Plastic substrates

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  • This dissertation will outline solution processable materials and fabrication techniques to manufacture flexible electronic devices from them. Conductive ink formulations and inkjet printing of gold and silver on plastic substrates were examined. Line patterning and mask printing methods were also investigated as a means of selective metal deposition on various flexible substrate materials. These solution-based manufacturing methods provided deposition of silver, gold and copper with a controlled spatial resolution and a very high electrical conductivity.

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  • Laccase-encoding sequences sharing 65–71% identity were shuffledin vivo by homeologous recombination. Yeast efficiently repaired linearized plas-mids containingclac1, clac2 orclac5 Trametes sp. C30 cDNAs using a clac3 PCR fragment. From transformants secreting active variants, three chimeric laccases (LAC131, LAC232 and LAC535), each resulting from double crossovers, were purified, and their apparent kinetic parameters were determined using 2,2¢-azino-bis(3-ethylbenzthiazoline-6-sulphonic acid) and syringaldazine (SGZ) as substrates. ...

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  • Many protein substrates of caspases are cleaved at noncanonical sites in comparison to the recognition motifs reported for the three caspase sub-groups. To provide insight into the specificity and aid in the design of drugs to control cell death, crystal structures of caspase-7 were determined in complexes with six peptide analogs (Ac-DMQD-Cho, Ac-DQMD-Cho, Ac-DNLD-Cho, Ac-IEPD-Cho, Ac-ESMD-Cho, Ac-WEHD-Cho) that span the major recognition motifs of the three subgroups.

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  • Khái niệm IC (Intergated-Circuit) là một mạch điện tử mà các thành phần tác động và thụ động đều được chế tạo kết tụ trong hoặc trên một đế (substrate) hay thân hoặc không thể tách rời nhau được. Đế này có thể là một phiến bán dẫn có thể là Si hoặc Ge (hầu hết là Si) hoặc một phiến cách điện. Một IC thường có kích thước dài rộng cỡ vài trăm đến vài ngàn micron, dày cỡ vài trăm micron được đựng trong một vỏ bằng kim loại hoặc bằng plastic.

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  • Ericson, E.; et. al “Mechanical Properties of Materials in Microstructure...” Handbook of Micro/Nanotribology. Ed. Bharat Bhushan Boca Raton: CRC Press LLC, 1999 © 1999 by CRC Press LLC Mechanical Properties of Materials in Microstructure Technology Fredric Ericson and Jan-Åke Schweitz 15.1 Introduction 15.2 Cohesion and Crystal Structures System Energy and Interatomic Binding • Lattice Structures and Structural Defects 15 15.3 Elasticity Properties Isotropic Elasticity • Anisotropic Elasticity 15.

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  • Verlinden et al. AMB Express 2011, 1:11 ORIGINAL Open Access Production of polyhydroxyalkanoates from waste frying oil by Cupriavidus necator Rob AJ Verlinden1, David J Hill1, Melvin A Kenward1, Craig D Williams1, Zofia Piotrowska-Seget2 and Iza K Radecka1* Abstract Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are biopolymers, which can replace petrochemical plastics in many applications. However, these bioplastics are currently far more expensive than petrochemical plastics.

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