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  • In much of the world without artifi cial irrigation, the agricultural year can be divided into a crop production period followed by a post-harvest period. Crop production lasts for three months or more but the post-harvest period may stretch from the end of one growing season to the next, often at least six months. If there is only one rainy season then it may last for as long as ten months. In the European Union, intervention storage may last for several years.

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  • Indeed, in the presence of predictability in fund risk loadings and benchmark returns, optimal portfolios consist entirely of actively managed funds even when the possibility of manager skills in stock selection and benchmark timing is ruled out. That is, actively managed funds allow the investor to capitalize on predictability in benchmarks and fund risk loadings in a way that cannot be achieved through long-only index fund positions. We now turn to analyze predictability in manager skills.

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  • Despite a variety of processes and the availability of raw-material sources, the widespread utilisation of annual plants in pulping has not been technically or economically feasible in Western countries due to the lack of a simple and environmentally efficient pulping method and the problems associated with raw material storage and logistics. An ideal non-wood pulping process is simple and environmentally efficient and can be applied on a small scale.

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  • Investigations of historic yields are therefore mostly concerned with homo- genous goods such as commodities, for which indices are available. These show that certain real assets can achieve higher yields than investments in equities or bonds. A comparison of the average historic yields on raw materials over the last 10 years (2002 to 2012) shows that investments in commodity futures have achieved double-digit annual returns (see Fig. 15).

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  • The store of value function is redundant in a time-0 auction and any durable asset dominates money in sequential trading versions of the auction. Strictly speaking the unit of account function is also not required but obviously selecting a numeraire would reduce the computations required even for the time-0 auction. The point is simply that given the computing power underlying the auction the unit of account function is not a necessary feature of the economy. Any commodity can act as the unit of account even one with no physical existence, but jam is as good a numeraire as any –the...

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  • The extreme price volatility of recent years may continue, as many of the factors that caused recent price swings remain in flux. FAPRI-MU recognizes this uncertainty and considers 500 alternative outcomes for the future based on different assumptions about the weather, the price of petroleum and other factors that will affect the supply and demand for agricultural commodities. The tables which follow generally report the averages of the 500 alternative outcomes, but it is important to recognize that actual market results may vary greatly from the reported averages.

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  • ADC's Homeworx™ cable telephony system permits the delivery of broadband services to end customers over a hybrid fiber coax (HFC) cable plant. Only a limited amount of spectrum is available in which to deliver a full portfolio of services. The greater the number of services that can be delivered within that bandwidth, the greater the revenue that can be generated. Thus a service provider should seek to make optimal use of his revenue-generating commodity that is the most scarce, bandwidth.

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  • It is clear that Vietnam is still an agricultural country, in which planting and farming important role in the life of Vietnamese people. Although in recent years, there has been.changes in structure of economy such as the fall in the share of agriculture and the rise of.other sectors, agricultural production also provides jobs for about 60% of Vietnamese.population as well as key export commodities. However, Vietnam is not only famous as the.biggest supplier of rice but also popular with many kinds of fisheries produce like.Pangasius fillets, shrimps, cuttlefish, etc.

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  • The pharmaceutical industry manufactures biological products, medicinal chemicals, botanical products, and the pharmaceutical products covered by Standard Industrial Classification Code Numbers 2831, 2833, and 2834, as well as other commodities. The industry is characterized by a diversity of products, processes, plant sizes, as well as wastewater quantity and quality. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry represents a range of industries with operations and processes as diverse as its products.

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  • In some ways, the uncertainty over supply consistency is really a form of risk management. In the future, both petrochemical supply and renewable supply will carry increased risk. For petrochemicals, further supply uncertainty may arise from political changes in other world areas. For plant-derived materials, weather may be an uncertain factor locally, while specialty plants with less commodity type production may result in more trading uncertainty.

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  • "Marketing" is defined as the aggregate of functions involved in transferring title and in moving goods from producer to consumer. Agricultural marketing2 includes such processes as assembling the raw commodities, grading, packaging, transportation, preparation for use, storage, shifting and sharing risks, change in ownership, pricing and exchange, wholesaling and retailing. One of the first steps in agricultural marketing is assembling the raw commodities.

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  • Strong increase in the production of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) observed over the years has led to a consolidation of transgenic seed industries worldwide. The dichotomy between the evaluated risk and the perceived risk of transgenic use has defined their level of acceptability among different global societies. GMOs have been widely applied to agricultural commodities, among them the Roundup Ready™ (RR™) soybean line GTS 40-3-2 has become the most prevalent transgenic crop in the world.

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  • The objectives of the project are to expand plant quarantine activities in Vietnam through provision of facilities and equipment, and training to staff to standards required for participation in international trade. The project will also develop training materials to provide ongoing training and reference ensuring self-sufficiency. On completion of the project, staff will be competent in the current methods used in disinfestation research, familiar with equipment and technology and able to prepare submissions for international quarantine authorities.

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  • Plant parts are probably the most difficult to identify as they consist of pieces of dried roots, barks, leaves, berries etc. at varying stages of processing, and can look fairly similar to one another. It is not worthwhile for enforcers to learn to identify such raw materials unless they are going to deal with such shipments or domestic trade on a regular basis. It is best to use experts when packaging for raw materials is not labeled.

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