Plant competition

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  • Process selection refers to the strategic decisions of selecting the kind of production process to have in a manufacturing plant. The process flow in an organization refers to how a factory organizes material flow using one or more of the process technologies including the job shop, batch shop, assembly line, and continuous flows. The process chosen depends on the customization of the product as well as the volume required in the market.

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  • When water or soil has the presence of a metal at a certain level, the metal can inhibit or stimulate the absorption of other metals in plants. Therefore, the study on competitive absorption among metals in plants is very necessary. The aim of this study is to find out the competitive absorption between Cu2+ and Pb2+ from polluted soil to lettuce.

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  • An engineer, procure and construct (EPC) contract is a form of D&B contract under which a design engineer or firm of design consultants heads a team which includes an experienced contractor and perhaps a plant supplier. The promoter specifies his project requirements in outline which the team designs in detail in continued liaison with him. The EPC organization arranges and manages construction, letting specialist work packages out as necessary to suitable sub-contractors.

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  • The history and development of the longleaf pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) ecosystem in the southeastern United States has intrigued natural resource professionals, researchers, and the general public for many decades. Prior to European settlement, longleaf pine forests were one of the most extensive ecosystems in North America. Most recent estimates suggest that only about 2.2% of the original area remains today, making it one of the most threatened ecosystems in North America.

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  • The FCC “has generally advocated market-based mechanisms that will promote competition, provide flexibility to broadband providers, and stimulate investment in broadband networks.”5 It believes that “[w]ireless broadband, as well as other alternative broadband platforms such as satellite and broadband over power lines, can create a competitive broadband marketplace and bring the benefits of lower prices, better quality, and greater innovation to consumers.

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  • As a result of these developments, the quantitative relationship between the consumer goods supply on the one hand and the rapidly rising consumer goods demand on the other hand has been continuously improved. Nowadays, the case that supply cannot satisfy demand is for most consumer goods a case of the past. Quite the opposite is to observe that Chinese consumer goods markets are buyers’ markets, characterized by a surplus of supply and a strong competition between many national suppliers and al- most 330.000 foreign suppliers offering products in this market. ...

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  • This trend reflects the ongoing disen- chantment with mass media advertising based on the difficulty of measuring its effectiveness. However, the trend also reflects a desire by manufacturers and retailers to get closer to customers in some form of relationship marketing. A number of explanations have been forwarded for the increasing popularity of promotions (Dickson and Sawyer, 1990; Quelch, 1983; Low and Jakki, 2000; Dawes, 2004). One of the key factors is the changing relationship with advertising.

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  • In most agricultural settings, commercial fertilizer provides only one source of N used for crop production. Animal manure, biological N fixation, mineralization from soil organic N, and deposition of N from the atmosphere can also contribute to soil fertility and surface water contamination. Because there are multiple sources and sinks of N in the soil, the relationship between N fertilizer application rate and nitrogen loss in drainage water is not always consistent across locations and across studies.

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  • The overall cost of answering a query includes the transfer cost from the storage provider or data origin to the query evaluator, the cost of resources utilized at the query evaluator and other nodes, and the cost to transfer the results to the query initiator. The data placement problem is to distribute data and work so the full query workload is answered with lowest cost under the existing resource and bandwidth constraints.

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  • In practice, there are a number of problems with the use of market structure and regulatory indicators to measure competitiveness which also apply in the context of the EAC. 3 For one, market structure is not exogenous since market structure itself can be affected by firms’ performance. Second, interpreting these measures requires some judgment on what should be the optimal structure of the banking system.

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  • Regarding market structure, the concentration ratio—the asset shares held by the three largest banks— in each EAC country compare favorably with South Africa, particularly in the region’s three largest markets. This evidence by itself suggests that the level of competition in the banking sector should be even across these countries. However, bank performance indicators tell a different story: banks are more profitable in the EAC than in South Africa as evidenced by the higher spreads and the return on assets (ROA).

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  • Ofcom will adopt an awards process consistent with its statutory functions and duties. The Broadcasting Act 1996 already sets out the process whereby Ofcom awards multiplex licences, including the basis on which applications are made and assessed – i.e. through a competitive beauty contest process13 . The existing process remains largely fit for purpose, subject to removal of provisions which are no longer considered necessary (e.g. the promotion of DTT equipment).

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  • It is a curious fact that the barriers which protected the British farmer were thrown down shortly before he became by unforeseen causes exposed to the competition of the whole world. Down to 1846 Germany supplied more than half the wheat that was imported into England, Denmark sent more than Russia, and the United States hardly any. Other competitors who have since arisen were then unknown.

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  • Product outsourcing is recognized as a way to gain flexibility for competitive advantage (Nembhard et al. 2003). A financial model to assess the option value of product outsourcing is developed in this article. Decision makers can use this valuation methodology to choose the appropriate outsourcing strategy, which is demonstrated by an example from apparel manufacturing industry. A Monte Carlo simulation model was conducted to show the long-term value of outsourcing under dynamic market conditions. Nembhard et al.

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  • Chapter 11 - Monopoly and monopsony. This chapter presents the following content: the monopolist’s profit maximization problem, multi-plant monopoly and cartel production, the welfare economics and monopoly.

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  • A seeder should place seed in an environment for reliable germination. The main objective of sowing is to put seeds at a desired depth and spacing within the row. Uniform seed distribution within the soil result in better germination and emergence and increase yield by minimizing competition between plants for available light, water, and nutrients. A number of factors affect seed distribution in soil. Seed metering system, seed delivery tube, furrow opener design, physical attributes of seed and soil conditions all play a part in determining seed distribution....

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  • By the 1980s, however, manufacturing losses in both new and old plants were being exac- erbated by foreign competition. As the United States embraced free trade, the aggregate effect was beneficial, but in some sectors and regions adverse impacts were undeniable, especially in older cities. The rise of new competitors—notably from Japan—opened the way to globalization of consumer goods production, both durable and nondurable, that was cheaper and frequently better.

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  • In the recent years the electrical power utilities are undergoing rapid restructuring process worldwide. Indeed, with deregulation, advancement in technologies and concern about the environmental impacts, competition is particularly fostered in the generation side thus allowing increased interconnection of generating units to the utility networks. These generating sources are called as distributed generators (DG) and defined as the plant which is directly connected to distribution network and is not centrally planned and dispatched.

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  • An imposing barrier to entry for current plant-derived materials, and the issue most often debated, is the competitive cost situation. In many cases, the current cost of using plant-based materials is viewed as being relatively high, and not competitive with hydrocarbon-based processes. However, the cost-competitive situation contains several highly complex interactions among the key factors: value of product, cost of materials, volume of throughput, degree of processing required, and performance of the building blocks used.

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  • Bilitranslocase is a rat liver plasma membrane carrier, displaying a high-affinity binding site for bilirubin. It is competitively inhibited by grape anthocyanins, including aglycones and their mono- and di-glycosylated derivatives. In plant cells, anthocyanins are synthesized in the cytoplasm and then translocated into the central vacuole, by mechanisms yet to be fully characterized.

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