitro model sys-tem either before or after heating (100 C for 20 min). Whilst the albumin was cleaved into peptides, these were held together in a much larger struc-ture even when digested by using a simulated phase 1 (gastric) followed by a phase 2 (duodenal) digestion system. Neither prior heating of Ber e 1 nor the presence of the physiological surfactant phosphatidylcholine affected the pattern of proteolysis.

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  • Cell biology studies the structural and physiological properties of cells, including their behaviors, interactions, and environment. This is done on both the microscopic and molecular levels, for single-celled organisms such as bacteria as well as the specialized cells in multicellular organisms such as humans. Understanding the structure and function of cells is fundamental to all of the biological sciences. The similarities and differences between cell types are particularly relevant to molecular biology....

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  • PET-CT: A Case-Based Approach provides practical clinical examples of studies performed with FDG on a state-of-the-art dedicated PET-CT device. Detailed histories and correlative imaging findings are given in each case to demonstrate the level of detail required for image interpretation and the capabilities of this instrumentation.

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  • DPP IV has been attributed a large array of functions, some of which are mediated by its exopeptidase activity. Although it only removes two amino acid residues at the N-terminus of the peptide, this cleavage can inactivate or modify the activity of regulatory peptides, peptide hormones, chemokines and neuropeptides. Several excellent DPP IV substrates with high specificity constants were identified by the in vitro kinetic study of the truncation of bioactive peptides by DPP IV. In vivo studies e.g.

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  • There have been many changes in veterinary medicine since the fi rst edition of Anaesthesia for Veterinary Nurses was published in 2003. There is an increasing number of specialist referral hospitals, and the speciality of emergency and critical care has blossomed in the United Kingdom. However, still central to much that is achieved in veterinary practice is the ability to sedate and anaesthetise patients safely. The protocols and methods involved in veterinary anaesthesia are often complex and vary considerably from patient to patient....

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  • Indications in gene therapy clinical trials. The chart divides clinical gene transfer studies by disease classification. A majority of trials have addressed cancer, with monogenic disorders and cardiovascular diseases the next largest categories. (Reproduced with permission from J Gene Med. New Jersey, Wiley, 2006.) Gene Transfer for Genetic Disease Gene transfer strategies for genetic disease generally involve gene addition therapy. This approach most commonly involves transfer of the missing gene to a physiologically relevant target cell. ...

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  • The investigation of the oesophagus has seen major advanciens thes econd half of the 20th Century as technology has developed and our understanding of the physiology and pathophysiology of oesophageal diseases has increased. In thew ake of these changes, research and development of oesophageal function tests have lead to a newbr eed of specialists in medicine to provide for the needs of the clinician in diagnosis and management of patients with oesophageal diseases.

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  • Lactoferrin (LF) has been implicated in innate immunity. Here we reveal the signal transduction pathway responsible for human LF (hLF)-triggered nuclear factor-jB (NF-jB) activation. Endotoxin-depleted hLF induces NF-jB activation at physiologically relevant concentrations in the human monocytic leukemia cell line, THP-1, and in mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs).

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  • The nitrite reductase activity of deoxyhemoglobin has received much recent interest because the nitric oxide produced in this reaction may participate in blood flow regulation during hypoxia. The present study used spectral deconvolution to characterize the reaction of nitrite with carp and rabbit hemoglobin at different constant oxygen tensions that generate the full range of physiological relevant oxygen saturations.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Critical Care giúp cho các bạn có thêm kiến thức về ngành y học đề tài: High-altitude physiology and pathophysiology: implications and relevance for intensive care medicine...

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  • Nogo-A is a physiologically relevant inhibitor of neuronal growth and regeneration in the myelin of the adult human central nervous system and has attracted considerable attention as a molecular target for the treatment of spinal cord injuries.

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  • A hallmark ofa-crystallin-type small heat shock proteins (sHsps) is their highly dynamic oligomeric structure which promotes intermolecular interactions involved in subunit exchange and substrate binding (chaperone-like activity). We studied the oligomeric features of two classes of bacterial sHsps by size exclusion chromatography and nanoelectro-spray mass spectrometry.Proteins of both classes formed large complexes that rapidly dissociated upon dilution and at physiologically relevant heat shock temperatures....

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  • The mono(ADP-ribosyl)ation reaction is a post-translational modification that is catalysed by both bacterial toxins and eukaryotic enzymes, and that results in the transfer of ADP-ribose from bNAD + to various acceptor proteins. In mammals, both intracellular and extracellular reactions have been described; the latter are due to glycosylphosphatidylinositol-anchored or secreted enzymes that are able to modify their targets, which include the purinergic receptor P2X7, the defensins and the integrins. ...

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  • The effects of physiologically relevant hypoxia on the catalytic activity of cytochromecoxidase (CytOX), mito-chondrial gene expression, and both nuclear and mito-chondrial encoded CytOX mRNA levels were investigated in murine monocyte macrophages, mouse C2C12 skeletal myocytes and rat adrenal pheochromocytoma PC12 cells. Our results suggest a coordinated down regulation of mito-chondrial genome-coded CytOX I and II and nuclear genome-codedCytOX IV andVbmRNAs during hypoxia.

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  • Periplasmic binding proteins are abundant in bacteria by virtue of their essential roles as high-affinity receptors in ABC transport systems and chemotaxis. One of the best studied of these receptors is the so-called glucose⁄galactose-binding protein. Here, we report the X-ray structure of the Salmonella typhimuriumprotein bound to the physiologically relevant ligand, (2R)-glyceryl-b-d-galactopyranoside, solved by molecular replace-ment, and refined to 1.87 A˚ resolution with RandR-free values of 17% and 22%....

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  • Substrate properties of xanthine (Xan) and xanthosine (Xao) for purine nucleoside phosphorylases (PNP) of mammalian origin have been reported previously, but only at a single arbitrarily selected pH and with no kinetic con-stants. Additionally, studies have not taken into account the fact that, at physiological pH, Xao (pKa¼5.7) is a mono-anion, while Xan (pKa¼7.7) is an equilibrium mixture of the neutral and monoanionic forms.

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  • Hyaluronan-binding protein 1 (HABP1), a ubiquitous multifunctional protein, interacts with hyaluronan, globular head of complement component 1q (gC1q), and clustered mannose and has been shown to be involved in cell sig-nalling.In vitro, this recombinant protein isolated from human ®broblast exists in di€erent oligomeric forms, as is evident from the results of various independent techniques in near-physiological conditions.

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  • Fermentation and the use of micro-organisms is one of the most important aspects of food processing, an industry worth billions of US dollars world-wide. From beer and wine to yoghurt and bread, it is the common denominator between many of our foodstuffs. In his engaging style Professor Charles Bamforth covers all known food applications of fermentation.

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  • In general, the health status at old age has an important individual and social relevance. The vulnerability is increasing by physiological and morphological changes in the organism and central nervous system during the ageing process. The indicators of physiological health are based on prevalence of disabilities and causes of death. In Germany the main causes of death are circulatory diseases, neoplasms, diseases of respiratory system and diseases of digestive system (Statistisches Bundesamt 2007a; Nolte, Shkolinikov & McKee 2000).

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