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  • The chitin contents of pileus and stipes of fruit bodies of Agaricus bisporus, Pleurotus ostreatus and Lentinula edodes (shii take) were determined and compared. The fruit bodies of different, common varieties of the cultivated mushroom species were taken from Hungarian and German large-scale farming. The analytical procedure was carried out on the powder of cleaned, dried and milled pileus and stipes. The pileus of A. bisporus variety ‘K-23’ showed a significant decrease (p

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  • Nấm là một loại thực phẩm có hàm lượng dinh dưỡng cao, phù hợp với nhiều đối tượng. Có tác dụng chữa bệnh như chông khôi u, giảm béo phì và ngừa cholesterol trong máu. Nước ta vốn là nước nhiệt đới có xen kẻ một số vùng cao nguyên có khí hậu cận nhiệt đới, rất thích hợp trồng các loại nấm cả nhiệt đới và ôn đới.

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  • Ostreolysin is a 16-kDa cytolytic protein specifically expressed in primordia and fruiting bodies of the edible mushroomPleurotus ostreatus.Tounderstand its interaction with lipid membranes,we compared its effects on mamma-lian cells,on vesicles preparedwith either pure lipids or total lipid extracts,and on dispersions of lysophospholipids or fatty acids.

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  • Antibiotic agents have been in widespread and largely effective therapeutic use since their discovery in the 20th century. However, the emergence of multi-drug resistant pathogens now presents an increasing global challenge to both human and veterinary medicine. It is now widely acknowledged that there is a need to develop novel antimicrobial agents to minimize the threat of further antimicrobial resistance.

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