Plant movement

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  • Chapter 38 and 39 provides knowledge of angiosperm reproduction - Plant responses to internal and external signals. In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: Types of fruit, plant peproduction, experiments with light and the coleoptile, ethylene gas: fruit ripening, plant movement, plant responses to light, plant responses to stress.

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  • Plant species that invade an alien area and outgrow the native vegetation, establishing and increasing their own territory, often lead to negative economic, environmental, and social impacts. Even native species can behave like invasive species by their exponential spread. Similarly, not all non-native species are invasive. Many alien invasive species, however, do threaten the health and integrity of our terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

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  • The discussion of the properties of relative international prices has been closely tied with a discussion on the nature of the pricing decisions by ¯rms. 5 The observed slow pass-through of exchange rate changes to consumer prices and deviations from the law of one price for traded goods are consistent with prices of imported goods that are sticky in the currency of the consumer (local currency pricing). This pricing mechanism, however, dampens the expenditure-switching e®ect of nominal exchange rate movements.

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  • MOST OF US are familiar with the observation that house plants placed near a window have branches that grow toward the incoming light. This response, called phototropism, is an example of how plants alter their growth patterns in response to the direction of incident radiation. This response to light is intrinsically different from light trapping by photosynthesis. In photosynthesis, plants harness light and convert it into chemical energy (see Chapters 7 and 8). In contrast, phototropism is an example of the use of light as an environmental signal.

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  • After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: The role of passive transport, active transport, and cotransport in plant transport; the role of diffusion, active transport, and bulk flow in the movement of water and nutrients in plants; how the transpiration cohesion-tension mechanism explain water movement in plants; how pressure flow explains translocation.

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  • Hydraulic conductivity is the most important property of geological formations as the flow of fluids and movement of solutes depend on it. Among fluids, water and contaminant migration beneath, the ground surface have become critical for water resource development, agriculture, site restoration and waste disposal strategies.

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  • The Biological Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS) was established in 1958 with the mission to improve the quality of biology education at all levels. Not long after the inception of the organization, our mission was expanded to include the improvement of science education, not just biology education. In 2000, we further articulated this mission to describe the work we would do in curriculum develop- ment, professional development, and research and evaluation.

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  • Before market segmentation can take place, the relevant market has to be defined, meaning the product related, geographical and temporal boundaries of that market have to be fixed. 21 Any such definition has to look at the market through the consum- ers’ eyes, because the consumer makes decisions based on the evaluation of alterna- tives and substitutes.

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  • How and when such theoretical uncertainty will translate into actual market movements will depend on market dynamics. Because of extreme monetary ease, short-term interest rates have been close to zero for some time and markets expect policy rates to remain low. The yield curve is quite steep yet long-term interest rates are very low by historical standards. Graph 4 shows that the US dollar term spread has been around 250–350 basis points since mid-2009.

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  • Some of the POPs targeted by the Stockholm Convention are already virtually obsolete. Their toxic effects became obvious early on and they have been banned or severely restricted in many countries for years or even decades. Replacement chemicals and techniques are in place. The remaining challenge is to find any leftover stocks and prevent them from being used. Some developing countries may need financial support to dispose of these stocks and replace them with chemicals whose benefits outweigh their risks....

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  • Our contribution in this area is the creation of lightweight techniques for securing existing sensor network routing and data movement approaches, such as directed diffusion [5], spin [8] and data dissemination [9, 2]. We assume the computational capability and memory requirements typical of those provided by current generation of sensors. We note that in this work we make no attempt to counter the threat from a widespread denial of service attack against the RF layer.

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  • We assume that every instrument of interest can be assigned a fair value. If the payoff stream of the instrument is ,wedenoteitsfairvalue  Following GAAP accounting rules, we view the fair value as the price at which the instrument could be sold “in an orderly transaction”. For instruments traded in a market, fair values can be read off market prices. For nontraded instruments, such as loans, fair values have to be constructed from the payoffs of comparable instruments. The fair values of fixed income instruments exhibit a low-dimensional factor structure.

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  • Locate the dry-farm in a section with an annual precipitation of more than ten inches and, if possible, with small wind movement. One man with four horses and plenty of machinery cannot handle more than from 160 to 200 acres. Farm fewer acres and farm them better. Select a clay loam soil. Other soils may be equally productive, but are cultivated properly with somewhat more difficulty. Make sure, with the help of the soil auger, that the soil is of uniform structure to a depth of at least eight feet. If streaks of loose gravel or layers of hardpan are near...

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  • Sesbania mosaic virus (SeMV) is a single-stranded positive-sense RNA plant virus belonging to the genus Sobemovirus. The movement protein (MP) encoded by SeMV ORF1 showed no significant sequence similarity with MPs of other genera, but showed 32% identity with the MP of South-ern bean mosaic virus within the Sobemovirus genus.

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  • Storage Optimization: Storage optimization efforts continued in 2009 with a goal of continuous improvement in the levels of consolidation and savings that can be achieved. New disk arrays with higher densities and multiple tiers of storage were used to consolidate onto fewer, more cost-effective, disk arrays. FAST technology was adopted to automate the movement of information between tiers of storage for optimal performance and cost efficiency. Enterprise Flash Drives (EFD) were tested with performance sensitive Oracle and SQL database applications.

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  • Advanced Storage Tiering. Having seen the benefits of expanded storage tiers, EMC will continue to implement a tiered/shared model. The plan is to automate data movement between tiers and selectively use solid-state disk for applications that require high performance. Dense, affordable SATA disk will continue to be the standard otherwise. EMC plans to implement Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) for automated, policy-based data movement, which will help streamline storage costs and maximize resource utilization.

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  • In the mechanical age now receding, many actions could be taken without too much concern. Slow movement insured that the reactions were delayed for considerable periods of time. Today the action and the reaction occur almost at the same time. We actually live mythically and integrally, as it were, but we continue to think in the old, fragmented space and time patterns of the pre-electric age. Western man acquired from the technology of literacy the power to act without reacting.

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  • We study time variation in expected excess bond returns. We run regressions of one-year excess returns on initial forward rates. We find that a single factor, a single tent-shaped linear combination of forward rates, predicts excess returns on one- to five-year maturity bonds with R2 up to 0.44. The return-forecasting factor is countercyclical and forecasts stock returns. An important component of the returnforecasting factor is unrelated to the level, slope, and curvature movements described by most term structure models.

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  • The estimates for a sample of 56 large and emerging economies are summarised in Graph A. The stacked shaded areas show the stock of bank credit to non-banks (including governments and adjusted for exchange rate movements), broken down into domestic credit (tan area) and cross-border credit (salmon area). By contrast, the dashed black lines show the same credit total expressed in US dollars on an unadjusted basis. What first strikes the eye is the difference in the importance of cross-border credit across regions.

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  • Canada and Greenland both hunt harp seals from the same population (the northwest Atlantic stock). The Canadian and Greenland governments have been exchanging information on their respective hunts and have agreed to continue such exchanges with the intent of verifying harvest activities and strengthening conservation. Discussions are also underway with Greenland scientists on a possible joint Satellite tagging program to better define seal movements and stock boundaries. The annual catch of harp seals in Greenland has been increasing in recent years to about 80,000 animals.

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