Policymaker’s perspective

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  • The study of public policy, including the methods of policy analysis, has been among the most rapidly developing fi elds in the social sciences over the past several decades. Policy analysis emerged to both better understand the policymaking process and to suppy policy decision makers with reliable policy-relevant knowledge about pressing economic and social problems.

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  • Overall, our analysis can be understood as one of the first cross-country empirical studies on the determinants of bank fees and as a contribution to the literature testing the contradictory empirical predictions of the SCP and ES hypotheses regarding the influence of concentration on prices in the banking industry.

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  • In a simple world of full Ricardian Equivalence, households increase their savings by the present value of future taxes needed to repay government debt. Their desired bond holdings thus rise by the exact increase in government debt issuance. Private consumption declines to offset the increase in public expenditure, leaving GDP unchanged. The long-term interest rate therefore remains constant. 5 In this stylised view, changes of the government debt/GDP ratio should not affect the future path of interest rates, nominal or real, in any way at all.

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  • Critical loads, and other approaches that use models or empirical observations to link deposition with effects, provide tools that enable resource managers and policymakers to evaluate tradeoffs between the costs of more stringent emissions controls and the benefits of ecosystem services provided by healthy ecosystems. A critical loads approach can be used to synthesize scientific knowledge about air pollution thresholds that cause adverse impacts or ecosystem change.

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  • Congestion charging schemes such as those introduced in Singapore and London, which have lead to a decrease of 40% and 30%, respectively, in traffic in the central business districts of both cities [27], have the potential to transform urban cities into more sustainable and liveable environments. In urban cities where people prefer using private modes of transport (cars) for commuting, as is the case in Auckland, work is needed to change people’s perception of public transport and thereby lead to changes in behaviour.

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  • An important input into policymaking is a clear understanding of how successful military spouses are at finding employment and how veterans fare economically after they exit military service. One common approach for assessing the performance of these groups in the job market is to compare their unemployment rates to those of civilian spouses and nonveterans. Numerous recent media discussions of the employment situation of veterans...

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  • Researchers as well as policymakers have expressed concerns that some contract features in the credit-card and subprime mortgage markets may induce consumers to borrow too much and to make suboptimal contract and repayment choices.1 These concerns are motivated in part by intuition and evidence on savings and credit suggesting that consumers have a time-inconsistent taste for immediate gratification and often naïvely underestimate the extent of this taste.

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  • It complements other recent RAND publications on improving educational accountability. The results should interest policymakers and educators who are responsible for implementing NCLB, as well as journalists, foundation program officers, and others concerned about accountability in e

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  • Teachers and educational leaders are extraordinarily busy, inundated with demands for more work and better results with fewer resources—and less time. You will decide within the next few paragraphs whether this book is worth your time. Let me come straight to the point. Accountability for Learning equips teachers and leaders with the ability to transform educational accountability policies from destructive and demoralizing accounting drills into meaningful and constructive decision making in the classroom, school, and district.

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  • Tax compliance researchers begin with the supposition that people compare the marginal benefit of noncompliance (reduced tax payments, for example) with the expected marginal costs, which account for both the likelihood of punishment and its severity. That perspective provides an approach for evaluating the effective penalties uninsured people could anticipate under an individual health mandate.

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  • A key consideration in deciding whether to establish a policy preference for organizing cross-border banking groups as branches or subsidiaries is the balance between efficiency and financial stability. From the perspective of policymakers, different organizational structures have important stability implications, notwithstanding the “efficiency arguments” that may favor branches.

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  • A key observation of the paper is that neither the branch nor the subsidiary structure is obviously preferable in all cases from the financial stability perspective. The key to ensuring financial stability lies instead in the design of effective mechanisms to oversee and resolve cross-border banking groups. These include effective home/host supervision and information-sharing arrangements and satisfactory cross-border resolution regimes and burden- sharing agreements.

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  • Are older drivers posing an increasing risk to the public? If they are, what options should policymakers consider to mitigate that risk? This research offers a new perspective on these questions. Using an innovative approach to estimate the extent to which older drivers are on the road and their riskiness compared with drivers of other

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