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  • I would like to confess that at eighteen I suddenly fell in love with Romanesque architecture, and the passion has stayed with me forever. Unfortunately, while the last part of this statement may be true, the first part, however romantic, is fundamentally distorted. The under- graduate art-history teachers at Columbia University initiated and nourished my interest in Romanesque architecture, and thoroughly shaped my approach to it. I must begin a book on this subject by thank- ing them.

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  • 5.5.3. Where in two sides of corridor there is wall edge, then the clearance width must be in accordance with regulation in clause 5.5.1. 5.5.4. Handrails in two sides of corridor must be at an elevation of 900mm. Rotating angle at deviation points is preferably arched wall face or right angled wall face. Where there is difference in elevation at the extremity of corridor and the end of corridor with floor surface or ground surface, it must be balustrade, shielding plate or shielding edge, and there is a need for installation of safety signpost. ...

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  • ILLUSTRATED LESSON NOTES FOR TEACHERS INTRODUCTION preamble for all lessons 1) cityscape 2) cityscape up 3) cityscape down 4) room interior two point 5) railway 6) room interior CVP 6b) room interior cont. 7) letters 8) shadows basic 9) shadows 2 10) archway 10b) completed arch 11) road 11b) road continuded 12) book 12b) book continued PART TWO INTRODUCTION 1) 'quick sketch page' 2) methods of shading 3) tennis and shadows 4) reference sheet 5) in three dimensions 6) a 'fork' in the road 7) portraiture 8) portraiture cont. 9) drawing roses Send me a short message with the phrase "please...

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  • Rabbit characteristics: Two pairs of upper incisors; second pair small and peg-like, located just behind the front pair. Perforated lace-like texture of bone on side of skull in front of eye socket. (Both features not found in rodents). Long and pointed large ears. Arched upper profile of skull. Strong extension of spine where neck vertebrae meet thoracic vertebrae. Strong extension of middle tail vertebrae, raising tufted tail. Relatively thin, delicate bones. Rear-projecting "metacromion" from lower end of shoulder blade (for insertion of trapezius and omotransversarius muscles).

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  • Horse (equid) characteristics: One digit per foot ending in symmetrical, horny hoof. Walks on very tip of toe. Elongated skull; large lower jaw. Large upper and lower incisors. In side view, neck widens as it approaches shoulder (elongated triangular shape). Mane present, upright on wild species. Tuft of hair often present on forehead ("forelock"). Rear profile of neck straight or arched. Pointed, upright ears. Long, slender limbs.

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  • the last dozen years many English books on Spain have appeared. They have dealt with their subject from the point of view of the artist or the historian, the archæologist, the politician, or the mere sight-seer. The student of architecture, or the traveler, desiring a more intimate or serious knowledge of the great cathedrals, has had nothing to consult since Street published his remarkable book some forty years ago. There have been artistic impressions, as well as guide-book recitations, by the score.

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